Full Metal Panic
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Mission Briefings
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Black Technology. A forbidden knowledge born into a select few, thereby made capable of producing exotic weaponry that could drastically alter the balance of power on Earth. To halt the proliferation of this terrifying power, a secret military organization armed with the latest cutting-edge technology—MITHRIL, stands as the guardians of peace in a chaotic era still dominated by the hostilities of the ongoing Cold War.

With the unexpected arrival of mysterious transfer student Sousuke Sagara to Jindai High School, honor student Kaname Chidori's tranquil existence is about to be turned upside down. Unbeknownst to Chidori, the naïve, military-minded Sagara is actually an operative with MITHRIL assigned to protect her, and the potent secrets she unknowingly carries, from those who wish to exploit her knowledge for military gain. With neither teachers, classmates nor sculptures being safe from Sousuke’s vigilant defense of Kaname Chidori, will this strong-willed beauty even survive Sousuke’s “protection” long enough to actually need the help of this strange young man when trouble finally does arrive?

Produced by the animation powerhouse GONZO Digimation (Hellsing, Vandread) and directed by Kouichi Chigara (Gate Keepers), and based on the popular novels by Shoji Gatoh, this riveting 24-episode Japanese anime series combines thrilling high-school intrigue and romance with explosive, hard-hitting sci-fi military action and suspense that is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat and begging for more.

ADV FILMS 6/10/2003 FMP!
Full Metal Panic! © Shoji Gatoh - Shikidouji / Mithril