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Toronto's CN Tower says, "IN YER FACE, Sears Building!"Davis Heading to Chicago "For His Kids"
December 1st, 2003

So we know that Antonio Davis is being traded to Chicago. And we know that his wife and kids already live there. And we've heard the comments he has made in the past about wanting to bring his kids up in the US. Well, the team of crack investigative journalists at RickBrunson.com just had to know what other factors may have lead Antonio and his family to choose Chicago over Toronto. To that end, we have tried to imagine his thought process in making this decision...

Antonio and his family would have found themselves visiting two world class airports at either end of their move. Toronto's international airport is named after Lester B. Pearson, the 14th Prime Minister of Canada who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1957. Chicago's international airport is named after Lieutenant Edward O'Hare, a navy flyer who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in 1942 and who died in 1943, at just 29 years old. I'm sure AD started questioning his move the moment he starting regaling his enraptured children with the history of each airport's namesake
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The Iceman - Chris JefferiesRaptors and Bulls Swap Top Secret X-Factors
Other irrelevant players thrown in as ballast
November 30th, 2003

On Saturday, November 29th at approximately 5pm, news outlets in Toronto and Chicago began reporting that the Raptors and Bulls had finally decided to pull the trigger on a major deal between the clubs. The deal cannot be confirmed and consummated until Monday, since the league's lawyers are already charging overtime rates for stuffing themselves on leftover turkey. However the principles in the trade for the Raptors were conspicuously absent for a Saturday evening game against the Miami Heat, confirming that it was simply a matter of paperwork.

Based on media reports, the principle players in this mega-deal appear to be forward/guard Chris Jefferies and forward Lonny Baxter, both described by their new teams as potential X-factors in this deal. Although RickBrunson.com is uncertain of the exact meaning of this term, we can only speculate that it must mean that both of these players possess some kind of secret superpower that will finally be unleashed upon joining their new squads...

Glen Grunwald welcomes Articulating Mirror to the RaptorsRick Brunson .com Trade Winds
Grunwald Successfully Trades Smoke For Mirrors
November 27th, 2003

Following an intense weekend of rumour mongering that festered across internet news outlets and hoops forums, Raptors fans were relieved and elated to find out Monday morning that General Manager Glen Grunwald had finally come through with a dramatically brilliant cap-busting maneuver.

"I wish that intoxicating thrill I always get from negotiating trades involving gigantic, unwieldy contracts could last forever!" exclaimed Glen Grunwald in a recent phone interview with Rick Brunson .com. "Unfortunately, the high didn't last this time, and I started getting really nervous about the fact that Jalen Rose's game ain't much better than Mo-Pete's these days, and he costs 14 million bucks! Oooo, I feel a flashback coming on again!"

George Karl in Drive ThruDoc Rivers, George Karl Renew Rivalry
Tempers Flare During Dinner Rush
November 24th, 2003

NICHOLASVILLE, Kentucky (AP) - An argument at a local McDonald's restaurant almost degenerated into a fistfight amongst the employees. Bernie Johnson, the manager of the restaurant, took full responsibility for the disturbance that saw several burgers thrown about. No one was injured. Johnson knew he was taking a risk by hiring former Orlando Magic head coach Doc Rivers.

"I felt sorry for the guy. He was down in the dumps just looking for a chance to prove himself again. Although his resume doesn't really fit the McDonald's mold I liked his leadership skills so I hired him on as shift coordinator. Unfortunately, that upset some of our more long-standing employees, one of them being George Karl," explained Johnson.

The Rick Report
Game #16
Miami Heat 78
Toronto Raptors 66
Toronto 8 - 8
November 30th, 2003

Let's forget the trade for a second. Whether JYD and AD had been available or not, even the most die-hard of Raptors fans should have seen this one coming, based on the Raptors previous record in back-to-backs, road games, and weak opponents. In fact, you can rest assured that this game report was written based on a recording of the game, and not on 2.5 hours of wasted existence.
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Game #15
Toronto Raptors 87
Orlando Magic 86
Toronto 8 - 7
November 28th, 2003

There's an old adage in basketball that you don't second-guess any win you get on the road, you just take it and move on. So please try to ignore that sickening sensation in the pit of your stomach that is reminding you that the Raptors just beat two of the worst teams in the league by the skin of their teeth. For the next 24 hours try to enjoy the fact that our record is currently better than the entire Atlantic division. Who would have predicted that four weeks ago?
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Game #14
Vince Carter 99
Atlanta Hawks 97
Toronto 7 - 7
November 27th, 2003

In the first half of this "cream puff" game in Atlanta, Vince Carter had me more than a little worried that it was going to be a desultory repeat of the game against Milwaukee. Vince was struggling with his shot a little, looked lethargic moving around the court, and was clearly still being bothered by all the recent turmoil. Although he did manage to reduce the Atlanta lead to less than double digits before the half-time buzzer, a lot of Sportsnet viewers...

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