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WebObjects 5.2 The easiest way to build powerful web services.

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WebObjects 5.2.2 Update
Recommended for all WebObjects 5.2 users. Download WebObjects 5.2.2 Update.

Trial Version
WebObjects is available in a free trial version for Mac OS X version 10.2.2. See Getting Started for details.

WebObjects 5.2 Features
Develop apps quickly
Provides a powerful integrated development environment
Allows you to create web services or three-tier Java server apps
Generates code-free prototypes in minutes

Build services dynamically
Allows you to create or use web services based on SOAP, XML and WSDL
Includes tools for code-free generation, configuration, and testing of web services from existing database assets
Integrates easily with services written in Java, AppleScript, Perl and .Net

Access data automatically
Reverse-engineers your database, modeling all tables, columns and relationships
Generates Java objects from JDBC and JNDI data sources, transparently handling data persistence
Offers database independence and simultaneous access to multiple databases

Generate pages seamlessly
Generates HTML, XML and SMIL from reusable templates
Builds data-driven web pages from visual development tools
Streamlines delivery of multi-lingual content

Deploy painlessly
Deploys to virtually any J2EE server or the WebObjects J2SE application server
Provides easy scalability with built-in clustering support and low-cost licensing
Supports Servlet/JSP, EJB, RMI-IIOP and JTA/JTS (J2EE technologies)

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WebObjects makes it easy to quickly develop and deploy your Java server applications. Now with version 5.2, you can offer these applications as standards-based Web services, as well.

A powerful rapid application development environment, backed by Web service, data access and page generation capabilities, extends the reach of developers and reduces the cost of ownership by ensuring flexible, maintainable design. WebObjects is the ideal way to develop, deploy and extend powerful web services.

Object Mapping WebObjects gives you the ability to build or use standards-based web services without writing low-level SOAP, XML or WSDL. Tools enable code-free generation, configuration and testing of web services from existing data assets. These standards-based web services can interoperate with clients written in many languages, including Java, AppleScript, Perl and .Net, opening up enterprise development to a new class of programmers.

WebObjects creates enterprise-level web services backed by robust business logic and relational databases. It includes visual tools that can reverse-engineer your JDBC or JNDI data sources, as well as object-oriented frameworks that transparently handle data persistence. Built on a classic three-tier architecture with intrinsic clustering support, WebObjects allows you to deliver maintainable, scalable applications.

In addition to web services, you can use WebObjects to rapidly build database applications that have HTML, XML, SMIL or Swing (Java) interfaces, depending on your needs. You can generate code-free applications that provide rich Java client interfaces or HTML with the click of a button. Assistants allow you to easily customize layout and function — but you are in control. You can freeze components for direct access to the code.

Deployment Support for J2EE technologies, including Servlet integration, an Object Request Broker (ORB), and an Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) container, allows you to mix and match technologies. JSP programmers can use the automated data persistence of WebObjects as an alternative to complex EJBs. Others can host third-party beans or write their own. And you can choose your deployment platform, too —deploy to virtually any J2EE-capable server or use the included WebObjects J2SE application server.

WebObjects gives you the power to deliver enterprise-level web services and Java server applications — and the agility to respond quickly to change.

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