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Team Dynamics in Today's Workplace

By Dr. Stephen C. Schoonover

A new business environment one that is shaping a revolution in the workplace is driving a deeper commitment to team building. Businesses today must compete in a worldwide arena in which information and technologies are widely distributed and rapidly applied to new products and services. The rapid innovation required to meet these competitive pressures dictates a new, more effective approach to idea generation and development.

At the same time that businesses are coping with the many challenges of this new, fast-paced marketplace, they must also be dealing with the unceasing demands for higher productivity, improved service and better quality. These combined demands for speedy innovation and better performance necessitate ever-increasing levels of coordination and communication levels that can only be achieved through well-honed, quality teamwork. Many organizations, therefore, are undergoing a transformation to a much more participative, team-oriented culture. This article analyzes the need and function of teamwork and team building in today's competitive business environment.


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