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SCOsource is a new business division to manage its UNIX® System intellectual property. The charter of the new division is to create new and innovative licensing programs to meet the changing demands of today's market and to protect its intellectual property asset.

SCO is the owner of the UNIX Operating System Intellectual Property that dates all the way back 1969, when the UNIX System was created at Bell Laboratories. Through a series of mergers and acquisitions, SCO has acquired ownership of the copyrights and core technology associated with the UNIX System. The SCO source division will continue to offer traditional UNIX System licenses to preserve, protect and enhance shareholder value.

On July 21, SCO announced that it has received U.S. copyright registrations for UNIX System V source code, a jurisdictional pre-requisite to enforcement of its UNIX copyrights.

The company also announced plans to make binary run time licenses for SCO’s intellectual property available to end users. The license would apply to all commercial users of Linux based on a 2.4 or later kernel. The license gives end users the right to use the SCO intellectual property contained in Linux, in binary format only. End users who purchase this license will be held harmless against past and future copyright violations of SCO’s intellectual property in binary format in Linux distributions

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