"Valarian, Valdamar, *Matrix II: The Abduction and Manipulation of Humans Using Advanced Technology*. Third edition, updated with new material. Leading Edge Research Group, 1991.

"This book is probably one ot the most influential books to appear on the planet. Its first two editions sold out planetwide as of June 1990. It is rumored that some alien species have secured a copy and that the U.S. government has also apparently acquired it. The original *Matrix*, issued in 1988, set the stage for this incredible piece of work. *Matrix II* is more than a book -- it is a journey into both your awareness and the awareness of other species, no matter who they are or where they come from. The book was updated in July 1991 and encompasses an extraordinary range of data which includes precedent-setting research on human abductions by both government and off-planet forces -- material that other authors will not speak of and what publishers will not allow themselves to print. After the book was released, other researchers began to catch on to what has been occurring. Val Valerian weaves a wide range of interrelated material into a literary experience that will rock you to the core of your very being -- including expansion of your very consciousness as a side benefit.

"Included within the book is the now famous Wide Spectrum Chronological Database, a large section of hypothetical analysis by *The Nexus Seven*, data and updates on underground bases at Dulce and the Nevada Test Site, a large number of illustrations, maps and charts detailing activity sites, underground installations and tunnel networks, commentary by John Lear, Robert Lazar and a host of other top-notch researchers. Valerian takes us through the gambit of how, why, and by whom humans are manipulated, information about government connections to the abduction process, post-abduction problems, and things that the abductee can do. The book is the first to adequately relate research on memory functions relative to the abduction process, virtual reality machines and Reichian programming, and mind control by human and alien manipulators. It also discusses the abduction of human children and how to handle adjustment of the child to the experience, multi-generational scenarios and cases, human multidimensional anatomy and how it can be manipulated by technology, and elements of advanced technology possessed by the government.

"There is more information about the various species known as the 'greys' in *Matrix II* than there has been (or probably ever will be) published anywhere. Perhaps for the first time, we get glimpses into what 'grey' society is like, what group awareness is about, and what their attitudes and mind sets mean to humans. There is additional data on the 'reptilian' species who are dominant over the greys, and what they may have planned for humans in the coming years. There are overviews of the processes and rationale for implanting humans, as well as cross-sections and technical data gleaned from extracted alien implants during 1991. Electronic space societies (which the Earth will become in the near future) are discussed. The book has an incredible spectrum of information about alien influence on human society, historical facts that are hard to come by, and much, much more. There is just so much data in this book that it would take pages and pages to describe it.

"Best of all, the book integrates the positive and the spiritual aspects and illustrates how awareness can bring evolvement out of situations that people do not prefer. The book is the death-knell for planetary domination-based control systems -- the whole domination/control game and its accompanying social manifestations (and what is ultimately behind them) are exposed for all to see. *Matrix II* and the research of Valerian and others he includes in his book also spells the end for 'classical UFOlogy' with its attendant 'UFOlogists', 'experts', and most of the 'UFO organizations' that are in existence today. It also exposes techniques that intelligence and security forces use to have influence over people and teaches you why they are doing it. Through the book, we can see how alien interaction has affected wave after wave of civilization on this planet, injecting elements of adverse technology and mind control, and how the suppression of human awareness is being performed and supported. *Matrix II* is an absolute *must* to have in your library -- you might throw all your other books on the subject away.

"NOTE: An 11-page review of *Matrix II* by Michael Topper, editor of the *New Thunderbird Chronicle* in Los Angeles, is published in *Leading Edge* #39."


"Valarian, Valdamar, *Matrix III: The Psychosocial, Chemical, Biological, and Electronic Manipulation of Human Consciousness.* First edition. Leading Edge Research Group, 1992.

"This book goes into precise detail on how the consciousness of human beings is being modified by psychological and social institutions, specific chemicals added to the food, water, and environment, and how the tactical aspects of chemical, biological and electromagnetic warfare are being implemented in order to support the aims of the planetary power structure known as the New World Order.

"The book begins with a section familiarizing the reader with basic scientific information about resonance, oscillation, vibration and frequency, and moves rapidly into discussions about human auric band structures, frequencies, and telepathic interaction. *Matrix III* discusses all the aspects of the natural electromagnetic fields of the earth, holographic aspects of the universe and consciousness, morphological fields, hard-to-find data on the human brain and neurophysiology, brain structures and consciousness, and brain circuitry as applied to human consciousness and behavior.

