Nile Rodgers & Chic's Musical Timelines

In addition to gold and platinum sales awards for his work with such artists as Madonna, Duran Duran, David Bowie, Sister Sledge, Chic, Thompson Twins, etc., Nile Rodgers has received many other music industry awards including:

  • "Le Freak" received numerous awards worldwide including the largest selling single in Canadian history *

  • Lifetime Achievement Award from The National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences in 1992

  • Number One Producer in the world by Billboard in 1985 (the same year that Nile had the Numbers 1, 2, and 3 records on the charts at Christmas)

  • Grammy nomination in 1979 as a songwriter on "We Are Family"

  • "C'est Chic" won Best Disco Album presented by Billboard in 1979

  • Disco Music Award for Best Producer on "Le Freak" in 1979

  • Disco Music Award for Best Group "Chic" in 1979

  • Billboard's Disco Forum Award for Best Single for "Le Freak" in 1979

  • Ampex Golden Reel Award for "The Honeydrippers-Vol. 1"

  • Ampex Golden Reel Award for "INXS-The Swing"

  • Best Instrumental Grammy for Best Contemporary Blues Recording by The Vaughan Brothers on "Family Style" in 1990

  • Best Rock Instrumental Performance Grammy for The Vaughan Brothers track "D/FW" in 1990

  • Chic was voted Best Vocal Group by Billboard and Rolling Stone

  • Music Week's #1 Top Singles Producer Award for 1985

  • Grammy Award for "Escape" by Jeff Beck for Best Rock Instrumental

  • BMI Film Music Award for "Coming To America" in 1989.
  • * Chic's recording of the song "Le Freak" still holds the record for being the largest selling single in the history of Warner CommunicatIons.

    The Mid '70s
    Nile Rodgers and Bemard Edwards toil as backing musicians in the employ of briefly popular R&B/pop act, New York City, playing in groups of their own device on the side.

    First Chic single, "Dance, Dance, Dance," hits Top 10, introduces useful interjection "yowsah, yowsah, yowsah" to the language.

    "Everybody Dance" becomes group's second hit.
    Third hit, "Le Freak," not only hits No.1, but becomes WEA's all-time, biggest-selling single.

    Second album, C'est Chic, hits Top 5.

    Rodgers/Edwards team produces legendary disco LP by sometime Chic vocalist Norma Jean Wright .

    Chic's "I Want Your Love" single goes Top 5.

    Next Chic single, "Good Times, " sums up the '70s disco lifestyle while providing the bass riff for the '80s, also topping the charts.

    Risque LP, arguably Chic's best, reaches Top 5.

    Real People LP, featuring grittier Chic sound, issued.
    Pioneer rap group Sugarhill Gang "appropriates" "Good Times" bassline for seminal "Rapper's Delight." Rodgers/Edwards writers' credit acknowledged subsequently.

    Pioneer pomp-rock group Queen "appropriates" "Good Times" bassline for smash "Another One Bites The Dust." Writer's credit not acknowledged.

    Revered British progressive singer Robert Wyatt covers Chic ballad "At Last l Am Free."

    Chic's sixth LP, Take It Off . released. 1982 Seventh Chic LP, Tongue In Chic . released. 1983 Believers , eighth Chic LP in six years, is followed by breakup of group.
    Ex- Frankie Goes To Hollywood vocalist Paul Rutherford covers "I Want Your Love."
    Former Wham star Andrew Ridgely covers Chic's "Hangin" on flip side of first solo single.
    Shades of Sugarhill Gang: Monie Love adapts "He's The Greatest Dancer" track to her rap update of the Spinners' "It's A Shame." Record becomes a substantial major market radio/video hit.

    Chic reforms.

    Chic Mystique, the ninth Chic LP, is recorded by Nile and Bernard with a new line-up, and is released by Warner Brothers Records.

    Chic Freak and More Treats, released in Japan by Video Arts to coincide with the JT Super Producer concerts and television special featuring Nile Rodgers. Nile and Bemard record some of Chic's greatest hits with new arrangements. The record becomes a substantial hit in Japan and Southeast Asia.

