VxVM 3.2 does not multipath internal FCAL disks on E3500/V880 by default

contributed by Amulya Parthasarathy

Check out Sun Bugid 4626381 But the workaround that is provided is just for an initial install before you have used vxinstall. If the machine is running veritas already and you want to connect the second path you will have to connect the second path online when the machine is running.

steps are below.

  1. Make sure /reconfigure doesn't exist
  2. Disconnect internal fibre cable from the new HBA
  3. boot system
  4. connect the fibre cable to the new HBA and the disks
  5. devfsadm -Cv
  6. vxdctl initdmp
  7. vxdctl enable
You should be all set after this. This is just a one time job that you need to do. You do not have to do this across reboots.