"Psychosocial aspects of human society are discussed in detail, with emphasis on belief systems, perception, the triune functions of security, sensation and power in human society, four separate levels of social manipulation, including detailed data on consciousness, genetics, manipulations of humans outside of the physical realm and beyond. The use of specific substances in our food and water is discussed in great detail, with emphasis on effects and intent. If you live in this society today, this book is a *must-have* item. The elements of population control through the use of biological organisms is discussed, all the way from the very concept of disease to the covert production of biological weapons under the guise of various government programs. Incredible data! There is more information on disease in this book than you will ever find anywhere else. Much information in this book has been gleaned from Freedom of Information requests. Sections on biological warfare, the immune system, immunizations and vaccinations, neural fungi, zoonotic diseases and veterinary biology, viruses (both human and extra-human), and revealing data on who runs the major drug and chemical companies and just how interconnected it all is.

"The section on electronic mind control in this book has no equal, going even beyond that done in *Matrix II*. *Matrix III* discusses the very groundwork of electromagnetic spectrum use, the deliberate suppression of data (which is revealed) that could have completely changed the planet, a host of data on advanced mind control applications that goes beyond anything you have ever seen before -- in short, everything you always wanted to know about what is going on, including the new electronic networks, use of the cellular telephone system, mind control projects (up-to-date) and manipulations of the earth grid vortices of the earth itself. Interspaced with the material comes a host of data, supplementary material, interviews, and revealing information.

"The 'Final Scenario' is discussed relative to the New World Order and the plans for total economic control, a one-world religion, and the electronic mind control objectives, schools of thought, and research. *Matrix III* brings out in detail how various families in the United States and Europe are involved in a scenario which has as its main tenet the suppression and elimination of human beings on may levels -- a scenario which includes worldwide traffic in drugs, vast laundering of drug money by national banks of several countries, even assassination and murder. These are the people who arranged and supported all the wars. There is discussion of the Bush family, and how Prescott Bush assisted the finance and management of the Nazi empire -- the so-called Hitler Project.

"Perhaps the greatest feature of the book is the material on consciousness which, when combined with the book in a holistic way, has the potential of assisting you toward conscious empowerment and understanding of the drama which is occurring on a vastly higher level. Michael Topper made an active contribution in a series of articles that catapult the reader into a state of non-dual awareness -- a state which is required in order to evaluate the book -- and your life. *Matrix III* is a whole new experience, including more than can be detailed in this brief review. It is a brand new adventure in consciousness."


Cover of Matrix IV
"*Matrix IV: The Equivideum: Paradigms and Dimensions of Human Evolution and Consciousness*, Valdemar Valerian, First Ed., Leading Edge Research.

"The next book in the series, *Matrix IV* represents another shift of consciousness into an octave in which the dramas portrayed in the first three works can be understood from yet another perspective. More than a year of planning and discussions went into the development and writing of *Matrix IV*. It is perhaps one of the most interesting books by Valerian et al; it features select paradigms that typify the epitome of available thought patterns on the development of the geometry of consciousness and of human history, both in terms of man's past and man's future.

"Some of the paradigms featured are those of Drunvalo Melchezedik and the development of the Flower of Life, the implementation of Peter Meyers Time Wave Zero program, the generation and presentation of fractal time graphs covering the years 1993 to 2012 (showing the areas where we can expect concentration of structure-breaking events), the work and thought patterns relative to the future of planetary life of mathematician and climatologist Iben Browning, the mathematical interpretations of Lemesurier on the future of the human species based on interpretation of the mathematical structure of the Great Pyramid, the results of group studies on future life projection from the 20th century to 2500 AD, the work of Robert Monroe as relating to life on Earth after 3000 AD, and much more.

"*Matrix IV* features a large section by Michael Topper specifically written for the book containing information not originally planned for release until 1994, a masterfully written *belief-system-free* paradigm that will assist you to evaluate today's most prominent paradigms, including the Keys of Enoch, Barbara, Marciniak and others, and a splendid rendition of what is actually going on out there on other levels in terms of the evolution of consciousness and the dualistic play of cosmic forces amidst the confusion of image-based culture and forces vying for hierarchical control of unaligned consciousness among Homo Sapiens on Earth, all the while packed with graphic illustrations which amplify subjects under discussion.

"Among the subjects discussed by MT are spiritual adeptship, charger breathing and practical foundations on which to approach the material in the book, the Initiate position on the paradigm presented by Bashar and others on 'creating your own reality', discussions of the Logos/Anti-Logos and a complete expository application of the Mother-current principles in analysis of general human psychological development, the analysis of epistemological paradigms, orientation tendencies of alignment with higher densities toward positive and negative, some material previously presented in the T-Bird but very extensively revised, excerpts from the long-awaited 'Mother Book' soon to be released, an expository piece on Crowley's 'Book of the Law' (which the un-enlightened have assumed has a negative hierarchy orientation, but in fact is a masterful treatise by the Mahachohan containing the physical and biological keys to the material universe which enables humans to transmute into a final fourth-density transition), the paradigm of Carlos Castaneda and the Qabala of Isaac Luria and much much more; all in all, MT's masterfully written and intricately interwoven anthology of Western Initiatory Adeptship designed specifically for the paradigm of *Matrix IV*, prefaced by its own introduction outlining the continuity and interrelationship of the materials, together with Valerians material, puts *Matrix IV* in the position of not being 'just another book', but an Initiatory Event that was slated from the beginning of this whole cycle (as will be amplified within the book). In addition, other MT articles referenced and updated are included in the appendices.

