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"During the Third Reich even 'the party liners' who lived around 'the death camps' were reluctant to believe that 'their government' could commit such horrendous crimes as were discovered after the invasion of Germany. Yet, although they heard faint screams in the far distance and cries for help -- they SHUT THEIR EARS TO IT. Even though they saw carloads of people by the thousands going into the concentration camps -- and none return -- THEY SHUT THEIR EYES TO IT. Even when they saw billows of smoke belch from the bowels of the burners and smelt the stiff strong stench of burning flesh -- THEY SHUT THEIR SENSES TO IT. And, in spite of the fact rumor had it that 'unspeakable horrors' were going on in the 'killing camps' - THEY SHUT THEIR MINDS TO IT.

"Those that asked local government officials, like yourself, WHAT WAS GOING ON were told that it was all 'TOP SECRET' and involved 'NATIONAL SECURITY'.....and NOT TO QUESTION AUTHORITY. Then one day when the war came to a close and the truth was unearthed, the 'party people' acted shocked when it became public that millions had been mass-murdered. They just couldn't believe that genocide, infanticide and homicide could have been not only allowed but carried out to the last deadly detail by other 'party liners' in the government who just went along...... saw nothing, said nothing and did nothing.

"When it came time for the TRIAL at Nuremberg, Mrs. Cafferata, the 'Vun, Vurid, Vurkers' who ran the killer concen- tration camps at Auschwitz and Dachau -- 'CLAIMED INNOCENCE'. Even those 'party people' who shoved and shoveled their victims into those carnivorous crematoriums - 'CLAIMED INNOCENCE'. THEY SAID THEY WERE JUST OBEYING ORDERS. They said they were merely carrying out the MASTER PLAN -- for the Master Race.

"I am not accusing you of any crime, Mrs. Cafferata. It is possible that you could just be so inordinately apathetic or just so blindly obeying orders that you cannot see, or simply refuse to open your eyes to what's going on. Or do you 'CLAIM INNOCENCE', Mrs. Cafferata? The Attorney General's office will be the judge of that. It is the A.G.'s responsibility to determine if any crimes have been, or are now being committed or allowed 'to be committed' by your office. Ultimately, any decision with regards to the 'wholesale abuse of the law' is made by the prosecution who tries the case, be it in a court of law or before the bar of public opinion..."

"Sincerely, Anthony J. Hilder - RADIO FREE AMERICA"

Perhaps those of us who read these words should heed the battle-cry of the Jews when they say: "NEVER AGAIN!!!"

In the early 1990's an avowed high-level Intelligence Worker in the U.S. Government who refers to himself only as "Commander X", for his own protection, 'spilled the beans' on a key secret concerning the interaction and conflict taking place below the Mojave Desert, against the Gray Empire which had entrenched itself in the subterranean levels of the Southwest:

"The underground...base outside of Dulce, New Mexico, is perhaps the one MOST FREQUENTLY referred to. It's existence is most widely known, including several UFO abductees who have apparently been taken there for examination and then either managed to escape or were freed just in the nick of time by friendly...forces.

"According to UFO conspiracy buff and ex-Naval Intelligence Officer Milton (William) Cooper, '...a confrontation broke out between the human scientists and the Aliens at the Dulce underground lab. The Aliens took many of our scientists hostage. Delta Forces were sent in to free them but they were no match for the Alien weapons. Sixty-six people were killed during this action. As a result we withdrew from all joint projects for at least two years...'

"CENTURIES AGO, SURFACE PEOPLE (some say the ILLUMINATI) entered into a pact with an 'Alien nation' HIDDEN WITHIN THE EARTH." Commander X alleges. "The U.S. Government, in 1933, agreed to trade animals in exchange for high-tech knowledge, and to allow them to use (undisturbed) UNDERGROUND BASES, in the Western U.S.A. A special group was formed to deal with the 'Alien' beings. In the 1940's 'Alien Life Forms' (ALF) began shifting their focus of operations, FROM CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA, TO THE U.S.A.

"The CONTINENTAL DIVIDE is vital to these 'entities.' Part of this has to do with magnetics (substrata rock) and high energy states (plasma)... This area has a very high concentration of lightning activity; underground waterways and cavern systems; fields of atmospheric ions; etc..."

The following is taken from an article by 'TAL' LeVesque, titled 'THE COVERT RETURN OF AN ALIEN SPECIES OF REPTILIAN HERITAGE - THE DULCE BASE,' which appeared in a mailer-newsletter distributed by researcher Patrick O'Connel:

According to TAL, ages ago "...a CONFLICT with other beings (ELs) destroyed most of their (Reptilian) civilization, which forced some into DEEP CAVERNS & others to LEAVE EARTH (to Alpha Draconis and/or Altair in the constellation Aquila, which in ancient lore was associated with evil reptilian creatures)... The conflict is a Species War, between the Evadamic Seed & the 'Serpent' (draconian) Seed."

(Note: Researcher Maurice Doreal claims that this "conflict" took place between giant humans or 'ELs' working with PRE- NORDICS based in the Gobi region of Asia several thousand years ago, and Reptilian hominoids based in Antarctica! - Branton)

"Under cover of darkness, with bases hidden inside the earth, this nocturnal invader has chosen to reclaim what was once theirs & use it (and us) as a staging area in their ancient conflict with the 'ELs'. (Note: That is, the reptilians wish to 'reclaim' that which they WANT US TO BELIEVE was once theirs. The 'ELs' are the so-named EL-der race, a human-like culture tied into the Evadamic heritage yet who have attained or retained a very tall physical stature, in some cases being twice as tall as the average 'International' or 'surface' Terran. Because of their physical differences, they have chosen to inhabit exterran, subterran, and according to some other dimensional realms so as not to induce irrational fear or worship of themselves by their more diminutive human cousins - Branton)

"Humans with alien brain implants (the 'zombies') have been programmed to help overthrow Mankind in the NEAR FUTURE. The 'Reptoids' are even able TO TRANSFORM THEMSELVES INTO BEINGS WITH HUMAN CHARACTERISTICS & FEATURES. The planet Earth is being stressed so that human resistance will be minimal, during the overt takeover & control of Mankind.

"It started as a 'joint interaction program.' An Alien Species wanted to 'share' parts of it's advanced technology with certain humans in KEY POSITIONS OF POWER within government, military, corporations, 'secret societies', etc... The population as a whole began to be manipulated into the 'Alien Agenda'... they wanted TOTAL CONTROL of us!"

(Note: When this was written, the real name of the 'source' of information described in the following paragraph was with- held and known only as "T.C." or "Thomas C.". We have now been authorized to reveal the full name of the former Dulce Base worker as being Thomas Edwin Castello, who possessed a LEVEL-7 "ULTRA" security clearance within the Dulce facility, and who was in fact a head of Security within the underground installation. There are unconfirmed reports that Thomas Castello, after years in hiding, has finally passed away in Costa Rica. Whether or not his alleged death had anything to do with his intimate knowledge of the underground bases, is not known - Branton)

"...T.C (had) seen tall Reptilian Humanoids at the base. This is interesting to me because in 1979 I came face-to-face with the over 6 foot tall 'Other' Species (REPTOIDS) which materialized in our home! They took blood from my wife (who is an Rh-negative blood type); & her daughter, who was 1500 miles away.

"...We all came to know that the 'Visitors' were here to stay. We also learned how the Reptilian Race was RETURNING to Earth & the 'Greys' -- who are mercenaries -- WERE BEING USED to interface (with) & manipulate hu-mans. Their DEMONIC AGENDA was to keep earth surface (mankind) CONFUSED & unaware of their true nature & potential... ALSO (to conceal) THE KNOWLEDGE OF VAST & VARIED CIVILIZATIONS LIVING WITHIN THE EARTH.

"The Fantastic Truth was made to seem a fantasy, a legend, a myth, an illusion! The REPTOIDS are RETURNING to earth to use it as a staging area, in their ANCIENT CONFLICT with the Elohim (the Creator and the Angelic forces as described in Revelation chapter 12, who are not to be confused with the 'ELs' with whom the Reptilians are ALSO in conflict - Branton). The ADAMIC Race has underground bases within Mars... they are a 'Warrior Cult' culture.

"...There is a vast network of Tube Shuttle connections under the U.S., which extends into a GLOBAL SYSTEM OF TUNNELS & SUB-CITIES... Note: They (reptilians) DO NOT consider themselves 'Aliens'... they claim Terra (3rd from the Sun) was their home before we (humans) arrived. (Note: The saurian grays may have originated on earth and 'developed' or 'mutated' from the early bi-pedal saurioid species, yet there is much evidence that their 'claim' that this is 'their' planet is merely propaganda designed to convince the human race that they or we must surrender this world to their control - Branton).

"...As a species," TAL continues, "the reptilian heritage beings (the Greys, Reptoids, Winged Draco with 2 horns - the classic stereotype of the 'Devil')... are highly analytical & technologically oriented. They are seriously into the sciences of automation (computers) & bio-engineering (genetics)! However, their exploits in these areas has led to reckless experimentation, WITH TOTAL DISREGARD FOR ETHICS (moral standards) AND EMPATHY. This is also true of MANY OF THE HUMAN BEINGS WORKING WITH THEM!."

