Columella edentula (DRAPARNAUD, 1805)

Shell: Dextrous. Shape cylindric-conical. Up to 6 (most lowland populations) or 7.2 (higher mountain altitudes) whorls. Whorls flat to moderately convex, suture shallow to moderately deep. Umbilicus deep, open. Aperture outline squarish, only rarely - in specimens with more convex whorls - more rounded. Surface sculpture of weak, indistinct and irregular striae. Colour from horny-yellowish to very light goldish-brown.
Dimensions: Maximum height: 2.68-3.00 mm, maximum breadth: 1.40-1.50 mm.
Ecology: Rather euryecious: deciduous, mixed and less often coniferous forests, alder swamps and open habitats (meadows, herb patches near water bodies); most abundand in humid, calcareous places.
Distribution: A Eurosyberian species: entire Europe except its southernmost and northernmost fringes. Caucasian area and Central Asia. Very common in Poland.