"The partnership of Valerian and Topper has finally come together in a collection of material that will absolutely blow your socks off (whether you have any on or not); it no doubt is a book you will not believe that you are actually holding in your hands. In addition to all of the above (only part of which is covered in the above description), there is extensive material on fields and dimensions, harmonics of consciousness, the origin and development of sacred geometry and its relationship to consciousness and DNA structure, what ascension, resurrection and immortality are really about, the ever-increasing number of virgin births, initiatory processes, the coming dimensional paradigm shift and its individual, sociological, geological and spiritual implications, as well as why it is all occurring this way. In short, *Matrix IV* is the book everyone is looking for but no one would or was willing to put together -- the ultimate answer to what is going on, why and when that is free of religious and cultural belief system contaminants -- the ultimate doom for most New Age bookshops with their profusion of 'eight blind men and the elephant' books that feature different human perspectives, but not an overall picture applicable to all cultures and all forms of consciousness. We are not humans having a spiritual experience, but spiritual entities having a human experience. Join us on the next octave of experience!"

Matrix Initiates' Classes

Transcribed by Paul Dupuy

--MT, Initiates' Class, 11/14/1992

"There are various levels, various densities, all fashioning their own ideas of what reality is, all beaming those ideas back and forth to one another, attempting to see which idea gains the ascendancy, which has more power and more leverage over the other, so as to incorporate the stream of flow of that one into the stream of flow of the other. That's going on, and at the same time there are teachers and adepts of various points of view from various densities who either beam in or incarnate and are teaching basically those points of view.

"And then there are masters or avatars who represent the salient expression in the developmental pattern of the Logos as its achieved its density enrichment so far, up to the particular juncture of time and place that you find yourself 'X'ed at, you see. That's what's really going on in life. ... These principles aren't understood and when they're heard, they're not liked, very frequently. They're not accepted where they're heard at all, for the most part.

--MT, Initiates' Class, 12/7/1991

"It's very important at this juncture of existence altogether, and therefore that includes your existence in particular , it's very important at this juncture to apply yourself with maximum intention to the spiritual practice that is perennially brought to you by your local sponsors rather that looking for your spiritual tutorage to other planes, dimensions; beings, in other words, who despite sometimes the best intentions, are intersecting this dimension obliquely and therefore do not coincide on a one-to-one basis with the spiritual path of development that is *indigenous* with you. And we said specifically we were talking about UFOs because that is the way in which humanity has decided to back into the question of its larger and unknown dimension of being. But that is not the way those who are to receive direct spiritual instruction really ought to address their own spiritual development. If you're here to receive direct spiritual instruction, then you should turn your attention with maximum intensity toward that instruction, especially at this time....

The only thing that one can do other than become involved in the kinds of spiritual tutelage that are going to be fostered on your behalf, the only thing you can do other than become involved *in* that, is to wake up *from* all of that. ...

It's not so much that they're necessarily innately negative or anything else: there are some highly positive beings from some very high densities that would be more than mind-blowing to you if you had any intimation of what those densities are like. But it doesn't make any difference because, as we've said, that isn't *your* higher intelligence, that's *their* higher intelligence. And you have yet really to align yourself fully with and become deeply integrated through the value of your *own* higher intelligence as it conducts your spiritual tutelage through the focus of the plane which you have collectively chosen. And as a consequence then, no matter the degree of intelligence or the height of consciousness from which very many of these entities deliver their speeches, they're still intersecting this plane at an oblique angle, and their developmental destinies are still not congruent with yours. They may be interrelated with yours, and as they will constantly tell you, your destinies may be coinvolved with theirs, but nonetheless those destinies are not equitable on a one-to-one basis.

"And because that's true there is always going to be a factor of tricksterism involved in these things, whether it is a calculated factor, as is the case with some negative entities that are communicating, or whether it's simply an *inescapable* factor which is built into the fact that these communications are coming from an oblique plane intersecting at an oblique angle. But the factor of tricksterism is there nonetheless, and that means that the interpretations that necessarily have to take place between your conceptual mind and the kinds of verbal conceptualization that are being communicated to you leave a lot of room for misunderstanding, misrepresentation and consequently a lot of room for taking a direction which is irreversable and irrevocable.

