All My Photos™ v1.1 [wip]

Do you have a big photo collection? Do you have a large amount of digital photos? Do you tired to manage it? Do you looking for photos with your best friend for hour or even more? Do you have photos, which you don't want to show anybody? Do you tired to explain your photos to friends? Be sure, our program All My Photos™ is for you! All of the above plus much more features, such as:

   you can record your voice comment to each photo from your photo album

    password protection for any photo. Due to strong protection algorythm nobody can see password protected photos!

   fast search photos using keywords. Searches in memo or/and photo name or/and photo file name

   slideshow mode. Especially nice when using with voice comments

   photo enchance, rotate, decorative frame maker, resizing - all of these features are implemented too

First of all, I do this program for myself. The main features for me are ability to make a voice commentary to each photo and to do password protection of any photo. And of course one of the main features of this program must be clear and pretty photos looking. These features are already realized. Beside that there are many other features, such us standart image editing tools - image rotating, cropping, enchancing. All My Photos can read an EXIF data from photos maded with a digital cameras. it was important for me, becouse EXIF info includes an original photo date and time. The next feature is a flexible search. Each photo had a name and description. And you can search by any keyword and only matching photos will be displayed as a separate photoalbum.

This is not a final version and not a release. I think it is a "beta test" or "work in progress" version and therefore it is free. I hard working and spend much time programming this software, so when it will be released I can't sell it as low as $20 or so. I think I will set a price about $40. If you have an opportunity to support this project and send some money contact me using our feedback form and I'll tell you how you can do this. I think even $10 will force me to work more. And of course you'll get final versions free.

Some technical details.
In the slideshow mode I use a smooth image resizing with Bicubic interpolation. When making thumbnail Lanczos interpolation is used. Therefore the photos are looks so clearly. But interpolation takes time and slow down the program at all and therefore I use a double bufferization when do a slideshow. I interpolate next photo while first one is displayed. For photo crypt I use XORing byte by byte with password symbols When user input password I XORing again and photo can be displayed only if image file hash after decrypting are equal to original hash. This is a strong enough algorythm. It is often used for password protection in sofwtare archivers. For realtime voice compression during recording I use an OGG format.
Max Smirnov, CEO

[download free "work in progress" version(about 2.8 Mb)]

Take a look at some screenshots (click to enlarge)

main window
Main program window
add new movie
Edit photo properties

All My Photos™ is still in development and here is our current TO-DO list
· crypt voice comments when setting photo password
· burn photoalbums on CDs
· make keyboard shortcuts for often used operations
· add set of decorative frames
· make html help
· make trial version
· bugs, bugs, bugs. Fixing.

And remember, together we can do All My Photos™ the best photo database software. You can to participate and add your items in our TO-DO list. Just fill and submit the form below. All messages will be reviewed and all useful of them will be added in our TO-DO list. Don't forget to include your e-mail address if you want to be replied. Thank you in advance!

[download free "work in progress" version(about 2.8 Mb)]

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