BBC Manchester - Music - Interview with Nick Jago of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
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4th December 2003
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Interview with Nick Jago of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
updated 29/08/03
Nick Jago of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Having replaced The White Stripes at Leeds, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are on a high. Drummer Nick Jago chatted to Chris Long about new album Take Them On, On Your Own and the future of the band.
Nick Jago of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Nick Jago on...

...the aggressive sound of Take Them On, On Your Own
"We definitely wanted to change gear with this album and make it a bit more up tempo, and follow the theme of Spread Your Love and Punk Song from the first. But we still wanted to make it an album so that's why we threw in Shade Of Blue, Suddenly and I'm Aching, which are mellower songs. It's not just like a rock and roll record that you can just play and party to, it's something you can sit with at home and listen to at four o'clock in the morning too."

...the rallying call of the title
"The title to me just means take responsibility of your own actions, take them on on your own. Your actions have consequences and you got to accept the responsibility of those. It's kind of a grown up thing. It definitely doesn't mean take the demons on by yourself, you need as much help with that as possible."

...comparing the new album with the eponymous debut
"I think it marries pretty well with it, if you play them back to back. It still sounds like the same band, we haven't lost our identity. We're just doing our own thing, trying to be ourselves. There's a different quality to this one, there's a bit more of an immediate quality in you face, but it doesn't go overboard, so I'm happy with it."

...being compared to Jesus and Mary Chain
"It was kind of good in a way, because I listened to that band more than I would have, and I discovered a bunch of songs that were actually really good, so I got that out of it. It doesn't really bother me."

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