TAL then describes something which might seem unbelievable if it weren't for the fact that dozens of other sources tend to confirm it. This discovery was allegedly one of the REAL reasons for the incitation of the 'Dulce Wars':

"...LEVEL #7 is the worst. Row after row of 1,000's of humans & human-mixture remains in cold storage. Here too are embryos of humanoids in various stages of development. Also, many human childrens' remains in storage vats. Who are (were) these people?"

The sources for these incredibly disturbing allegations aside from Thomas Castello himself, according to TAL, included:

"...people who worked in the labs, abductees taken to the base, people who assisted in the construction, intelligence personnel (NSA, CIA, etc.), and UFO-Inner Earth researchers." This information, TAL states, "is meant for those who are seriously interested in the Dulce base. For YOUR OWN PROTECTION, be advised to 'USE CAUTION' while investigating this complex."

The 'Symbol' for the Dulce Base that is worn on many of the workers there, allegedly consists of an UPSIDE-DOWN triangle or pyramid with an upside-down 'T' superimposed over it. William Hamilton added a few comments in his book 'COSMIC TOP SECRET', concerning studies of the carcasses of mutilated cattle found near Dulce, New Mexico. These include:

"...Schoenfeld Clinical Laboratories in Albuquerque analyzed the samples (of the affected hides of cattle studied by Gomez and Burgess) and found significant deposits of potassium and magnesium. The potassium content was 70 times above normal.

"...Level 1 (of the Dulce base) contains the garage for STREET MAINTENANCE. Level 2 contains the garage for TRAINS, SHUTTLES, TUNNEL-BORING MACHINES (or what former Dulce-base worker Thomas Castello refers to as the "terron drive" - Branton), AND DISC MAINTENANCE.

"...The Greys and reptoid species... have had ancient CONFLICTS with the NORDIC humans from outer space societies, and may be staging here for a future conflict."

Penny Harper, in the January 1990 issue of 'WHOLE LIFE TIMES', wrote an article in which she referred to the UFOlogist and prominent physicist Paul Bennewitz:

"Paul Bennewitz -- whereabouts unknown (Note: A search of a major laser-disc U.S. telephone database in 1993 revealed only one listing for 'Paul Bennewitz' -- at 120 E. Pebble Beach Dr., Tempe, AZ 85282 -- telephone #602-966-5704. This may or may not be the 'Paul Bennewitz' in question - Branton). Paul was a scientist investigating an abduction case. A woman and her son drove down a road in the southwest, the woman witnessed aliens mutilating a calf. The aliens captured both mother and son, taking them into an underground installation." The woman saw many frightening things, apparently much of it similar to what abductees Christa Tilton, Judy Doraty and others had witnessed, yet they -- mother and son -- also saw, according to Penny Harper: "...human body parts floating in a vat of amber liquid. After a horrifying ordeal, the woman and her son were taken back to their car. Bennewitz was able to determine that there is a secret 'alien' base beneath Dulce, New Mexico. He wrote 'The Dulce Report' and sent it to the civilian UFO group called APRO (i.e. Aerial Phenomena Research Organization). Bennewitz was then committed to the New Mexico State Hospital for the mentally ill where he was given electro-shock 'therapy.' When he was discharged, he publicly stated that he would not have anything to do with UFOs. He is a recluse today, but still alive, last I heard."

Again, we quote from Commander X, who has stated:

"...From my own intelligence work within the military, I can say WITH ALL CERTAINTY that one of the main reasons the public has been kept in total darkness about the reality of UFOs and 'aliens', is that the truth of the matter actually exists TOO CLOSE TO HOME TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT. How could a spokesman for the Pentagon dare admit that five or ten thousand feet underground EXISTS AN ENTIRE WORLD THAT IS 'FOREIGN' TO A BELIEF STRUCTURE WE HAVE HAD FOR CENTURIES? How could, for example, our fastest bomber be any challenge to those aerial invaders when we can only guess about the routes they take to the surface; eluding radar as they fly so low, headed back to their underground lair?

"...the 'Greys' or the 'EBEs' have established a fortress, spreading out to other parts of the U.S. via means of a vast underground tunnel system THAT HAS VIRTUALLY EXISTED BEFORE RECORDED HISTORY..."

The following account, concerning an area in THE MOJAVE just east of BISHOP (OWENS VALLEY), CALIFORNIA, was related by Val Valerian in his 'LEADING EDGE' Newsletter, Dec. 1989 - Jan. 1990 issue. The article, titled: 'DEEP SPRING'S, CALIFORNIA', stated:

"Deep Springs, California is an area that is becoming known as the site for very strange events. According to the information released both on the air on KVEG-AM and from other sources, the area is full of strange people wandering around in black suits. There have also been rumors that there is an underground facility in the area. Checking with gravity anomaly maps proved that there are large cavities under the ground in that area. The wildest claims relative to the area have stated that alien lifeforms are being released there... Deep Springs Lake has been probed and it appears bottomless. Divers have traveled along an underground river 27 miles toward the Las Vegas area before having to turn around." (This 'river' would probably have been a 'partially' water- filled passage with a large stream or river flowing through it, rather than an entirely underwater system, since 27 miles of travel through entirely underwater passage would most likely be entirely out of the question, with present diving technology - Branton).

The following list of 'entity types' or 'aliens' comes from the anonymous Intelligence worker 'Commander X', as he received them from John Lear and other 'inside' sources:

"THREE TYPES OF EBE'S (GRAYS): GRAY-1 -- 3 1/2 feet tall. Large head. Large slanted eyes. Worship technology. Don't give a damn about mankind. GRAY-2 -- Same type, different finger arrangement, slightly different face. More sophisticated than Gray-1... May not need secretions (large- nosed or large-muzzled grays? - Branton). GRAYS: Same basic type. Lips thinner. More subservient to other two grays.

"BLONDES, SWEDES, NORDICS: Known by any of these monikers. Similar to humans (although it is unknown as to whether they are related to any of the nationalities mentioned). Blond hair, blue eyes. Will not break (so-called) 'universal law' of 'non-interference' to help us...

"INTER-DIMENSIONAL: Entity that can assume various shapes... (also include fallen angelics or poltergeists. These often apparently utilize androidal forms to operate in the 'physical' realm, temporary energy forms, forms constructed from restructured physical matter, or even physical biological 'shells' constructed from 'mutilated organs' and other materials, etc. - Branton)

"HAIRY DWARF'S: Four feet tall, 35 lbs. Extremely strong. Hairy (possibly a degenerate branch of the humanoid Sasquatch - Branton).

"VERY TALL RACE: Look like humans but seven or eight feet tall. United with Blondes.


"MIB'S: (Men In Black). Wear all black. Sunglasses. Very pale skin. Do nor conform to normal accepted patterns; Extremely sensitive to light..."

Researcher Val Valerian has quoted various 'inside' sources who claim that the Grays are able to use organs taken from mutilated victims to construct physical 'shells' for their invisible or non-physical (demoniacal-poltergeist?) masters, allowing them to operate in the physical. In apparent confirmation, 'Commander X' shows how the Saurians might be able to 'create' such biogenetic forms:

"...What the government didn't realize was that they (the Grays) planned to abduct tens of thousands of individuals, plant monitoring devices in their brains, and program them with specific series' of responses to direct commands.

"The EBEs -- also behind our backs -- began to mutilate cows and other animals because they wished to use their tissues TO CREATE A GENETICALLY ADVANCED RACE OF FLESH AND BLOOD ROBOTS. When the government realized what the EBEs had in mind, and wanted to back out of their agreement, THE 'ALIENS' TOOK OVER SEVERAL UNDERGROUND BASES WHERE THEY HAD ALREADY INSTALLED UNDERGROUND LABORATORIES."

On p. 109 of John Keel's book 'THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES', we read the following concerning an even more alarming possibility in regards to the reptilian threat:

"...I am an amateur herpetologist and once kept three-fanged cobras in my New York apartment... until my concerned neighbors squealed to the Board of Health. SOME OF THE DESCRIPTIONS OF THE (alien) ENTITIES IMPRESSED ME AS RESEMBLING SOME KIND OF REPTILE RATHER THAN HUMAN MAMMALS. I didn't mention the reptile notion to anyone. But on July 24, Lia (an alleged alien tied-in with the Men In Black - Branton) visited Jane (a contactee) and refused to talk about anything but eggs. She took some eggs from Jane's refrigerator and sucked out the contents like a reptile! Jane was perplexed by this exhibition and called me soon afterward." And on pp. 176-177 of Signet's 1975 paperback edition of 'MOTHMAN PROPHECIES', in reference to this same 'contactee' Keel states:

"...Meanwhile, Jane's phantom friends were visiting her daily and helpfully giving her surprising information about my own 'secret' investigations. My interview with the Christiansens of Cape May, and the details of their pill-popping visitor, Tiny, was then known only to a few trusted people like Ivan Sanderson. But on June 12, Mr. Apol and his friends (including the creature referred to above which called itself 'Lia' - Branton) visited Jane when she was alone in her house and asked for water so they could take some pills. Then they presented her with three of the same pills, told her to take one at that moment, and to take one other in two days. The third pill, they said, was for her to analyze to assure herself it was harmless. They undoubtedly knew she would turn it over to me. Two hours after she took the first pill she came down with a blinding HEAD ache, her eyes became bloodshot, and her vision in her right eye was affected. When her parents came home they expressed concern because her eyes were glassy and her right eye seemed to have a cast. The sample pill proved to be a SULFA DRUG normally prescribed for infections of the urinary tract..." The possible significance of the 'Sulfa' drugs will become apparent later on in this File.

