PC/Windows Downloads

On this page, you will find some utilities and applications that can be downloaded for usage on a PC. They enable you to access a CD-i disc on a PC, author your own CD-i titles, convert from and to CD-i file formats and set up a CD-i authoring board.

NOTE: This site is not maintained anymore. Its contents will remain available for archiving purposes. No new additions including new software versions will be added, nor will any support questions be answered. Please refer to the various discussion boards and news groups available on the net. Please do not contact me concerning the software that is available here for download.

  • CD-i disc tools
  • CD-i authoring tools
  • Asset conversion and management
  • Drivers and utilities for I2M CD-i boards
  • CD+G creation tools
  • Video-CD 2.0 authoring tools

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