Cone Hat for all Sizes
Design2003 by Catherine Lindsay
This hat starts at the top,not at the band,like some stocking caps. Example in RedHeart Circus.
You'll Need:Depending on size(man takes 3.5oz),worsted yarn,"I" hook.

This hat is very stretchy.
12" Preemie:Rnd 1-12.Then Rnd 24-29.
14" Baby:Rnd 1-15.Then Rnd 24-29.
16" Toddler:Rnd 1-17.Then Rnd 24-29.
18" Child:Rnd 1-19.Then Rnd 24-29.
20" Woman:Rnd 1-21.Then Rnd 24-29.
22" Man:Rnd 1-29.

Gauge:5 dc=1 1/2"
Inc=2 dc in next st

To Make:
Rnd 1:Ch 4,join with sl st to 1st ch to form ring.Ch 3(cts as dc),5 dc in ring.Join with sl st to 1st dc(6 dc).
Rnd 2:Ch 3,Inc.Dc in next st,Inc around.Join(9 dc).
Rnd 3:Ch 3,dc in next st,Inc.Dc in next 2 dc,Inc around.Join.(12 dc).
Rnd 4:Ch 3,dc in next 2 st,Inc.Dc in next 3 st,Inc around.Join(15 dc).
Rnd 5:Ch 3,dc in next 3 st,Inc.Dc in next 4 st,Inc around.Join(18 dc).
Rnd 6:Ch 3,dc in next 4 st,Inc.Dc in next 5 st,Inc around.Join(21 dc).
Rnd 7:Ch 3,dc in next 5 st,Inc.Dc in next 6 st,Inc around.Join(24 dc).
Rnd 8:Ch 3,dc in next 6 st,Inc.Dc in next 7 st,Inc around.Join(27 dc).
Rnd 9:Ch 3,dc in next 7 st,Inc.Dc in next 8 st,Inc around.Join(30 dc).
Rnd 10:Ch 3,dc in next 8 st,Inc.Dc in next 9 st,Inc around.Join(33 dc).
Rnd 11:Ch 3,dc in next 9 st,Inc.Dc in next 10 st,Inc around.Join(36 dc).
Rnd 12:Ch 3,dc in next 10 st,Inc.Dc in next 11 st,Inc around.Join(39 dc).
Rnd 13:Ch 3,dc in next 11 st,Inc.Dc in next 12 st,Inc around.Join(42 dc).
Rnd 14:Ch 3,dc in next 12 st,Inc.Dc in next 13 st,Inc around.Join(45 dc).
Rnd 15:Ch 3,dc in next 13 st,Inc.Dc in next 14 st,Inc around.Join(48 dc).
Rnd 16:Ch 3,dc in next 14 st,Inc.Dc in next 15 st,Inc around.Join(51 dc).
Rnd 17:Ch 3,dc in next 15 st,Inc.Dc in next 16 st,Inc around.Join(54 dc).
Rnd 18:Ch 3,dc in next 16 st,Inc.Dc in next 17 st,Inc around.Join(57 dc).
Rnd 19:Ch 3,dc in next 17 st,Inc.Dc in next 18 st,Inc around.Join(60 dc).
Rnd 20:Ch 3,dc in next 18 st,Inc.Dc in next 19 st,Inc around.Join(63 dc).
Rnd 21:Ch 3,dc in next 19 st,Inc.Dc in next 20 st,Inc around.Join(66 dc).
Rnd 22:Ch 3,dc in next 20 st,Inc.Dc in next 21 st,Inc around.Join(69 dc).
Rnd 23:Ch 3,dc in next 21 st,Inc.Dc in next 22 st,Inc around.Join(72 dc).
Rnd 24-26:Ch 3,dc in each st around.
Rnd 27-29:Ch 2,Bpdc in next st,Fpdc in next st.Join to to of ch-2.Fasten off,Weave in ends.

Loop Tassel:
(Ch 20,sl st in 1st ch)6 times.Fasten off,leave long tail.Run tail through base chs of loops,pull up tight.Sew to top of hat.
If you would like this hat made for you,
Email me!