In early 1992 the UNIVERSAL Company's Debut Network aired a made-for-TV version of John Carpenter's movie 'THEY LIVE', which was based on the premise of an alien race of bulge- eyed (one might imagine saurian-reptilian?) creatures that had infiltrated human society, disguised as humans, and which were in the process of subtly taking control of powerful social, media, economic and political positions. They were assisted by a small group of 'human power elite' who through subliminal 'mind control', hidden frequency transmitters, television propaganda, etc., helped to keep the masses in a constant state of semi- consciousness. Those who had not caught-on to the alien conspiracy went about their business in a slightly catatonic state sufficient to keep them 'blind' or 'asleep' to the point that the aliens and their subversive activities remained just outside of their conscious perception. It is interesting that John Carpenter (not to be confused with the well known MUFON investigator) depicted the attempts of the aliens to "annihilate" human consciousness as a means to minimizing human resistance, by destroying individual creativity and programming all human "cattle" to conform to the dictates of the alien intruders. All of this without humanity even being aware that they were the mind- slaves of an alien force which they were "programmed" to believe did not exist.

Also in the movie, secret subliminal messages were broadcast throughout all levels of society via all branches of the media, keeping the sleeping masses in a constant state of tranquilized apathy and subservience. A HORRIFYING prospect to say the lest. Also in the movie, the aliens utilized 'joint' underground bases beneath major cities which were more-or-less the back-stage of the alien control scenario.

Incidentally, Disneyworld in Florida contains an underground tunnel network with hidden entrances. The employees of the park use these as a 'back stage' -- dressing rooms, employee indoctrination centers and other facilities necessary to keep up THE ILLUSION of 'Disneyworld'. This is of course all innocent enough, yet John Carpenter in his movie reveals the idea that the huge underground 'bases' beneath major cities are being used as 'back stages' in order to keep an infinitely more diabolical 'illusion' going, with the help of power-elite who are assisting in the covert subjugation of the masses for personal gain. The movie 'THEY LIVE' was based on the short story by Ray Nelson, 'Eight O'Clock in the Morning'. One might wonder where Nelson got the inspiration for his story, especially when we realize that the subject of the story and the movie itself is very similar to events which -- according to numerous sources -- are actually taking place, if we are to accept the MANY accounts which appear in this and other Files.

Also, in the movie it is the Judeo-Christian element which first 'wakes up' to what is going on, and who begin the revolutionary 'resistance' movement in order to destroy the stranglehold of the aliens upon human society... Could this scenario be somewhat prophetical as the book of Matthew (13:24-28) seems to suggest?

'Commander X' released details of an incident which may well have come right out of a John Carpenter movie, if not for the fact that the Commander himself -- from his own high-security position within the Intelligence Community -- is convinced of its potential reality:

"...Another story comes from a private stationed on the surface at Dulce. He soon realized something mighty 'odd' was going on around there, but it took a while to put his finger on it.

"'One morning last September, I was working on a routine job when another of the young enlistees, a mechanic, came in with a small rush job he wanted welded at once. He had the print and proceeded to show me exactly what he wanted. We are both bending over the bench in front of the welder when I happened to look directly into his face. It seemed to suddenly become covered with a semi-transparent film or cloud. His features faded and in their place appeared a 'thing' with bulging eyes, no hair and SCALES for skin. I stood and looked at it for about 20 seconds. WHATEVER IT WAS stood and looked at me without moving. Then the strange face seemed to fade away, and at the same time recede into the ordinary face of the young man underneath. The dissipation of the imposed face lasted or took about five seconds before it was completely gone and I was standing there weak, my mouth open and staring at the young man who had come in with the rush order. The young 'man' did not seem to be conscious of the elapsed time when I had observed all this but went right on talking about the job as if nothing had happened.

"'This is hard to take but I assure you it was still harder for me. No one can realize a jolt you could get from seeing anything like this until they have experienced it for themselves. It was several days before I had myself convinced that maybe after all what I had seen was real and that I was not suffering from illusions and the beginning of insanity. Days passed before I saw this particular phenomena again. The next time was later at night at the guard house near the front gate, on the way to work. I had purchased some small items and on arriving I went around to the guard house with my slip to retrieve my package. There was only one guard on duty. I handed him the check and he began to look at the package, taking his time. I waited a minute, then happened to look directly at him again. His face began to change. Again a face of a strange creature was imposed. You could see through the imposed face for a few seconds and then it became the only one visible (solidified is the word) and again about 20 seconds duration. Again five seconds for dissipation and the guard started to move normally again, found my package and gravely handed it to me and I walked out without a word being said.'" Since I came across this report from the 'Commander' I have as a result of intense research discovered others that would seem to confirm it. Some of the reports speak of the "Men In Black" who have terrorized UFO witnesses as being in essence reptilian humanoids with a full-scale -- although at times not-too-convincing -- 'plastic surgery' job apparently intended to allow them to operate in human society undetected. Some of the early 'infiltrators' betrayed themselves with their plastic-artificial appearance, whereas in more recent years the 'disquise' has become far more sophisticated and therefore harder to detect, especially with the alleged use of laser holograms to project a human-like facade around their bodies, assisted by techno-hypnosis and even a bit of molecular "shape-shifting" according to other sources. However there ARE ways to see through the "facade" of these "chameleons"...

Researcher George Andrews, in his book EXTRATERRESTRIAL FRIENDS AND FOES (ILLUMINET PRESS., P.O. Box 2808., Lilburn, GA 30226) quotes a statement made by Valdamar Valerian, director of LEADING EDGE RESEARCH (P.O. Box 7530 - STE 58., Yelm, WA 98597-7530):

"...A friend of mine and four of his friends experimented with crystalline structures a year or two ago (mid-1980's - Branton), and they figured out how to cut them along certain planes so they could actually see the aura or energy field around people. That's when they discovered that all people aren't people, or the people they thought they were. It appears that some E.T. humanoids have a dark blue ovoid aura. It so happens that all the people they checked that met this criteria also wore dark glasses and made every attempt to act like they really wanted nothing to do with people in general.

"They followed one of these people out into the desert where he evidently had a trailer. After waiting until dusk, they made a pretense of needing help and knocked on the door. After a short while, the light went on and the man came to the door. He looked normal, EXCEPT THAT HIS PUPILS WERE VERTICAL SLITS INSTEAD OF CIRCLES. It works. The only trouble is that it costs $2,000 to put a pair of those glasses together..."

Several areas across the Western U.S. where surface and/or underground military installations exist have reportedly produced similar "Chameleon" sightings. There seems to be a trend which involves the infiltration of the CIA and the subsequent 'replacement' of CIA personnel, and in turn Military personnel, by alien life forms not loyal to planet earth nor to the human race in general. Aside from Dulce, NM and the Nevada Test Site, other areas where these sightings have taken place include Deep Springs, CA where 'Men In Black" have been sighted, and Dougway, Utah where one woman by the name of Barbara who worked as a hair stylist claimed she one of the HIGH RANKING OFFICIALS transform temporarily into an entity with 'reptilian' features. Another source at Dougway who worked in an auto shop claimed that he saw a similar phenomena while changing the tires on the car of one Dougway military official. It is interesting that there are claims that the 'Dreamland' activity of Nevada has been extended to the underground facilities below Dougway.

