The New Name For Reliability.
Bombardier TRAXX - the modular locomotive family

Bombardier TRAXX is the new name for the Bombardier locomotive family based on the well-known Class 185 family. Its distinguishing features: innovative, affordable, standardised and modular electric and diesel-electric locomotives - offering outstanding reliability with long-term availability and excellent maintenance and operational economy.

The Bombardier TRAXX family consists of the following locomotive types:

  • AC locomotives
  • Multi-system locomotives (MS)
  • DC locomotives
  • Diesel-electric locomotives (DE)

The locomotives of the Bombardier TRAXX family are classified as follows:

Product name: TRAXX
Application: F for Freight
  H for Heavy Haul
  P for Passenger services (Regio/Intercity trains)
  S for High Speed
Speed: km/h
Propulsion type: AC, DC, MS, DE
Differentiation: 1 for version 1, 2 for version 2
  P for powerhead

Product name, application and speed classify the respective locomotive family.

TRAXX P 160 AC  

Bombardier TRAXX - the locomotive family:

 AC locomotives
  Single and dual-frequency AC locomotives and powerheads for 15/ 25 kV AC networks and 140/ 160/ 200 km/h max. speed

 Multi-system locomotives
  Multi-system locomotives for 15/ 25 kV AC + 1.5/ 3 kV DC networks and 140/ 160/ 200 km/h max. speed

 DC locomotives
  DC locomotives for 3 kV DC networks and 140/ 160/ 200 km/h max. speed

 Diesel locomotives
  Diesel-electric locomotives (2,200 kW) for non-electrified routes and 140/ 160/ 200 km/h max. speed

Bombardier TRAXX locomotives for every application

Bombardier TRAXX locomotives cover all types of railway applications in Europe. They operate with DC and AC catenary systems, on all standard gauge railways and on cross-border services.

Bombardier TRAXX locomotives are innovation families based on proven technical solutions:

  • Crash-optimized carbody designed to EU standards (TSI)
  • Latest IGBT traction power converter technology
  • Modular MBS brake system
  • Preconfigured for ETCS/ ERTMS
  • State-of-the-art communication systems: GPS, GSM remote diagnosis WTB train bus
  • Standardized propulsion modules

Bombardier TRAXX locomotives employ the optimum in terms of common and stan-dardised systems, components and modules with a proven track record.

Bombardier TRAXX - the common parts:

  • Common vehicle dimensions
  • Common machine room concept
  • Common brake equipment
  • Common bogies, traction motors and propulsion systems
  • Common communication systems
  • Common driver's cab, identical user interface
  • Common control and diagnostics systems

Bombardier TRAXX - the modules:

  • Propulsion modules of the proven GTO and Bombardier's new Mitrac TC 3300 IGBT power converter families
  • Transmission modules for speeds of up to 140 km/h, 160 km/h and 200 km/h
  • Country packages for Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden,
    Denmark, Norway, ...
  • Equipment modules including the following options: GPS tracking, GSM remote diagnostics, ZMS/ZWS multiple-unit control, WTB Gateway or video cameras for monitoring the train

Bombardier TRAXX - always available and reliable

Bombardier TRAXX locomotives are interoperable, affordable and economic in terms of operation and maintenance. Their key data:

  • Low life-cycle costs
  • High operational availability of up to 97 per cent
  • Extremely service-friendly design
  • Running characteristics reduce rail and track wear

More and more railway companies are now choosing Bombardier TRAXX locomotives. Of some 700 units ordered to date, over 340 are already hauling freight and passenger trains, many of them on cross-border services on the North-South Freight Freeways. Why? Because interoperability, high mileages and simplified operational schedules, the elimination of waiting times at borders, locomotive changes and empty running save up to 30 per cent in costs and increases the competitiveness of the Railway.

SBB Cargo in Switzerland recently ordered 18 Bombardier TRAXX F140 MS multi-system locomotives (SBB Re 484) for freight transit services to and from Italy. Furthermore, Bombardier is currently completing its locomotive family with a powerful 2,200 kW diesel-electric locomotive designed for freight and passenger services derived from the Bombardier TRAXX electric locomotives.

For further information, please contact:
Jamel Samet
Director Marketing and Product Planning