"Because when it comes right down to it, regardless of whether or not these are very high and positive dimensions through which these communications are emanating, they're verbal communications nonetheless and that's what distinguishes channeling of any kind; that is what distinguishes the kinds of communications that are being received now, that people are attempting to evaluate, in fact believe they are finding value in. The fact that these are verbal communications simply means that they are subject to your own interpretive viewpoint and that viewpoint in and of itself is not at all equivalent to the higher density values through which these communications are discharging. And it is everyone's fatuous misbelief that this is the case, that as a matter of fact you are equal to the interpretation, that ordinary third-stage consciousness is somehow exalted enough to be equal to such an interpretation. And it *just simply isn't*.

"Your own higher dimensional being is *not* verbal and it doesn't communicate to you verbally, except very infrequently something may be formulated on a verbal basis, but usually those kinds of communications are very economic. They exist as little seed points, and from those seed points *suggestive* verbs discharge a wealth of non-verbal information. And that is the actual nature and the character of your own higher dimensional being, your own consciousness. And so your real purpose here is to align yourself with your *consciousness* not to align yourself with more verbiage, not to align yourself with more conceptual chatter that necessarily has to be filtered through several planes and finally filtered through the worst filter of all, which is your own interpretive mechanism at this level of focus.

"No, what you really want to do, what you really have to do, is align yourself with those higher density values that are directly equatable on a one-to-one basis with your own greater consciousness and not with the consciousness of some so-called 'other being' which is projecting toward you for one reason or another on the basis of its *own* evolutionary development, and in fact, on the basis of the plane or density through which it's channeling, communicating.

"That means in other words that, although you really should and have to at this point regard UFO as 666, in other words the Chatter of Choronzon, something which is in and of itself unhelpful to you regardless of the particular type of communication or entity communicating, nonetheless the *subject* of UFOs is going to persist. In other words, it doesn't go away it remains; as a matter of fact, it remains permanently. It's here permanently, it's been called, it's established itself. Pretty soon they'll be walking around on the ground. So that doesn't go away, which means that there is perforce, necessarily going to be continued relationships, and even more frontal relationships, with beings of other planes, dimensions, states of consciousness and so on. Therefore, there is no escaping from that fact.

"So you have to *clearly distinguish* what's being said here. Although there's no escaping from that fact, to accept the tutelage of such beings is, at this juncture, equivalent to following the pied piper. It's definitely equivalent to following the pied piper. And that is regardless of what voice happens to be communicating with, through or toward you. But because that presence is *here* and because it's going to *persist*, that necessarily means that as long as you maintain a stable footing on this plane you're necessarily going (you as a collective being) are necessarily going to have relations with this form of consciousness. There's no getting around it. That's the destiny of this dimension right now, to have relationships with this form of consciousness.

"So what's really imperative is that you have relationships with that form of consciousness on an equal footing. Obviously. Rather than accepting that form of consciousness as your tutelage to the higher states, planes and dimensions of your own being, you're necessarily going to have to align youself with the higher dimensions of your being simply in order to put yourself on an equal footing with such consciousness, so that the deliberate or inadvertent factor of tricksterism does not trip *you* up in your particular case.

"Otherwise, as I said, there's a factor of tricksterism embedded in this situation now. And even the best of intentions from the highest of dimensions is not going to serve you well at this particular point, unless in fact you are aligned and established on a footing which can be considered virtually equal with the type of consciousness with which you're necessarily going to have to be communicating eventually. And in relation to which you are going to have to grow simply because this is no longer a parochial community, this is no longer some isolated back-water. This dimension is bursting out, in other words flowering and stretching branches into higher densities, higher states, and because of that there is going to be interchange with creatures that are running around on those higher limbs and in fact *you're* going to be climbing those higher limbs.

"The relationship is not broken simply because at a certain point you have to settle yourself and refuse to accept that tutelage. The relationship is not broken, it's simply that you have to recognize the distinction between your own spiritual development and your own plane of focus through which you've *chosen* that particular development, and all of those voices positive and negative that would like to move you closer into congruence with their own imperatives, with their own necessities, with their own qualifications, with their own designs, with their own destinies. Every life-wave of consciousness, every planetary focus of consciousness has its *own* life-wave, has its own destiny, and that's regardless whether you think you're a star child and actually come from some other planet. It doesn't make any difference. You've really cast your fate with the consciousness of this dimension. And where there is still communication with beings from the higher dimensions, the real function of such beings is to turn you toward the teachers that have been embodied here for you.