(Note: There have been similar reports as the above emerging from the Dougway Test Site on the Salt Flats of western Utah, just across the border from the Nevada Military complex. In fact there are allegations that much of the joint Alien-Illuminati activity which originated within the Nevada Military Complex has now moved into the underground facilities which have and are being constructed beneath Utah and Idaho, now that the Nevada activity has been the subject of wide exposure by the media. There is one reported case where a worker at the Dougway Test Site claimed to have seen a man temporarily transform into a reptilian while he was changing a tire, but the most interesting case was that of a woman, "Barbara", who worked in the small town of Dougway as a hair dresser. She worked on many of the base personnel there. On one occasion a customer who was a high- ranking military officer at the base came in. While she was working on his 'hair', she noticed a brief transformation during which she saw the officer turn into a "reptilian" creature. K.S., a Salt Lake City based UFOlogist, claims that during an "Open Mind" UFO gathering in the early 1990's, "Barbara" alleged that while working at Dougway she heard "rumors" that "reptilian humanoids" were operating "all over" the base. Another former Dougway worker, Ray White, who was a top secret courier, stated that during his work at the base [1960's-1970's?] he witnessed an experiment where an object was "teleported" from one room to another. He also noticed that high-ranking Russian officers sometimes visited the base. He also claimed that some of the "people" that he met there were NOT human. When asked what he thought they were, he did not know, but he did mention that top secret research into advanced robotics was being carried out at the base - Branton)

Researcher Val Valerian has, incidentally, described a very similar event. Valerian has researched alien phenomena and interaction with human beings since 1969. He spent 18 months in Southeast Asia from 1970-71 as a combat photographer, where he saw much UFO activity. After spending four years in England from 1980 to 1984 he gathered all the top research at his disposal and released what became known as 'The Krill Papers,' forerunner of the 381-page book, 'The Matrix', published in 1987. He began networking with researchers worldwide and started an organization known as Nevada Aerial Research Group.

Between 1988 and 1989 he functioned as Nevada State Section Director for MUFON. In 1990 he was appointed interim Associate Director for UFO Contact Center International and was a member of the Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization. In 1988 NAR began issuing a small newsletter detailing research findings. By 1990, this newsletter became known as 'The Leading Edge' and has grown to a monthly 100-page publication. The massive 581 page work entitled MATRIX II was released in 1990. In April of 1991, NAR moved to Washington State and was renamed as 'Leading Edge Research Group'. Valerian has a degree both in Civil Engineering and Psychology and had significant input into Nippon Television investigations on alien activities, the research that stimulated the production of the 1989 KLAS award-winning program entitled 'UFO'S: THE BEST EVIDENCE'.

In June of 1992 Valerian released the following article, titled "ALIEN INFILTRATION OF THE MILITARY MEDICAL SYSTEM: MADIGAN HOSPITAL IN WASHINGTON", in his LEADING EDGE newsletter:

"About a year ago, we ran into SEVERAL PEOPLE who stated that they 'had heard' that 'REPTILIAN HUMANOIDS WERE WORKING AT A U.S. ARMY HOSPITAL' NEAR FORT LEWIS, WASHINGTON. At that point, these statements were simply filed away in 'rumor' status, pending the arrival of something more substantial. Descriptions of the nature of and appearance of alien humanoid forms that could be termed 'REPTILIAN' vary widely. REPTILIAN HUMANOIDS HAVE BEEN DESCRIBED IN ITALY AS LOOKING VERY LIZARD-LIKE, EVEN WITH TAILS. Pictures showing some of these entities were published in an ITALIAN magazine and eventually ended up in the United States in The Leading Edge. Logic would seem to tell us that if alien humanoids were in fact in collusion with military medical personnel at a hospital, they would not in fact have the appearance of anything other than humans, or be close enough to humans to blend in. About a month ago, the nature of synchronicity brought me to an espresso bar, where I chanced to engage a lady in her early 50's in some small conversation about an entirely unrelated matter. She had been a nurse for some twenty years, and sixteen of those twenty years had been spent working for the U.S. Army. She retired from the service and was now job hunting in the local area. She was very professional, and seemed to know a lot about the nursing field.

"Gradually, her conversation got around to a 'very unusual place', Madigan Military Hospital, which is located on Route 5 south of Seattle. She had applied for work at the hospital and noticed that it was indeed a hospital unlike any she had ever seen before. Madigan is a brand new $150 million dollar facility, built about a year or so ago. From her description, there are small R2D2-type robots that shuttle prescriptions between floors, all the equipment is prototype 'one-of-a-kind', like laser x-rays and a lot of equipment that was extremely high tech. It was not this alone which peaked my interest, but a comment she made later. She made the statement that when she entered a specific lab in the hospital, she noticed that all the personnel were extremely absorbed in their work -- nothing too uncommon about that. But then she stated that she had the thought that some of the equipment looked quite 'alien', AND TWO MEN WHO LOOKED EXACTLY ALIKE TURNED AND LOOKED AT HER IN RESPONSE TO HER THOUGHT. She said that THE EYES OF THESE TWO MEN WERE QUITE PENETRATING AND THAT THEY BOTH MOVED IN UNISON. That got my interest. She then stated that during the tour of the facility, the individual who was escorting her said that the top floor of the hospital AND TWO OF THE SUB-BASEMENT FLOORS were Top Secret R&D areas and were off limits to BOTH military and civilian personnel. That really got my attention.

"Subsequently, I ran into a cable repairman who was installing cable TV in a nearby town, and decided on a hunch to mention to him about the strange nature of Madigan. The hunch paid off. He said he had been involved in the installation of fiber optic networks between the floors of the hospital when it was in its construction stage, and that there was a three foot space in between the floors where the optics ran.

"Since these observations were the result of her (the nurse's) preliminary interview, I talked to her about the idea of getting more information, since she would be going back at least one more time. She agreed to make some tapes of her observations. The transcript of these tapes is as follows:

"'VISIT TO MADIGAN HOSPITAL -- The entrance to Madigan hospital is off of Interstate 5 past Olympia, Washington. The exit is marked as Madigan Hospital, Camp Murray Exit. As you enter the area the hospital sits to the right -- a massive white structure. As you enter the parking lot, there is a pond and sunken area that runs through a bridge which connects the 'medical mall' area to a three story building that serves as the main core of the hospital, where the services like x-ray, nuclear medicine and other services are performed.

"'The three story complex is connected to an eight-story tower dubbed 'the nursing tower.' The tower has a floor that is closed off, and I could find no access to it.

"'I entered the front of the hospital, and the lobby was very typical, but not typical of a hospital of this size. I then went to the information desk and was greeted by an 'oriental' Specialist 4th Class, who was seated. He seemed very low key and laid back. I was directed to Human Resources.

"'As I walked through the corridors, I noticed how beautiful and calm I was beginning to feel. The colors are very soft and conducive to feeling mellow (a 'tranquilized' atmosphere designed to negate any apprehensions? - Branton).

"'The military personnel WERE VERY SLOW-MOVING (which has not been my experience in the past, having served five years as an Army nurse) and LOW KEY. I went to the Human Resources and asked about an application, and was directed to a Master Sergeant - director of personnel.

"'Having been a medical technologist for the better part of 25 years, the equipment I saw at the hospital was far beyond anything I have ever seen. I was shown an area where there was a long room with computer banks on both sides where both civilian and military personnel were working. Before entering the room, I was asked to stand in front of the door, where I was scanned by some beam-like light. I was told that my thermal pattern was being recorded in order to permit my entry to the room.

"'Off this room was another room where procedures were conducted on patients, and I noticed that a patient walked over and climbed on an exam table. The procedure they were doing always requires that the patient must be sedated, HOWEVER I NOTICED THAT THE PHYSICIAN LEANED OVER THE PATIENT AND TOUCHED THE PATIENT IN THE CENTER OF THE FOREHEAD WITH HIS INDEX AND MIDDLE FINGER OF ONE HAND. IMMEDIATELY, THE PATIENT FELL INTO A STATE OF SEDATION AND THE PROCEDURE WAS STARTED. What kind of doctor can touch a patient in that way and sedate him?

"'I looked around at the other personnel in the room at this time. There were two, a Private First Class and a Specialist 4th Class at opposite ends of the room from where I was standing. BOTH OF THESE MEN WERE THE SAME SIZE, HAD THE SAME SKIN COLOR, AND MOVED IN A VERY DELIBERATE MANNER. I was talking with the Sergeant and happened to say something to myself very softly while having the thought how strange these people seemed. BOTH OTHER MEN TURNED AND LOOKED AT ME ALMOST AS IF TO STARE AT ME. I GOT THIS STRANGE FEELING. I had heard before from a friend whose brother had made the uncharacteristic comment that 'ALIENS WORKED AT MADIGAN'. ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE ROOM AND THE MILITARY PERSONNEL IN GENERAL THAT I HAD SEEN IN THE HOSPITAL SEEMED TO MOVE VERY VERY SLOWLY, ALMOST IN SLOW MOTION. I left the area and went back to the Sergeant's office.

"'A month later, I returned to Madigan with a friend to see, without telling her anything of my experience, if she saw and felt the same things I did. She is very sensitive to variations in electromagnetic fields, and eventually had a headache and became nauseated. There are many other things about this place. Between the floors there are spaces where small robots move to deliver supplies to all the wards and other areas in the hospital, according to the Sergeant. I was told that there is no reason for personnel to go into these areas -- that the robots do all that. I did see one of the robot devices. It looked like the R2D2 character on 'star wars'.

