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Doctor Who Locations - Visiting the locations where Doctor Who was filmed Peter Davison as the Doctor

  Resurrection of the Daleks    

Resurrection of the Daleks sees the fifth Doctor (Peter Davison), Tegan (Janet Fielding) and Turlough (Mark Strickson) arriving in a derelict London warehouse in 1984 after the TARDIS is dragged off course by a time corridor. There they encounter sinister mercenaries from the future disguised as policeman, soldiers from an army Bomb Disposal Squad, a group of slaves who have escaped from a spaceship and the Daleks.

Location filming was completed over two days in September 1983 at locations close to Tower Bridge in London. The derelict warehouses featured in the story have since been renovated and converted into shops, restaurants and flats but still retain the same general appearance, as you will see in the following features.

Daleks in Docklands
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  1. Derelict warehouses   2. Butler's Wharf
  3. Tegan's escape attempt   4. Stranded on Earth
"Such neglect. A hundred years ago this place
would have been bustling with activity."

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Story written by Eric Saward and directed by Matthew Robinson.

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