"Therefore if you have knowing or unknowingly had relationships with the Star People, with extra-dimensional beings, with the UFO beings, and those have been positive relationships, no doubt you have been gently steered in the direction of your own maximum spiritual development to begin with. And that is their proper function. That is the function they'll fulfill if they are focusing in with a sufficiently descriminatory beam. And its not a function that they fulfill ostentatiously. In other words, they do not loudly point out the spiritual teachers or the centers of the teachings that are here for your spiritual tutelage. They nudge and suggest and subliminally guide, so that you may find yourself falling down a staircase one day and at the bottom of the staircase is the door marked 'Enter Here', and that's where your spiritual tutelage begins. "So yes, it's going to be necessary to have intercourse with such beings, but hopefully not rape. And the point is that you can not have intercourse with such beings unless you are standing on a relatively equal footing. So if the point is to wake up to all of this now and to no longer be lead down the particular garden paths, and to no longer be confronted with the delectable choice of so many doors into which you can still enter, if the whole point is to to wake up, then you have to begin to understand the mechanism whereby that's done...

Excerpts of Matrix/TNTC Material

--MT, *Matrix IV*, p 9-12

"Come now, ladies and you *always* want to settle on the stuff that's easy and *already* palatable because it presses all the right keys of the psychic vocabulary you already have? Will you *ever* only look for the things that confirm you where you are, that ostensibly just ratify 'your own' inner knowing (i.e. that 'deep intuitive' suspicion of your sublime self-sovereignty which really only holds if you ask it *no relevant questions*)? What, *really*, do you do with *living higher-density Presence* assuming the function of true spiritual tutelage from a *fully incarnate* vantage, face-to-face in 3rd density, uniquely featuring that *dual sympathy* alluded to earlier (only obtained through the loving commitment of an authentically higher-density consciousness toward *sharing* the condition of chronic embodiment in 3rd)? What do you do? ...

"Truth first comes in the form of 'Other' because this *ego*-self is not 'already awake', not already alive to its greater reality. It's *closed* to the greater reality, which necessarily then appears as an 'otherness' to it. Indeed its *tendency* is to insulate itself from exactly the inexorable 'erosion' of the 'Otherness', or the Greater Reality. Truth *must* first come in the form of Other, for it's precisely this 'other'--otherwise complementing and 'completing' the partiality of the ego-subject--which the ego-self infinitely *fears* and *resists* at the same time it seeks self-ratification *from the field of other* (since it *feels* the chronic incompletion of its own subjective 'sovereignty'). Only 'Other' can take the ego-subject *out* of or Beyond itself, as a requirement of its *aligning with* and locking into the Total Being constituting the true ground of its Intuitive Unity.

"Thus you must *always* take the teaching-function of your Awakening *first* from 'another'. Despite the glib Krishnamurthi-ization of this century's lazier 'seekers', the state of your 'innate Knowing' starts out *crippled* by a real malalignment of your mind/body coordinates (through which the totality is functionally focused and processed), based on the encoiled cultural norm of the *ego-self* that 'already knows'. And *Logos Already Knows This*.

"That's why It always provides for you, but in *Its Way* not 'yours', through the functions and functionaries of the Triune Spiritual Offices: *Manu*, *Bodhisattva* and *Mahachohan*. It Always sends someone to Be With You. And Its only 'requirement' on your part, to comply with your Awakening to the Whole, lies not in some Knowledge or great Whole-being awareness you *just don't automatically have* (no matter how wounding this may be to your ego) but simply in your recognition, your grateful non-reluctant acknowledgment and your authentic love. The *teacher*, *adept* or *master* doesn't demand this respect and love from you. Your own *soul* demands it of you, as a condition of getting out of your loveless insularity and bleak self-insistence that the *brass* you display as the only metal you can retrieve on 'your own' recognizance, is really Gold.

--MT, *Matrix IV*, p 489-97

"As against the inexperienced fatuity of certain more conventional of the new-age pronounciations on the subject, one isn't 'automatically protected' from higher density (spirit/spacebeing/elemental/magical) agency upon achieving positive-polarization alignment, nor upon realizing authentic forms of spiritual adeptship, occult mastery etc. Any of these facile pronouncements, only proceeding in the first place from those who've yet to achieve even minimum positive repolarization-alignment of their own, would be hard-pressed to account for the recorded, reported or legendary fates of a 'Christ', a 'Krishna', a 'Rajneesh', a 'Mohammed', a 'Maniche', a 'Gandhi' etc. Even the least *glimmer* of reflection before issuing glib idiocies would suffice to check the more egregious new-age effusions, proving only that no such minimal powers of reflection characterize those souls conspicuously presiding by self-appointment at the ideological helm of that leading-edge movement...

"Indeed the last public issue of *TNTC* (Feb. '93) saw first appearance of advertisements for the long-awaited *Mother Book* in which all this and a universe more would be definitively discussed. Yet as was explained in that issue's Editorial and has subsequently become apparent to all those closely associated with or steadily tracking the *T-Bird* flightpath, Southern Crown adepts AAA and MT were under a veritable state of occult siege at the moment the announcement went to print and have remained so throughout '93, to these current few weeks of '94. Though they'd have loved to make uplifting Knowledge of the Mother and Mahachohan (of the Ray of Intelligent Activity) generally available to all there were, and are, formidable forces set sullenly against such millennial Occurrence. At the precise Moment announcing advent of *The Mother Book* an unprecedented explosion of transdimensional assault through the subtle fields having multiple repercussion in the 'gross', commenced Writing a whole *new* epic Chapter in the *Book*--largely through titanic labor of the Mother herself.