"'My friend and I entered through what is known as the clinic mall. This area houses the outpatient clinic. THERE WERE VERY FEW PEOPLE THERE FOR SUCH A LARGE CLINIC. We were told that THERE ARE THREE FLOORS BENEATH THE HOSPITAL and one floor above that are off limits to ALL PERSONNEL, MILITARY AND CIVILIAN, and that these areas were classified Top Secret and were research and development [R&D] areas. THERE ARE VERY UNUSUAL ANTENNAS ON TOP OF THE HOSPITAL. The three-story main service area has a complex on top of it THAT APPEARS TO HAVE NO ENTRANCE AND NO WINDOWS. Judging from the way the hospital is built, there are a lot of 'DEAD AREAS' that comprise spaces THAT CANNOT BE ACCESSED FROM THE MAIN SERVICE AREA.

"'The personal feeling we both got being in the hospital WAS THAT WE STARTED TO FEEL VERY DRAINED, AND WE BOTH EXPERIENCED GETTING A DULL HEADACHE. It wasn't until we had driven SEVERAL MILES from the facility that we started to feel better.'"

I came across yet another report, however the exact source of the story was not confirmed and therefore should be taken as it. The report stated that sometime during the 1980's a Secretary working in the Pentagon noticed a high-ranking Pentagon 'official' who had apparently lost a contact lense. The eye from where the lense fell out was NOT human, but instead contained a vertically-slit pupil. No one working at the Pentagon seemed to know where the official worked although they had apparently assumed that he was supposed to be there in some capacity or another. The Secretary however informed her superiors of the strange incident, and immediately Security Personnel approached the 'officer' who apparently was not aware of his missing contact lens. The 'man' did not make any attempts to resist. When the 'officials' apartment was searched, copies of several sensitive documents on the "Star Wars" or "Strategic Defense Initiative" program were discovered. Apparently the entity had been stealing the documents and transmitting their contents to some point beyond the planet. Rumor had it that the entity was physically examed and it was discovered that its internal organs were NOT human...

F. W. Holiday, in his book 'THE DRAGON AND THE DISK' (W.W. Norton & Co., Inc. New York, N.Y. 1973) relates some unusual facts concerning the relationship between serpent or 'dragon' legends and the modern 'UFO' phenomena:

"...Satanism -- that is to say the religion of the dragon... seems to have been contemporaneous in BABYLON and Bronze Age Britain. In both countries it was probably practiced by minority groups and became official only in times of decadence.

"When Cryus occupied Ur...a form of dragon-worship seems to have been in vogue. The priests of this cult escaped the Persians by fleeing north with their PONTIFF (or 'PONTIFEX MAXIMUS', a position which has allegedly been secretly held in an unbroken chain from Babylon up to modern times - Branton) into the mountains of Asia Minor. They finally came to rest at a place called Pergamos in Lydia (western Turkey) and there set up a religious centre which became known as 'Satan's seat'. St. John said: 'And to the angel of the church of Pergamos, write: These things saith He [God] which hath the sharp sword with two edges [judgment and mercy]: I know they works, and where thou dwellest, EVEN where Satan's seat is...'

"The ROMANS also knew about Satan's seat AND ANNEXED IT INTO THEIR EMPIRE IN 133 B.C., after the death of Attalus III, the last of the Pergamite kings. About this period A PLAGUE BROKE OUT IN ROME and prayers were offered to the Roman 'gods' in vain. It was decided, therefore, to appeal to Satan at Pergamos.

"The symbol of the cult was A SERPENT and a special ship was sent to Lydia TO TRANSPORT THE GOD TO ROME. (Most likely a depiction or "idol" representation of the "god", in that idols among early pagans were indistinguishable from the so-called "gods" themselves - Branton) There it was installed as a deity with great pomp. The disease had probably run its course and the resulting improvement in public health was attributed to Satan. The new religion was so popular that snakes of inoffensive species were allowed to glide around at parties -- at least so Seneca says. In HISTORIA AUGUSTA they are called DRACUNCULI or little dragons.

"The Aesculapian Serpent -- as the 'god' was called -- is shown on a carving at Pompeii and is unlike anything known to herpetologists. It had vertical humps and snail-like horns, exactly like the monsters (sea serpents - Branton) of Scotland and Ireland. A bronze Urarian cauldron in Rome carries the erect head and neck of the creature modeled in the round. It is hideous. It has a shovel-like mouth, bulging eyes and tentacles or sensory-organs hanging on each side of the face.

"No-one, of course, thought that snakes were dragons. The malignant Great Serpent of Babylonia was TYPHON or Teitan, Satan, the author of wickedness...

"Politicians, however, never look a gift-horse in the mouth as long as it produces results. After giving the Roman people carnage in the guise of circus entertainment, there was no reason for the EMPERORS to shrink from a little devil-worship. Even the national flag was given the treatment. Ammianus Marcellinus describes the standard 'PURPUREUM SIGNUM DRACONIS'. And when Julius Caesar appeared in full regalia as the PONTIFEX MAXIMUS he was dressed in reddish-purple robes the same as the Pergamite dragon-priests. The reader can trace the rest of the story in Gibbon's 'RISE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE'.

"DRAGON-WORSHIP PERSISTED LONG AFTER CHRISTIANITY (and also 'Catholicism?' - Branton) HAD BEEN PROCLAIMED. Tertullian complained: 'These heretics magnify the serpent to such a degree as to prefer him even to Christ himself; for he, they say, gave us the first knowledge of good and evil.'

"...there is a case to be argued that monsters and U.F.O.s are in some way linked. Abnormal chains of causation tending to frustrate inquiry into the nature of the phenomena have been reported in both cases. John A. Keel, an American journalist who has been delving into the mystery for over thirty years, talks about a 'conspiracy'. He warned me: 'Proceed with great caution in your Loch Ness work. We are caught up in a series of games which must be played by "their" rules. Anyone who tries to invent his own rules, or breaks the basic pattern, soon loses his mind or even his life.' (This might apply in many cases, except of course in the case of those who are working for and 'on the side' of a power much 'greater' than the draconian forces that are apparently working behind much of the 'UFO' and creature' events. When Jesus sojourned in this world, for instance, he condemned the serpent race as being in league with the fallen archangel Lucifer-Satan, and promised his followers that they would have supernatural power and authority over these 'serpents' if only they would put their trust in Him. - Branton). Those who think that this is dramatic and absurd may care to remember the words of St. John:

"'And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire to come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men and deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by THE MEANS of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the BEAST.'

"'The beast' that performed these miracles was what the Jews called 'The Shining One', 'The Great Serpent' and 'Satan'. If this is the underlying truth of the phenomena then Keel's warning is by no means too strong."

In relation to the above, during the Dark Ages of Roman Rule, early 'Dracologists' documented many accounts of battles between knights and dragons or winged and limbed serpents. This "infestation" as it was called by the early chroniclers, was allegedly halted with the advent of the spread of Christianity, and the "worms" as they were often referred to were forced to retreat back into the underworld -- from which they had emerged -- by the valiant Christian Knights such as St. George and Lancelot, who vanquished the beasts at every turn.

In 'POPULAR SCIENCE', March 1990 issue, p. 24, we read of an apparently quite intelligent, predatory lizard which constantly walked upright on two legs in a remarkable human-like manner, counter balanced by a tail. This lizard, in fact, may have been the original ancestor of all the reptilian species throughout this world (and beyond?). If left to it's 'natural' course (of not so much 'evolution', but rather 'mutation') over the years, according to some paleontologists, a race of creatures such as described below might have -- through natural selection and environmental adaptation -- become more intelligent and 'hominoid' in nature. As its brain and physical form 'developed', and it's limbs became stronger through 'survival of the fittest', the 'tails' of such a predatory race may have become atrophied [as the 'limbs' became atrophied in snakes, a reptilian branch that apparently 'mutated' in the opposite direction]. The article states:

"The oldest known dinosaur, HERRERASAURUS... (was) a flyweight when compared with some of its ponderous descendants. HERRERASAURUS weighed perhaps 300 pounds and stretched a mere six to eight feet long. It had enormous claws and small forelimbs, showing that it spent much time ambling on two legs. It also had a peculiar, double-hinged jaw... that allowed it to clamp down on wriggling prey. And its teeth were finely serrated. These characteristics...clearly mark HERRERASAURUS as an active flesh eater.

"The site of the fossil find (of the remains of this saurian - Branton), the Ischigualasto Formation in northwestern Argentina, is the only area in the world where there are no gaps in the fossil record across the time zone being investigated."

In reference to the discoveries made by researcher Paul Serano -- a paleontologist at the University of Chicago, who with colleague Alfredo Monetta discovered some remains of the bi- pedal saurioid lizard near San Juan, Argentina -- the article states:

"Serano says that the very first dinosaur should have lived at the time of the rock layer containing HERRERASAURUS, but that climate and geological factors combined to keep any fossils from being preserved there.

"'We'll have to concentrate above and below that zone,' says Serano, 'Fortunately, those layers are very good. It's likely we'll be able to find more interesting fossils there.'

"The paleontologist won the $500,000 Packard Foundation Award last October, which he says will enable him to continue on the track of dinosaurs."

