American Roller Skating Derby

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The ARSD definitly uses a more traditional approach to Roller Derby than than their counterparts. They usually have one game a month and most of their "known" skaters are former Roller Games stars.


ARSD Championship Playoffs

This was my first ARSD game, and I drove from Sacramento into Richmond with my cousin Phil who had agreed to come along with me.

I'll will be honest and say that I wasn't really expecting much what with not knowing too many of the skaters and such, and I must admit that I got pretty much what I expected. Not bored out of my mind or anything, but not overly entertained either.

Not many surpises in the line-ups, mostly former Roller Games skaters, with the occasional younger skater. Interestingly enough, no Stacey Blitsch, but an unannouced Ray Robles skated for the Devils along with another former RJ Riot member Pasty Delgado.

There was probably about 400 or so fans in attendance, skattered throughout the area. You could tell where most of the family members and freinds of the Bombers were, as evidenced by their bright orange clothing and various noise-making items. Crowd was rpetty loud and into the game the whole night. Just a side note, cowbells and the liek are annoying enough at Kings games, they really don't need to be at tiny roller derby games, and if whomever had that increadably annoying horn brings it to the next game, I am going to beat them with it.

Bought a four dollar program which had such interesting facts as "The league makes frequent visits to large metropolitan cities such as San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, St Louis, and Los Angeles" (funny how this was never mentioned before) "attracting thousands" (I think they mean hundreds) "of fans in each region". While they seem to have made sure to include a nice spin in the program they did, however, forget to invest in proofreading.

The night was layed out like this. The first game would be between the Chiefs and the Red Devils, the winners going on to the finals and the loosers going to the second game to face the Bombers for the second slot in the finals. After that we had a short break with the awards being presented with the Championship game after.

The sound was fairly bad and I didnt think to bring a note pad or anything so I can't really give you a blow by blow account but here are some random thoughts:

As I said, all in all not a great night, but not bad either, I will, of coarse, be going to the next game, whenever that may be, but I doubt that I will throw down for the 20$ trackside seats.

ARSD Pictures

ARSD Championship playoffs, October 19th Richmond, Ca. Please forgive the blurryness as my camera is a peice of crap.

The Bombers The Red Devils, seated Red Devils standing Gail Bowers and Patsy Delgado hang out at the rail
Devils during atime out Patsy after being dumped out Bombers during a break The award ceramony
Chiefs and Bombers Gwen Miller dumped by Mary Ann Carr Chiefs by the rail Icebox and the Bomber women
Red Devil women Pileup on the track My cousin Phil, at his first derby game, sporting green hair