"Thus in the midst of disclosing that very, subtle knowledge as to how the Life of the True Mother is lived in consequential continuity with the Whole unlike that of any other (see *AAA*, Southern Crown dictionary this volume), the implications of such Living were being enacted existentially at an exploded magnitude as meridians, centers, yu-points and plexi in the Mother's 'personal' being bore full burden in intensified convergence of artificial manipulations, traumatizings and poisonings wreaked through grid-lines of the *planetary* field, at the same time as those loci of the bodily temple were being deliberately bruised and abraded by *direct* higher-dimensional intent aimed squarely in retaliation to her persistent Rebuffs.

"Thus though Southern Crown has a small household Order of student-initiates dedicated to serving the Spiritual Process in the world at various levels, so persistent and outrageously unprecedented was the barrage from the Invisible (and quasi-visible), so relentless the assault particularly on AAA's health and bodily-being (manufacturing such critical if shapeshifting symptoms and somatic traumas as to baffle the dubious expertise of the whole UCLA Medical School and a passel of the nation's 'leading specialists' having otherwise attended such lights as Ronald Reagan), that everyone in the Order had constantly to be pulled off his/her regular function in extemporized closing of yet another gap or unanticipated breach, consequently curtailing or closing down certain SC/*T-Bird* functions altogether and requiring abrupt suspension of the foreseen 'finishing touches' on the *Mother Book* when but a heartbreaking beat away from public birth, in favor of *unforeseen* elements force-writing the sudden additional Chapter. ...

"There is no way for any (3rd-density) soul to know or to appreciate--and certainly no one with whom the adept spoke during this whole period seemed in any way either capable of or interested in learning *how* to know or to appreciate--what it is like laboring night and day at every available hour over the most abstruse yet *essential* material in an effort to wrest it within range of the general comprehension, all the while attentive to and mediating the abrupt minute-to-minute changes in subtle energy-shields, requirements for occult fortification and the harrowing incursions frequently made upon one's own wife and Master of the Mother-current suffering *several times near fatal lapse*, being rushed to hospital emergency rooms, adminstered hasty treatment as the whole range of orthodox and unorthodox methods largely stood mute in mindless impotence at the manifest holocaust wreaked from realms-unknown on her immune system and glandular complexes, her intestinal tract and mandibular-temporal 'switchboard' or nerve clusters cutting off breathing, salivation, tearducts, swallowing, drinking or eating of the most minuscule amounts by turns--and *this* all the while AAA herself somehow superhumanly managed to maintain near perfect continuity in the teaching of her formal student-class as well as adminstering/supervising/performing daily household business! That's right; though on several occasions she *almost literally* died, noetheless she never ceased performing her unparalleled Spiritual Function--and that not just on the *subtle* planes where *physical* passivity may be de rigueur, but in bodily expression often requiring her Exemplification (for refactory student comprehension) in the form of regular exertions at household 'chores' apparently beneath the dignity of 'authentic spiritual aspirants'! ...

"Thus you have heard, a little, of what's befallen the stricken *T-Bird* and the Sourthern Crown adeptship in this eventful interval of California Silence. But now that work which MT set about to do as a meanwhile fortification for those pleased to accept and graciously use it, is done. And once again the *Mother Book* is one page from completion. ...

"In the meanwhile, though you may think you do not know her 'personally', keep AAA in your heart. As some never seem to learn no matter *how* often they've had to come back, no book or Book either means anything at all, compared to the Living Presence. *ATN*."

--Matrix IV, p 1054, (The Mother Book)

"*A complete spiritual chronicle*, biography and philosophical summation of the Teaching Work of AAA and MT. Who is the Mother? And what does the presence of the Mother-on-Earth mean to mankind? The answers to these questions have proved so controversial and compelling that the manuscript form of *The Mother Book* is already known worldwide, cherished and admired by some, wondered-after by others and notorious to certain groups and organizations (some of which are specifically discussed in *The Mother Book*) who've overtly dreaded the day of its publication.

"In this *Mother* of All *Books* you will--

"Owing to Events intervening between first announcement of publication date (January '93) and the present, *The Mother Book* is necessarily being updated (see *A Word On The Mother Book*, this volume); those who *originally* ordered it and have requested we keep their orders 'til publication, will receive the enlarged volume at no additional charge. All others should inquire to the address below; these will be the first to receive updated volume price, exact date of publication/distribution when known, and will thus be given first opportunity to purchase and receive this the Mother of All Books.

