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Sample Collection

The Xtreme Analog CD-ROM for the EXS24 and EXSP24 is designed to let your Emagic sampler or sample player be used as a state-of-the-art synthesizer. Based on expertly sampled analog synthesizer waveforms, sounds of the highest quality have been programmed ready to play, at the same time surpassing the possibilities available with conventional sample-based synthesizers.

In contrast to conventional sampled synth waveforms, which are normally based on single oscillators, the multisamples on the Xtreme Analog CD-ROM contain rich, multi-oscillator waveforms. These deliver extremely fat basic sounds, many of which were generated in stacked or unison mode for maximum impact. In addition to traditional analog oscillator waveforms and layers, synthesis methods like PWM, Sync, FM and cross modulation are used to compile the basic sound material.

The complex analog waveforms are used as the initial sound source. They are available to the EXS24 synthesizer section and enable the creation of sounds which, on a conventional synthesizer, could only be achieved by using all available oscillators together with complex modulation routings, at the expense of the device's full polyphony.

The superbly detailed multisamples found on the Xtreme Analog CD-ROM, on the other hand, may be further contoured by the extensive synthesis options of the EXS24 / EXSP24 - that is, the superb filter, envelopes and LFOs. This means that textured sounds can be created using only a single stereo multisample.

The user-friendly interface of the EXS24 positively invites the intuitive editing of sounds with both individual waveforms and complete Instruments, further enhancing the creative potential of the Xtreme Analog sound library.

The velocity-controllable sample start point modulation function of the EXS is the key to many of the unique sounds made possible by the Xtreme Analog concept.

The Spectrum SQ group contains moving Sync, FM and PWM modulations, and has been specifically designed for use with the sample start point modulation facility of the EXS24 / EXSP24. This lends itself to the creation of dramatic and extremely vivid sound structures, especially when layering the Spectrum Waves on multiple levels.

For the traditionalists, we recommend checking out the exceptionally authentic core sounds of several legendary synthesizers, including the Jupiter 8, Matrix 12 and Oberheim Xpander.


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