New Magazine to discuss sexual minority issues

Promiscuous. Immoral. Depraved.

Such stereotypes - and labels far worse - are often used to describe sexual minorities.

To Marie Ho, Mandy Jenkins and Kate Common, they are words that keep heterosexuals from understanding gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered individuals, as well as a lot of other people for whom there are no easy categories.

Enter a new magazine that aims to bring people of all sexual orientations together in a spirit of education and awareness: Fusion. The publication will debut its fall semester issue in print and on the Web this November.

Kate Common, production manager for Student Media and adviser for the new magazine, said the publication isn't about sex, but about tolerance. Common said editors Jenkins and Ho hope to draw attention to such issues as legal and social discrimination against sexual minorities.

"Since the inception of the publication, their goal has been to promote awareness and education in both communities, both straight and gay, and in the entire university community," Common said.

Samara Pedle, Marie Ho, Lindsey O'connell, Kate Common

Visual editor Marie Ho, who helped initiate the idea for Fusion, emphasized that the magazine aims to encourage tolerance of different groups and ideas, and to make people think about how sexual minority issues can impact them personally.

"It's not about homosexuality, and it's not about whether homosexuality is right or wrong. We're not debating that," said Ho, a photojournalism and sociology major. "We're saying that there should be a safe environment for every single individual, whether you're a minority or not."
After all, Ho cautioned, once a label is created, there's every chance it will be misapplied.

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