"Nobody is going to want to, or can *afford to*, miss *The Mother Book*; you'll want to own a personal copy from the Press of the Millennial First Printing.

"To be placed on high priority mailing inquire below to:

  The New Thunderbird Chronicle 
  15237 Sunset Bl. Ste 29 
  Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
"Since there *may be no other* extensive advertising on its release, your best bet for rapid receival of word as to its availability for purchase is to inquire to the address above and have yourself placed on high priority mailing. Due to the Extraordinary Experience of '93, we will accept no actual purchases until the Book is *express-ready* to be mailed to you."

--MT, Matrix IV, p 784-98

"First of all Theosophy reveals that there's the *Manu*--a kind of cosmic Avatar responsible for initiating/promoting periodic progression of the whole planetary race, and correlated with the Unity of the first Logos known as *Father*, equivalent to Spirit and Will; next Theosophy speaks of the *Bodhisattva*, the incarnation of Love-Wisdom (Jesus and Buddha are given as examples) know as the *Son* or duality of the second Logos; and Theosophy identifies as well the Trinity-principle or third Logoic aspect known as *Mother* and corresponding to *Intelligent Activity*, which is a characterization of the field of matter. The teaching-representative of this third aspect is known as the *Mahachohan*. ...

"It is said that both *Manu* and *Bodhisattva* (Father and Son) perform the function of their respective Offices only once in the physical world, i.e. it is never the same cosmic Personality-expression Who returns, in the case of either such Office, when the Time comes 'round in the physical field for that function to be fulfilled once again.

"In contrast the Mahachohan, (a generally male) representative of the Mother, holds his particular Office much longer, i.e. it is the same cosmic Personality-expression Who incarnates life to life, again and again within the given aeonic round whenever the Time arises for that function to be refreshed. The reason for this is that the *Mahachohan* (corresponding to the *Ray of Intelligent Activity*) must incarnate much more *deeply* into the field of manifestation than do his related Counterparts. ...

The *Mahachohan* aligns much more directly into congruence with all that's meant by the Mother, and so 'inhabits' the lowest *chakra*-points and corresponding, lockin-coil of the *kundalini* more decisively. It's for this reason also that the *Mahachohan*, uniquely amongst the Trinity of Office-holders, is not necessarily or nearly so frequently identified during his physical sojourn as a Divine Incarnation since there is much more of the 'physical' about him--and the functionaries of the other two offices tend to *condition* the receptors of public expectation by the consistency of their comparatively 'angelic' or otherworldly demeanors.

"Thus the *Mahachohan* often passes his earthly life perhaps as a noted or even *notorious* personality but rarely under general suspicion of being a Divine Incarnation, except perhaps to those whom he most closely teaches. He is often taken to be a 'public figure'. One such incarnation of the *Mahachohan* was Francis Bacon. ...

Just as the cosmic avatarship of the *Manu* is responsible for cyclically injecting the quickening character of Spirit-light into the physical sphere so as to magnify the genetic, psychic, intellectual and spiritual potentials of the planetary race as a whole; and just as the *Bodhisattva* is responsible for the attempted mediation of and ultimate reconciliation between Spirit-light and the physical field (as the 'sacred heart' or life of Love); so too the *Mahachohan* has a specific function in relation to those filial offices: #the *Mahachohan* is responsible for *furthering* the planetary culture as a whole, in terms of the intellectual and scientific spheres and with regard to the general atmosphere of guiding *principles* influencing the given millennium of growth#--and he does so as the Master of the adepts, who's therefore chiefly responsible for the *osmotic* influence in the more general exoteric cultures through his creative, guardian and regulatory function as the keeper of the Sacred Flame of the *Mystery Tradition* itself, the ongoing stream of the authentic *esoteric* cultures.

"His is the Zoroastrian commission of cultivating an *unbroken continuity* in the progression of the *sacred* sciences, first of all, and secondarily as they may reflect their guideline principles into the conceptual matrix of the mundane disciplines belonging to 'uninitiate' culture as a whole. It is the *Mahachohan* who either establishes, or returns to regenerate the ebbing embers of, the sacred Schools of real Gnosis coexisting with the commonality of planetary cultures and which variably permit their entrancegates to be perceived, more or less brightly, more or less overtly depending on enveloping historical conditions, in quiet invitation of those probationers potentially ready from the larger--oblivious--society and so capable of catching the parting Veil. ...