The following is apparently a description of the nefarious activities of the saurian 'Grey' entities, which was submitted to us along with a miscellaneous collection of UFO data by a Mr. Ray White. We do not know it's original source, other than the apparent fact that the information seems to be based on the revelations of a certain 'abductee', and begins by making reference to the greys as being:

"...eaters of souls -- harvest(ers) of souls -- placed in huge globular depositories -- something extracted, as hemoglobin is extracted from blood -- some residue buried in a graveyard not on this planet... couldn't move or speak -- couldn't move head -- tunnel vision -- everything blurred except straight ahead -- they have rank -- like an army but not the same -- you know by the way they 'talk' to each other -- thumb, 3 fingers, perhaps 1 very small -- suction pads on tips of fingers -- our eyes do not pick up the real color of their skin, only a color-blind person would see their skin as it really is -- she saw them as grayish green -- their skin is not their true skin -- it is like a shield they use, a protective covering (Note: In a similar manner Kenneth Ring, PH,D. in his book 'THE OMEGA PROJECT' -- William Morrow & Co., N.Y. 1972., states that, based on abductee reports, the 'opaque black' eyes of most of the 'Grays' may also be artificial 'coverings' - Branton) -- their perception of pain is different from ours -- one had compassion (Note: In most cases the only 'greys' described as having 'compassion' are the so-called 'hybrids', most of which are actually HUMANS conceived from human semen and ova taken from abductees, yet which have been 'genetically altered' through bio-technology and/or artificial post- natal gene-spicing with the 'aliens' or other life-forms. Just as the 'greys' are allegedly part of a lower saurioid hierarchy, the 'hybrids' or 'hubrids' are reportedly the slave-workers who work under them - Branton), others did not -- ship blended into rock -- total camouflage -- HAVE INSTRUMENTS THAT CAN CAMOUFLAGE SHIPS AS [like?] ARMY VEHICLES -- when she entered the ship, at first she thought that she was going into a cave in the rocks -- they take off your clothes right away, without your realizing they have done it -- they have a section strictly for men, another strictly for women -- they did not understand her menstruating -- she had to explain menstrual periods to female alien -- cure of cancer in spices and roots -- deformed babies in some sort of liquid -- some E.T., some human, some E.T./human, some deformed baby animals -- failed experiments -- they HAVE NOT yet had luck in interbreeding with us -- offspring survive a certain amount of time, but then die -- their metal different from ours, soft but not soft (?) -- they don't understand how we bruise so easily, the softness of our skin -- they were interested in soft spot at top of skull -- they told her about her family history, going way back, ALWAYS the terrible things, traumatic childhood memories, few seconds each, the things she had blocked out, NEVER the happy memories -- they can't understand why we aren't more advanced than they are -- we limit ourselves -- block knowledge out -- ringing in ears both on and off ship -- calf alive but frozen -- different types of samples of animal life -- they give birth through naval, not vagina -- UBAN -- Starmaster 12' tall -- Night of Lights when everyone will see it -- the whole world."

On Oct. 16th, 1992, FOX Network's 'SIGHTINGS' document- ary described several abduction experiences involving 'grays' and larger 'Reptilian' entities. One woman alleged that during one encounter with the reptilian 'greys' she saw a 'preying mantis' type of creature working WITH the saurian greys and which seemed to be the leader. It had HUGE black eyes and even through the woman despised the greys she felt an even stronger disgust and hatred for that particular creature. This is not the only case where reptil-saurian 'predators' and Insectoid 'parasites' (as some have referred to them) have been seen working together.

Just what are these 'Mantis' like creatures that have been seen WORKING WITH the greys-reptilians? Some have suggested that they are an extreme mutation of the reptilian race, while others suggest they are interdimensional entities of insectoid configuration. John Lear has alleged that one of the first crash-retrievals of an unidentified aerial disk involved these 'mantis-like' creatures which were found on board. However he also states that within a short period following the incident ALL of the high government officials who investigated that particular case died under mysterious circumstances. Such a 'coincidence' may seem sinister if not demoniacal in nature. Like the reptilians themselves, these 'Mantis' like creatures have usually been described as being deadly and very deceptive and abusive. It seems as if they operate on an equal basis, and in some cases a superior basis to the so-called 'Reptilian' AND saurioid 'Gray' alien groups and possibly the pterodactoids or so-called 'Mothmen' as well.

One source, although unconfirmed, 'claimed' to have seen huge 'Mantis-like' creatures in a cavern deep below a drill-shaft south of the Kokoweef mountain area near the Mojave Desert. The account, rather obscure in some details, was related by way of a Mr. 'Stolz' who knew some individuals who were involved in modern attempts to break into Earl Dorr's legendary 'underground grand canyon' or river of gold beneath Kokoweef peak. It is uncertain whether the man in question was lowered down the hole or whether he allegedly saw the creatures via camera equipment that was lowered down the drill-shaft.

In his book 'THE SERPENT AND THE SATELLITE' (Philosophical Library, New York), author F. Alfred Morin reveals on page 343:

"...In the Jewish legends the serpent is sometimes described as a modified reptilian human-like creature indicating that this description was also gradually evolving into the symbolism of wickedness or Satan into the image and likeness of a man."

The LEADING EDGE RESEARCH GROUP, P.O. Box 481-MU58., Yelm, Washington 98587., published the following 'advertisements' or introductions for two of their publications. Although these publications contain some 'occult-channeled' metaphysical information of a rather unsubstantiated or subjective nature, other informations arrive from more down-to-earth (and thus more substantiating or objective) sources. The first add is as follows:

Valerian, Valdamar. MATRIX II: THE ABDUCTION AND MANIPULATION OF HUMANS USING ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY. 3rd Edition. Updated with New Material. LEADING EDGE RESEARCH GROUP, 1991, 8 1/2 x 11, Velo-Binding, 660 pages, 1400 line-item index. Its first two editions sold out planetwide as of June 1990. It is rumored that some alien species have secured a copy, and the US Government has also apparently acquired it. The original MATRIX, issued in 1988, set the stage for this incredible piece of work... The book, now in its 3rd edition, updated in July 1991, encompasses an incredible range of data which includes precedental research on human abduction by both government and off-planet forces -- material that other authors will not speak of and what publishers will not allow themselves to print.

After the book was released, other researchers began to catch on to what has been occurring. Val Valerian weaves a wide range of interrelated material into a literary experience that will rock you to the core of your being -- Included within the book is... data and updates on underground bases at Dulce and the Nevada Test Site, a large number of illustrations, maps and charts detailing activity sites, underground installations and tunnel networks, commentary by John Lear, Robert Lazar and a host of other top-notch researchers. Valerian takes us through the whole gambit of how, why, and by whom humans are manipulated, information about government connections to the abduction process, post-abduction problems, and things that the abductee can do.

The book is the first to adequately relate research on memory functions relative to the abduction process, virtual reality machines and Reichian programming, and mind control by human and alien manipulators. It also discusses the abduction of human children and how to handle adjustment of the child to the experience, multi- generational scenarios and cases, human multi-dimensional anatomy and how it can be manipulated by technology, and elements of advanced technology possessed by the government. There is more information about the various species known as the Greys in MATRIX II than there has been (or probably ever will be) published anywhere... There is additional data on the Reptilian species who are dominant over the Greys, and what they may have planned for humans in the coming years. There are overviews of the processes and rationale for implanting humans, as well as cross-sections and technical data gleaned from extracted alien implants during 1991. Electronic space societies (which the Earth will become in the near future) are discussed.

The book has an incredible spectrum of information about alien influence on human society, historical facts that are hard to come by, and much much more. There is just so much data in this book that it would take pages and pages to describe it... The book is the death- knell for the planetary domination-based control systems -- the whole domination/control game and its accompanying social manifestations (and what is ultimately behind them) are exposed for all to see. MATRIX II and the research of Valerian and others he includes in his book also spells the end for "classical Ufology" with its attendant "Ufologists", "experts", and most of the "UFO organizations" that are here today. It also exposes techniques that intelligence and security forces use to have influence over people and teaches you why they are doing it. Through the book, we can see how alien interaction has affected wave after wave of civilization on this planet, injecting elements of adverse technology and mind control, and how the suppression of human awareness is being performed and supported. MATRIX II is an absolute MUST to have in your library -- you might throw all your other books on the subject away. LEADING EDGE RESEARCH also offers on a regular basis, the 100-page newsletter, THE LEADING EDGE. MATRIX II is $52,50, postpaid.

