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Showtime! [General] — Brad the coffee guy @ 12:01 am

Episode 01

Like the link says.

For your viewing pleasure, you’ll also note that we now support both Windows Media 9 as well as Quicktime 6. Now why are you wasting time reading this drivel? Download the episode, find yourself seven free minutes when you won’t be bothered and enjoy some entertainment on our dime! Then get on over to the forums and discuss.

Step 3 - Get all your friends and family to come. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

And don’t forget to be here in 7 short days for a fresh and tasty episode 2… I don’t want to give away too many secrets… but it has… a zombie in it.


Check out how cool we look! [General] — Brad the coffee guy @ 5:02 pm

The very astute amoung you will notice that with SCANT MOMENTS to spare before Episode 1 comes blasting out of the gate we have a completely rocking new logo courtesty of the graphic wizardry of the mysterious artisan known only as deadartist.

While all the entries in our contest with Worth1000 were great, deadartist’s consistantly shone - and not just one design, or two mind you. The guy designed, like, four thousand logos, all of amazing character and quality! Not only that, he managed to do them all while hanging on for dear life on the wrong side of the planet! How do you keep from falling off the bottom of the Earth, and operate graphic design tools at the same time? Truly a man not to be taken lightly. All of us are absolutely tickled pink to welcome him to our twisted creative family, and can’t think of a more deserving recipient of the finest doll depecting a dead evil Bruce Campbell we could find.

So where do we go from here? deadartist’s other designs are so good, we feel the need to unleash them upon you sparingly. Look for them to pop up all over these parts in the coming weeks and months, perhaps - when you least expect it! Until then if you absolutely are jonesing for another deadartist hit you can check out his really great “neo-deco” style work at his (temporary) web portfolio or his future home on the net at, which threatens me with bodily harm. Both through design savy, and actually literally threatening me with bodily harm.

Okay kids, deep breaths all around, by my count we’re hours away from the big launch… I’ve got to go plug in my popcorn maker…


Zumbis? [General] — Brad the coffee guy @ 2:07 am

I’ve noticed that we’re starting to pop up as links on a couple of Blogs all over the net… a prospect I find both amazingly cool, and utterly mind-boggling.

So far my favourite has to be our mention over at What little Spanish I know I picked up from Seseme street years ago, so you’ll forgive me if I don’t have the foggiest idea what they actually say about us in the blurb they wrote on the site. I think it’s something about a writing desk and zombies. No doubt it’s a dire criticism of all the ticking and clicking in the prologue.

At any rate our server logs indicate that they’re in a heated battle with JuddKyle as to which blog actually sends over the most visitors… so… uh… that’s cool! So to our new Spanish friends: ¡Hola mis amigos! Los zombis vendrán pronto. ¡Prometo!


Now to tally the results… [General] — Brad the coffee guy @ 2:38 pm

Congratulations to the 50+ folks who entered logos in our logo design contest at Worth1000! There’s some really good entries, and deciding is going to be tough.

The first stage of the results is open voting which is taking place until around Midnight (EST) on Sunday. Anyone can go to the contest page and rank each entry on a scale from 1 to 10. When voting closes the highest ranked image will automatically win one of our two prize packages.

To keep the contest fair you’ll need an account at Worth1000 to vote, but registration is free and the fine folks at Worth1000 take personal information privacy as seriously as we do here.

After everyone’s had their say the DED braintrust will go through the top-ranked submissions and decide which logo will grace our main page and take home 12″ of zombie goodness! You know we’ll make that announcement here as soon as possible.

Oh yeah kids… only 6 more sleeps until Episode 1! I’m so excited I can’t sleep at night!


Dead End Days is looking for a new logo! And wants to give away stuff! And Toys! [General] — Brad the coffee guy @ 9:40 pm

Win Me... Or ELSE!

Leading up to the big send-off we’ve teamed up with the fine folks at to sponsor a Logo Design contest for the project. This is an excellent chance for any budding artists and designers out there to take a stab at designing us a spiffy new “Dead End Days” logo, and win some very cool prizes including site credit at Worth1000, free “Night of the Living Dead” DVD’s, and the grand prize of a limited edition 12” ‘Evil Ash’ figurine which is (in my humble opinion) the coolest 12” fully articulated zombie toy ever made. is the premiere site on the Internet for Photoshop, design, and illustration fans. Thousands of creative talents from around the world compete in weekly contests for fabulous prizes, and to showcase their amazing skills in front of a global audience.

For more details head over to the contest page. If you’re a creative type (or know someone who is) join in the fun! The contest is 100% free so you have nothing to lose. Get started on your entries now, to make sure they’re ready by Saturday November the 29th, the contest deadline!


We now return to your regularly scheduled program… [General] — Brad the coffee guy @ 11:59 pm

I think everything is now sorted out in server-ville… we now return to your regularly scheduled website (already in progress).

Please Stand By… [General] — Brad the coffee guy @ 9:10 pm

(hum your own catchy muzak)

Well either someone kicked the metaphorical TCP/IP plug out of the wall, or we’re going through a really strange DNS update. Suffice it to say the transition to the new server has been anything but smooth as (at least on the @home network) parts of the site are loading from the old servers, parts from the new servers… links are breaking left and right.

Don’t worry though. A crack team of systems engineers are on the case 24/7 until everything is fixed (translation: I am going to hide in my room and hope that this all solves itself in the next couple of hours).



T-minus 15 days… [General] — Brad the coffee guy @ 11:55 pm

Only 15 days until Episode 1, and things are finally getting into shape around here. Our new look news page (and brief forums closure) are by-products of a move to our very own spacious server which will (fingers crossed) keep us well connected throughout the project. With that hurdle (fingers crossed) behind us we can now focus on crossing all the t’s and dotting all the i’s before we rev up the engines and get this party started.

Our forums regulars know that we have a number of our starting episodes ”in the can“, as it were, and we’re really excited about sharing them with you.

Leading up to the big December 5th launch, we’ll be posting some behind the scenes info and some other goodies here at so be sure to check back from time to time so you don’t miss out on the fun! And of course if you’ve just stumbled upon us (welcome) and have no idea what this is about you should check out our prologue teaser and then start counting down the minutes until Episode 1.


Here we go! [General] — Brad the coffee guy @ 12:13 am

Welcome to the brand-spanking new Dead End Days. We’re so new in fact that lots around here is still not quite at 100%… but that hasn’t stopped our intrepid band from charging ahead, and boldly at that. Would they have stopped the space race if they only had some lego and a lawnmower to work with?

I’m not entirely sure what this whole thing is about, but I bet it has something to do with answering the age-old question: How do you sell cola to a Zombie?

Other than that you’ll just have to wait four short weeks until our weekly episodes start, full of thrills, chills, and more gut busting laughs than you can shake a decomposed hand at.

In the meantime, thanks for dropping by… please stop by the forums and let us know what you think of our little teaser to whet your appetite. Stick around, there is some very cool stuff just around the corner.

All the Best,


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