"Both *Manu* and *Bodhisattva* exhibit only *passing concern* for the inbuilt mechanisms and codes of Intelligent Activity with which the vital-physical and astral-psychic fields are organized; the 'concern' they chronically exhibit for the type of structure, specific metaphysical 'anatomy' and 'physiology' as which the Mother-current of the manifest fields has polarized and pattered itself (as consequence of deep *ontological* interpretations at the cosmogonic *root* of things) is really confined to determining within the Maze of that manifesting pattern the way in which the *shortest route between two points* may be plotted, using the Mother's Body-map as the abstract context. They do *not* exhibit particular concern, or even knowledge of, the quiddities, characteristics and peculiarities of that Body as it's *lived* by incarnate beings, with the particular identifying needs and mind/body requirements *It* uniquely brings to the total Question-of-being. ...

"The continuous incarnative knowledge of the Mahachohan *knows* then not only how to properly identify the ingenious descriptions and insightful characterizations of certain of the Mother's parts as given my *Manu* and *Bodhisattva* in their devising of *karuna* [love] for the multitudes they come to adminster; it knows as well how to identify the deficiency of such Spirit-born techniques in themselves which would, from the benevolence of an oblique vantage, simply *extract* souls from the manifest matrix as solution of the creative 'dilemma' thereby leaving each such segregated soul with lingering lacunae, gaps and blank spots--desertzones of their own deep being inevitably hungering earthward again for more definitive fulfillments. ...

"On the one hand, then, we may see the Office of the *Mahachohan* putting its 'weight' behind what's perceived as the necessary trend toward philosophical pragmatism and the ascendancy of the secular sciences (and, indeed, instigating it); on the other we may note its continued cultivation, nourishment and regeneration of the *secret science of the soul* propagating the pattern of *its* progressive universalism or global fusion of arcane traditions along parallel streams calculated to meet and merge in the ripeness of their respective developments, 'in the meantime' having quietly grown together enabling a new *progressive* pairing of their terms...

"That such a millennial integration of material with spiritual knowledge can even be done, has been questioned by certain commentators (again, Mr. Wilbur gives recent example) invoking the spurious logic that science and occult discipline constitute two unlike categories never coming to any concord owing to dissimilar aims. Someone ought to inform the federal government of this, certainly, since it should come as great surprise to its secret scientific minions working for decades with principles and practices making Arthur C. Clarke's proclamation re the ultimate indistinguishability between science and magic a statement of commonplace fact rather than prophecy. ...

"Once flatly stated for us by its knee-jerk commentators (no need to name an example) the *falsity* of the attitude becomes all-too-apparent. That there is something, *anything* under the all-inclusive Spiritual Sun which has *nothing to do with It* (and solely because of the provisional context of 'unlike aims!') is a 'theorem' self-evidently without the modicum of merit to warrant further belaboring. ...

This, indeed, is one of the fundamental purposes and responsibilities attendant upon producing the present *Mother* book, i.e. the requirement of *identifying* the timely fulfillment of the Mother's advent when it takes place as it ultimately has, and of outlining the myriad implications or profound repercussions in its Catalytic influence on the sphere of *Intelligent Activity*, and the work of the *Mahachohan*. The *Mahachohan* has never had the supreme advantage, up till now, of being *literally* accompanied by the awakened-incarnate Presence of the *Mother*. The moment in the accomplishment of so unparalleled an event, necessarily signifies some millennial timing. The interests of every soul should be focused upon the meaning of such timing. ...

"#It's only with the Awakened/incarnate presence of the Mother that we may *know* the field of manifestation, of our *own life* and all the meaningful thrust of our identity-patterns, for *what it is*--rather than for what *it might be* if the sole significance of its being lay along some straight-and-narrow path linking a lonely pickup point with the broad band of Heaven Above#.

"We may know it as *celebratory Occasion* in the manifestation of Spirit; as the instrumental *field* of Spirit; as the acceptable sufficiency of Spirit amidst Its garden of numberless Stars. We may Know it without lingering conflict, or the internal turmoil of some unresolved dream; we may know it without *dread* haunting the outskirts of our flickering shadowzone. Accompanied at last by the Awakened/incarnate presence of the *Mother* we may come to understand that such Knowing is itself the agent of all transformative keys and biochemical elixirs, all glandular *liqueurs* ever needed to *draw Spirit forward* past the inhibitory locks and repressive filters which--in themselves--render perception moribund, and make of its projective field a place from which we'd simply like to filch the formula most efficient in distilling hormonal fuel for our yogic Exit. ...

"Just as the *general* theory of relativity is that which ultimately permits real *spacetravel*, so the *Mahachohan's* general Spiritual Model under completion-tutelage of the *Mother's living presence*, ultimately serves the process of real Spiritual Awakening by taking into consideration--and integrating back into the total picture--those *actual* states, forces, fields and properties that obtain under conditions of the Whole-being, and which are therefore *necessary factors* needing to be fulfilled in their proper proportions and to the measure of their contributing values before Spirit may ever be said to enlighten an adequate Way."