- Who said the Spectrum was better?

SP81 is a kind of ZX Spectrum emulator for the ZX81. It's basicly a hacked ZX Spectrum ROM with a ZX81 Hi-Res display driver in the spare bytes at the end.

Look at some pics:

Arcadia... (38k)

Hungry Horrace... (41k)

Horrace and the Spiders... (53k)

Note, these compressed wav files are directly converted from the tzx files on WOS with playtzx. There are no modifications for SP81. Try it for yourself if you don't believe me.

Trans am and Jetpac (Sorry, can't distribute these). These two had to be hacked to work because the code appears to be littered with OUT ($FD),A instructions, which, while doing nothing on the Spectrum, cause the '81 to turn off its NMI generator

You can download the SP81 ROM here and the source code here. SP81 currently runs on the ZX81 emulator EightyOne. When possible, I intend to develop it further on a real ZX81.

Comments, bug reports? - mail mike@chuntey.com.

Copyright (c) 2003 Michael D Wynne