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Grohl puts Foos aside to drum for a band still playing the club circuit ...

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Foo Fighter Taylor Hawkins not in rehab, how Kurt Cobain died before a New York show ...

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"It was supposed to be gross, and now it's gorgeous" ...

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For those who fear that the rest of Grohl's bandmembers have been abducted by aliens and are now being experimented on in another galaxy, the drummer insisted the Foo Fighters are alive and well and will return to action after he finishes touring with Queens. While Grohl said the next Foo record is almost done (the band is just completing guitar overdubs), the recording process was so draining that after one set of sessions in a Los Angeles studio he decided to distance himself from the project and start again later.

"We spent like four months on it laboring over it to make sure it was good. We got a Grammy for the last [album], and I need another door stop," he said, referring to the award that's currently being used on his bedroom door. "When we first started working on it we were definitely going for the 'big songs.' It's awesome being in an arena full of fans, so we wanted to start writing these big songs."

 "It's awesome being in an arena full of fans, so we wanted to start writing these big songs."
But the Foo Fighters were also writing stuff that was stranger and heavier than anything they had done previously, and their manager became convinced that the stranger stuff was their most promising.

"He said, 'Half of it's really good because it sounds like nothing you've ever done before, and half of it just sounds like singles to me,'" Grohl said. "He was like, 'You guys should get weird.' So we thought, 'Oh, OK,' and we went back to [the studio in] Virginia to get weird."

The band started experimenting with a few songs and were thrilled with the results, so the guys decided to re-record all their songs with that new, spontaneous spirit.

"We did it all in 12 days," Grohl said. "It's great, because if you only have 12 days to make a record then you're playing like you're hanging from a cliff. If you've got four months, then you do a guitar track and then you're like, 'What time does the sushi place close?' It's not reality."

Grohl described the new Foo songs as "faster" and "more aggressive," but added that there's an intriguing blend of melody and dissonance throughout the disc.

"We figured we're gonna get mean, we're gonna get ugly. And then I end up putting this four-part harmony on it, and all of sudden it's beautiful," he said. "Like wait a second, it was supposed to be gross, and now it's gorgeous."

When Grohl joined Nirvana in 1990, few people would have predicted that 12 years later he would be the brightest burning ember from the grunge rock era. In an environment that consisted of powerhouse rockers including Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Mudhoney, Grohl probably would have been the last person to foresee his future preeminence. And his current status is something he doesn't take for granted.

"I really feel like one of the luckiest people in the world," he concluded, clasping his hands and leaning forward. "We should never complain about anything. I swear to God, I think we have the best jobs in the world — besides porn star guys."

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