And then the following 'add', which may seem rather confusing at first, however when compared with the rest of this File as a whole, one will begin to see how the following information corroborates with that which other sources have related:


This 53-page report was constructed from over 9 hours of video interviews, personal interviews and individual commentary. It is structured in an open question-answer format in such a way that the identities of the different parties are protected. This was requested by several of the parties in order to permit this piece of work to be done and disseminated. It took approxi- mately 20 hours of work to create the report, which contains information about some of the following topics: The Philadelphia Experiment, or Project Rainbow, Phoenix Projects 1-3, origins of the Radiosonde and connections with the work of Wilhelm Reich, government weather control programs and hidden agenda, the Montauk Mind Control projects, the deliberate murder of thousands of American children in mind control research and time tunnel experiments, government time-tunnel projects and operational procedures, how Nickola Tesla and Von Neumann contributed to these projects, the "martyrdom clause", mind control by individual signature, technical ways to produce planetary holograms and Maitreiya effects... government rationale and plans for the confinement camps and slave labor, Project Dreamscan, Project Moonscan, the Airborne Instrument Labs, Project Mindwrecker, the alien group known as the Kondrashkin and their interaction with US Government mind control programs, the Kamogol II and Giza Groups, the negative Sirians, Soviet scalar weaponry, Orion Group manipulations... telepathy producing drugs and their use and suppression, the FAA and zero-time generators, technical spin-offs from the Philadelphia project, the International Aerospace Alliance, cross-section of implant device, Wilhelm Reich and mind control, Reichian Orgastic-type programming and its use by the US Government and Sirians, the Psi-Corps, Alien soul-trading, Montauk and the aliens from the Antares system, the Leverons... the US Government and the Greys, electronic life support systems of the Reptilian Humanoids, new life form masses over the poles and their relation to yearly outbreaks of flu-like disease, AIDS and Fort Detrick (NSA), Maglev trains and the US underground tunnel network, the missing human genes, buried spacecraft and alien technical archives under the Giza pyramid, the coming new money, the "Black Nobility", Nordic and human copper based blood systems and physiology, the technology of cloning and development of synthetic humans and political replacement programs, the Middle East situation, Congressional awareness of drug and alien agenda, the MIB, the US Army and the black helicopter forces, government mobile mind disruption technology, nature and purpose of the Orion Group, fourth density transmutation of the human race, geologicalchanges, Sirian Mind Control technology, and more, along with illustrations gleaned from witnesses with photographic memory and a lot of courage.

Again, in reference to the 'serpent races', John A. Keel, in his book 'OUR HAUNTED PLANET' (1968. Fawcett Publications., Greenwich, Conn.) has stated:

"...The parahuman Serpent People of the past are still among us. They were probably worshipped by the builders of Stonehenge and the forgotten ridge-making cultures of South America.

"...In some parts of the world the Serpent People successfully posed as gods and imitated the techniques of the super- intelligence. This led to the formation of pagan religions centered around human sacrifices. The conflict, so far as man himself was concerned, became one of religions and races. Whole civilizations based upon the worship of these false gods rose and fell in Asia, Africa, and South America. The battleground had been chosen, and the mode of conflict had been decided upon.

"The human race would supply the pawns. The mode of control was complicated as usual. Human beings were largely free of direct control. Each individual HAD TO CONSCIOUSLY COMMIT HIMSELF TO ONE OF THE OPPOSING FORCES...

"The main battle was for what was to become known as the human soul.

"Once an individual had committed himself, he opened a door so that an indefinable something could actually enter his body and exercise some control over his subconscious mind. (According to Judeo-Christian teaching, THIS would either be the incorruptable Spirit of the Messiah or the soul-destroying spirit of anti-Christ, the serpent, Satan, etc. Just as nature hates a vacuum, so does the human soul and spirit. In other words, what Keel is saying is that the human spirit cannot work entirely of it's own volition, but must serve as a channel or a vessel of a 'higher power', whether that power is good or evil. The act of 'free will' which is given to man is a 'choice' over which of these powers to submit to or serve, and to accept personal responsibility for that choice. It is the greatest presumption to believe that finite beings like ourselves can choose to be neutral in this ancient battle between the Angelic forces of Light and Life, and the fallen demoniacal powers of Darkness and Death. Neither side will allow for 'neutral territory', in this case human souls, because the stakes in this Cosmic Conflict are too high - Branton).

"...the Serpent People or OMEGA Group, attacked man in various ways, trying to rid the planet of him. But the super- intelligence was still able to look over man... God worked out new ways of communication and control, always in conflict with the Serpent People."

The mysterious "government insider" whose books have been published by Tim Beckley's Abelard Press of New York, "Commander X," related a very interesting incident which involved the subterranean mega-complex beneath Dulce, New Mexico. The story he tells might turn out to be an important part of the overall puzzle in connection with that which has previously been related. One of the many accounts concerning this particular alien 'stronghold' -- an underground empire which is apparently attempting to spread it's borders to the Mojave, where 'they' have met resistance from relatively more benevolent human forces -- was related by this anonymous Intelligence Worker, who states:

"...In another case an old illustrator, John D., does very painstaking work, but during his being on active duty at Dulce he began to act very queerly. He would write letters to the President informing him of a plot underway to undermine the government, and to sabotage the base. He began to draw pictures of American flags, beautifully executed. He drew strange designs of mechanical devices, began to visit the library and bring back books on physics and advanced electronics. He hardly knew how to spell the words.

"He would patiently explain something of a very technical nature which he shouldn't have understood. When asked what he was raving about and why he was causing trouble by writing the President, John D. would say that he had been 'sensitized.'

"'Last year when I was sick (John D. explained), the doctor on the base gave me sulfanilamide. There is a fifth column in this country that is tied up with aliens. Selenium is being slipped into SULFA DRUGS, and this selenium lodges in the bones and makes the body receptive to extremely short waves, those in the wave band of the brain. Similar to the waves that can be detected by the encephalograph. About 300,000 people in this country have been sensitized, and at least seven secret radio stations have been set up in this country, and they are broadcasting to these sensitized persons, instructing them in the best way to perform acts of sabotage against our planet.'"

These claims as given by the Dulce worker, John D., are incredible indeed, and could easily be dismissed as the ravings of a madman, IF NOT FOR THE FACT THAT many others are saying basically the same thing, that there is a movement underway to bring the minds of the masses under the subjection of some alien force, whether through implantation or other means, and that these alien powers from all indications intend on bringing humanity under their control through such manipulations.

Why would the "controllers" use the United States as the major target of their activity? We believe that this is due to the fact that the United States is a place that was originally intended by it's 'founding fathers' to be a refuge for peoples from all nations to come and work out their collective destinies free from the restrictions of prejudice and dictatorial or tyrannical rule -- a land where all people could express their creativity and individual destinies without interferance. This was their "intention", however it is obvious that the "dream" has not been fully realized because of collective and governmental compromize of the principle that "all men are created equal". The United States, nevertheless, is unlike any other single nation. It is a "melting pot" and a place where not only international human societies on the surface CONVERGE and intermingle in a dramatic way, but apparently where human societies beneath or beyond the earth converge as well. For instance, according to various accounts, most non- surface human societies who are aware of earth have their representatives walking among us in our society (and to a lesser extent, other nations throughout the world).

There is even the possibility presented by some accounts, however strange as this may seem, that the sauroids or reptilians themselves have their own chameleon-like (human-'appearing') "representatives" walking among us, infiltrating our society, for the most part unknown for their true nature. We have mentioned a few cases previously, however there is another account of a 'chameleon' entity which may have attempted to infiltrate the Pentagon itself, in an effort to seize information about U.S. plans for 'Star Wars' or SDI technology. The unconfirmed account alleged that such a creature was in fact apprehended after a 'contact lense' it was wearing, while posing as a high military officer, fell out, revealing a strange eye-arrangement and a verticaly-slit pupil. The creature was apprehended and studied, and found to possess a reptilian internal makeup! The apartment where the creature was staying was searched and numerous copies of sensitive documents relating to SDI were discovered within, information which 'it' was apparently sending on to it's superiors.

The U.S., then, seems to be in essence a 'World Scenario', if not a 'universal' scenario in miniature and therefore the 'Conspiracy' sees it as a most valuable 'prize'. Therefore it would probably not be too 'far out' to suggest that the war between the human and serpent races from all three 'realms' CONVERGE in the United States and, to be more exact, within the vicinities of Mt. Archuleta near Dulce, New Mexico (a MAJOR earth-base of the Reptilian Empire); the Panamint Mountains of California (a MAJOR earth-base of the Nordic Federation); and the real 'hotbed' of INNER-Planetary and CYBER (electronic) warfare, the Nevada Test Site.

Linda Dudar of Washington, New Jersey [whose letter appeared in a UFO research journal, and was later reprinted in Val Valerian's 'LEADING EDGE' magazine] made the following unusual allegation:

"...I liked the story of the silver bebe (TSB, Feb. 1990 issue). I also had one. I was about 9 years old when it started to bother me. I don't know when I got it, but it was under my skin on my midriff section, just below my right ribs. I went to the doctor and he sent me to the hospital to remove it. I saw when he put it in the tray -- a little silver ball about 1/4" around, maybe smaller. I also still have the scar.

"Dr. Mundy, a therapist who speaks about contactees (and abductees - Branton), told us at a workshop one night about these silver bebes. Apparently they are/were a communication/ tracking device. The ball was not given to me. The hospital kept it. Dr. Mundy told us that during this time period, the 1950's, the government informed all doctors and hospitals to be on the alert for these bebes."

