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Hunt the tough bugs with Memory Sleuth 3

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System requirements and compatibility

Looking for industrial-strength debugging power plus profiling and testing tools? Be sure to check out Sleuth QA Suite 3.

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Choosing the right tool from the TurboPower family of bug-hunting technology

When it comes to tracking down bugs and making your programs more reliable, TurboPower has you covered with not one but two different quality assurance solutions: Memory Sleuth (described on this page) and Sleuth QA Suite (described here).

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Memory Sleuth features the award-winning bug hunting technology that's made this tool a "must-have" for professional Windows programmers. Not content to rest on our laurels, however, we've made Memory Sleuth 3 even better, with the very latest advances in bug detection technology.

Just as importantly, we've listened to your suggestions and made Memory Sleuth 3 easier to use, too, with a flexible GUI and a built-in syntax highlighting source code viewer you're going to love! And as usual, Memory Sleuth 3 requires no source code changes to work.

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Memory Sleuth 3 Key Features
Memory Sleuth 3 continually monitors your application for Windows API failures, and reports any problem areas to you.
NEW! Optional suppression of dependent leaks Memory Sleuth 3 optionally suppresses cascading leaks caused by other leaks, letting you zero in on the original problem.
Memory Sleuth 3 goes beyond simply telling you that a memory leak exists - it identifies the class occupying the memory, which provides additional clues to help solve the problem.
NEW! Memory overwrite detection Memory Sleuth 3 now watches for memory overwrites during your application's execution. Memory overwrites can cause nasty problems that are difficult to find.
Easily view all information from the PE header of your application.
Add as many binary modules (EXE, DLL, OCX files and so on) to a project, enable analysis for them and Memory Sleuth will check them all at once.
NEW! Improved performance Memory Sleuth 3's internal debugging engine is more efficient and faster than ever!
Automatically checks all DLLs for bugs too Memory Sleuth 3 extends automatic bug checking for DLLs, loaded dynamically or statically.
Instant session summaries No need to sift through tons of output! Memory Sleuth 3 provides immediate feedback with a Session Summary that shows you exactly what bugs need squashing!
Exception stack tracing Capture full details of raised exceptions, including routine name, line number, and source file name where the exception took place.
Memory and resource logging and browsing Tell Memory Sleuth to keep track of all memory and resource allocations, then review the data in the built-in allocation event browser. You can even send your own messages to the allocation log during program execution!
HTML reports with save and e-mail send Create Memory Sleuth reports as HTML files for easy posting to intranet sites, or send them immediately with built-in
e-mail support.
Supports Borland Delphi 2 (and later), Borland C++Builder, Microsoft Visual Basic 6 and Microsoft Visual C++ 6 One tool, one price, full support for the major Windows development tools.
Expanded documentation Now Memory Sleuth 3 comes with a full 97-page manual (provided in Adobe Acrobat format) that explains exactly how to get the most from the tool. There's even a special chapter designed to help you learn great techniques for avoiding bugs in the first place!
No source code changes Using Memory Sleuth 3 is easy. Just compile with debugging information turned on. There are no source code changes required and Memory Sleuth never changes your code on its own.

Built-in wizards make it easy to get started
Forget about complicated settings, Memory Sleuth 3 comes with Getting Started wizards that can get you up and running - and finding bugs - fast.

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No source code changes. Period.
Unlike many other debugging tools, Memory Sleuth 3 requires absolutely no source code changes. Just compile with debugging information turned on and run your program inside the Memory Sleuth GUI. Nothing could be easier - and safer.

Read more about Memory Sleuth 3

Get Memory Sleuth 3 today and zero in on bugs faster than ever with advanced defect tracking power. Place a secure order right now.

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Published: Monday, January 20, 2003
Modified: Monday, June 10, 2002