During the 'contactee' era of the late 1950's and early '60's a man by the name of Mel Noel made the rounds of the UFO circuit describing his experiences as an Air Force 'line pilot' whose top secret mission involved the photographing of UFO's (both visible and 'cloaked' craft -- radar directing and infrared film being used for the latter). These encounters usually took place over the Rocky mountains of Utah and Idaho, according to Noel, and throughout the years 1953-54. One of Noel's lectures was delivered during that period to a huge crowd at the Giant Rock UFO Convention held in the Mojave desert near Twenty Nine Palms, California.

For several years 'Mel Noel' was out of the news, until in the early 1990's that is, when he reappeared stating that 'Noel' was merely a pseudonym, and implying that because of greater present-day awareness of the UFO phenomena he could more easily use his real name of 'Guy Kirkwood'. Kirkwood later appeared on the premier 'UFO CONTACT' episode of the Fox Networks 'SIGHTINGS' series, in the early 1990's. Kirkwood described an almost identical account as was given by 'Noel'.

Kirkwood's (or 'Noel's') commanding officer during the operation had allegedly established radio contact with the human occupants of alien craft, who were rather attractive in appearance and could even pass themselves off as Americans if they were to walk the streets of any large city. His Commanding Officer later claimed that he had physical contacts with these craft. These human-like aliens claimed during a 'radio conversation' (between themselves and the Commanding Officer -- a conversation which Noel and his three co-pilots were allowed to listen in on) that 'they' were from underground cities beneath other planetary bodies in the Sol System, AS WELL AS from underground cities within the earth itself. They claimed that these colonies or societies were affiliated together through a Central 'Tribunal' on or below the moons of Saturn.

In Kirkwood's own words, in reference to this communication:


Kirkwood also stated: "...They went into a number of other things that may or may not be important; by discussion with legal advice, much of this, I CAN ONLY DISCUSS ABOUT 10 PER CENT OF WHAT TOOK PLACE."

This last statement probably had something to do with his security clearance. However, one of the most interesting things about the case was that almost a month after Kirkwood's Commanding Officer informed him and his friends that 'he' was being allowed to join the aliens' society, his plane disappeared off the eastern coast without a trace. Kirkwood/Noel is convinced that 'they' took him. At one point during the 'Contactee' period 'Noel' even claimed that he could arrange 'for rides' on UFO's, suggestive that he might have had later physical encounters with these space beings. Researcher John Keel once had dinner with 'Noel' in a restaurant in New York City, and Keel noticed that 'Noel' did hang around people and especially women who were very 'exotic' looking, and Keel was convinced that their conversation was being monitored, possibly by CIA types.

In the mid-1980's a Canadian woman by the name of Joan Howard wrote a privately published book, titled "THE SPACE - OR SOMETHING - CONNECTION". We refer to it here because it dealt with some experiences which she, or rather her husband, had shortly after she came to America from Britain. In fact Joan devoted an entire chapter to her husbands account, which involved some incidents that took place while he was doing some field work for a certain company, which required a great deal of activity in the out-of-doors. During his employment with this company, 'they' (he and his co-workers) had to travel through some relatively unpopulated terrain in West Virginia, particularly in the regions between Newville in Braxton county, and Helvetia in Randolph county, or rather the general region in and around the northern part of Webster county.

During their travels through the forests and wilderness, and the rolling hills-mountains of West Virginia, he had encountered some very strange things, and heard accounts of strange cavern- related experiences from the locals. At one point, he claimed, their group ran across what appeared to be a pipe sticking up from the ground far from the nearest town. There was no other sign of civilization or anything manmade for miles in either direction, yet here was this large pipe or tube sticking straight up from the ground. But the most remarkable thing was that a flame was shooting out of the pipe as if it were burning some type of gas. They never found out just what it was. Also, in this same general area, they explored caverns which contained some very strange things. One of the caverns had strange hieroglyphic-like writing on it's walls, and others claimed that they heard what sounded like faint voices, and also machine-like sounds moving underground, as if they were emanating from beyond the walls of the caverns, or from their unexplored depths. Two men, he claimed, bedded down one night in front of a certain cave which contained a very deep, unexplored chasm some ways inside. The next morning one of the men woke up and found that his partner had disappeared, and no trace was ever found of him. This particular cave by the way had been known as a place of unusual happenings, and a place to stay away from. Some even went so far as to call it 'Satan's Lair'. Whatever the case may be, it may provide an answer to the man's disappearance. One of the most remarkable accounts that Joan's husband heard involved a man who claimed that, while exploring the labyrinthine depths of a particular cavern in the area, he had suddenly come face to face with a woman. She was attractive yet completely devoid of hair (such as someone who might have been subjected to radiation poisoning?). The woman, who spoke a language completely foreign to the man, tried for some time to communicate. After they found that they were not getting anywhere, they departed and went their separate ways.

Joan Howard also claims to have had contacts with dwarfish beings since she was a small child, although her experiences make it unclear whether these 'occupants' were human or not. She does state however that 'poltergeist' type manifestations often accompanied her UFO experiences, suggesting that the occupants -- whether humanoid or saurioid, were involved with the darker side. She did warn potential researchers to be suspicious of ANY alien group which might attempt to contact them; encouraged them to PROVE if their claims are true; and always to keep "...a cold, keen, analytical mind."

Stan Deyo was one of many Air Force cadets during the 1960's who dreamed of serving his country as an Air Force pilot. That was until Deyo learned that something strange was going on in the Air Force Academy where he was stationed. The anonymous Intelligence Community insider, 'Commander X', relates:

"...Because of what he discovered while an unwilling 'guinea pig' in certain experiments that were secretly being conducted by a covert organization working within the military, Stan Deyo had to flee the United States for a new home half way around the world. Running as far as he could, the bearded scientist ended up in Perth, Australia, where he surfaced to tell his incredible saga of a conspiracy so sinister that it doesn't seem possible that something like this could actually transpire in the birthplace of George Washington, Abe Lincoln or John F. Kennedy.

"Deyo had enlisted into the United States Air Force and was sent for special training to the highly prestigious Air Force Academy located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

"'...We were the elite from all over America, especially selected for a secret purpose we knew nothing about,' he told PEOPLE MAGAZINE, an Australia weekly news magazine not to be confused with the celebrity profile magazine of the same name published in the U.S.

"'They got control of our minds when we were asleep and fed us the most advanced physics for months on end. Then some of us began to realize something was happening to our minds and we rebelled.

"'After two years, they failed the entire class -- 180 of us. We knew too much. I'm speaking out now because I believe the world should know what they are up to, as well as for my own protection.'

"As Deyo explains it, the Sixties were a turbulent period even as far as the U.S. government was concerned. For some unexplainable reason, Stan Deyo found himself along with his classmates in the middle of an 'intelligence war' between the FBI and the CIA, with the CIA bound and determined to keep the lid on a brand new form of technology directly related to UFOs.

"The CIA in conjunction with military-industrial 'big business' has for a period of several years been in collusion, Deyo alleges, on findings that center around the development of a type of disk or saucer-shaped, antigravity machine that originated out of 'alien' technology. According to Deyo's scenario, the U.S. is worried that sooner or later they will run out of conventional fuel sources and that the 'elite' and powerful will need a revolutionary technology in order to survive (and no doubt maintain their control over the populations of the earth). So they contacted General Electric, Sperry Rand and Bell Aircraft to spearhead a drive to develop this new technology, which can whirl a disc-like craft through inter-planetary space at thousands of miles a second using the minds of the craft's crew members to navigate the Earth-made UFOs. This is where Deyo's training was supposedly to come in handy. Because of his intelligence level, he was to be made one of the ship's pilots as soon as his mental capabilities had been 'stretched' through hypnosis and an advanced form of electronic 'mind control'.

'Commander X' continues:

"...One of the most astounding things Deyo said -- and this was almost ten years ago (i.e. around the late 1970's and early '80's - Branton) -- was that he felt one of the staunchest supporters of this radically new anti-gravity technology was none other than the late William P. Lear -- John Lear's father!

"At the time, Lear Sr. was quoted by the Associated Press as having said: 'I can't help but feel flying saucers are real, because of numerous manifestations over long periods of time with many simultaneous observations by reliable observers.' -- And this is the clincher: 'THERE ARE NOW SERIOUS EFFORTS IN PROGRESS TO PROVE THE EXISTENCE OF ANTI-GRAVITATIONAL FORCES AND TO CONVERT ATOMIC ENERGY DIRECTLY TO ELECTRICITY...'

Commander X continues: "For those who hold suspicions that John Lear might -- at least sometimes -- be responsible for dealing from the 'bottom of the deck' -- providing as much in the way of 'disinformation' as valid 'information' -- we can't help but theorize about the significance of the above quote attributed to his father, and the possibility that some of what John Lear is telling us is meant to steer our attention toward 'aliens', rather than look right under our very noses at an Earthly technology that may be advanced beyond what we are currently taught is achievable through modern day science.

"We wonder if perhaps there isn't to be found substantiation behind the rumor that Lear Aircraft Company (a firm that John's dad founded) is directly involved in some sort of research and development project(s) involving anti-gravity and the manufacturing of UFOs made right here on Earth.

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