    1. Chic (1977)

    2. C'est Chic (1978)
          a. "I Want Your Love" (12~', remix, 1978)
          b. "Chic Cheer" (12", remix by Bernard, 1984)
          c. "Jack le Freak" (12", remix, 1987)
          d. "Jack le Freak" (7", edit of 2c.,1987)

    3. Risque (1979)
          a."My Forbidden Lover"(12", remix, 1979)

    4. Chic's Greatest Hits (1979)

    5. Real People (1980)

    6. Take It Off (1981)

    7. Soup For One soundtrack (1982), see Chic Sound 8 and Motion Pictures 1)
          a. "Soup For One" (12", remix, 1982)

    8. Tongue In Chic(1982)

    9. Believer (1983)

    10. Chic Mystique (1992)

    11. Chic Freak and More Treats (1996)

    (Music composed and performed by Chic with lead vocals by:)
    1. Norma Jean: Norma Jean (1978) a. "Saturday" (12", remix, 1978)

    2. Norma Jean:High Society (12",1979)

    3. Sister Sledge: We Are Family (1979)
    a. "Lost In Music" (12", remix by Nile, 1984)
    b. "We Are Family" (12", remix by Bernard, 1984)
    c. "He's The Greatest Dancer" (12", remix, 1985)

    4. Sister Sledge: Love Somebody Today (1980)

    5. Diana Ross:Diana(1980)

    6. Sheila and B Devotion:Sheila (1980)

    7. Debbie Harry:Koo Koo (1981)
          a."Backfired" (12", remix, 1981)
          b. "The Jam Was Moving/lnner City Spillover" (12", remixes, 1981)

    8. Carly Simon :Why (12", remix, 1982, see Chic 7)

    9. Odessey : "Happy Together" (1982, track "Together" )

    (video movies)

    Soup For One (1987, music by Chic, see Chic 7)

    Alphabet City (1984, music by Nile Rodgers)

    Soup For One(1982, see Nile Rodgers)

    Gremlins "Walk Through The Fire" (1984, by Nile Rodgers)

    Against All Odds ""Out, Out" (1984, by Nile Rodgers)

    D.A.R.Y.L."Somewhere I Belong," Teddy Pendergrass(1985, by Nile Rodgers)

    Moonlighting "L Is For Lovers" (1986, by Nile Rodgers)

    The Fly "Help Me", Bryan Ferry (1986, by Nile Rodgers)

    Home Of The Brave - "Smoke Rings" and "Language Is A Virus" (1986, by Nile Rodgers).

    Coming To America: film underscore,"Livin' The Good Life"Sister Sledge "I Got It", Sister Sledge Eddie Murphy, "Coming To America" The System (1988, by Nile Rodgers)

    Earth Girls Are Easyunderscore and "Love Train", "Cosmic Thing" B-52's(1988, by Nile Rodgers)

    Thelma & Louise - "Badlands," "Tennessee Plates," Charlie Sexton(1991, by Nile Rodgers)

    Flintstones - "Bedrock Twitch,"B-52's (1993, by Nile Rodgers)

    Space Jam"Fly Like An Eagle"Seal (1994, by Nile Rodgers) Blue Chipsfilm underscore (1994, by Nile Rodgers)

    Feeling Minnesota - "Ring Of Fire" Bob Dylan(1996, by Nile Rodgers)

    Curdled - "Obsession" Slash(1996, by Nile Rodgers)

    Beverly Hills Cop III - underscore (1996, by Nile Rodgers)

    K-Broadway - Scoring for Japan's #1 jazz dance company and the May 1997 debut of their new theater in Tokyo. (1997, by Nile Rodgers)


    Debbie Harry: Debbie Harry: Koo Koo LP.

    Soup For One: underscore and soundtrack, featuring Teddy Pendergrass, Sister Sledge, Chic, Debbie Harry and Carly Simon , whose "Why" becomes a Top 10 British hit and much imitated riff.
    David Bowie : Let's Dance LP, including title track hit, "China Girl"and "Modern Love"(Stevie Ray Vaughan debuts on guitar.)

    Southside Johnny : Trash It Up LP.

    Nile Rodgers : Adventures In The Land Of The Good Groove first solo LP.

    Madonna: Like A Virgin LP, including the top 10 hits "Like A Virgin," "Dress You Up" and "Material Girl" (Madonna's vault to superstardom.)

    Duran Duran: "The Reflex" (#1 for 15 weeks) and "The Wild Boys," singles.

    Hall & Oates : "Adult Education" single.

    INXS : "Original Sin," groundbreakingsingle.

    Peter Gabriel: "Walk Through The Fire" from Against All Odds film and "Out, Out" from the film Gremlins.

    Mick Jagger: She's The Boss, co-produced LP.

    Sister Sledge : When The Boys Meet The Girls LP, including British No. 1 hit, "Frankie."

    Nile Rodgers : I9-Movie Matinee. second solo LP.

    Sheena Easton : Do You LP.

    Thompson Twins : Here's To Future Days LP.

    Teddy Pendergrass : "Somewhere I Belong," single from the film D.A.R.Y.L.

    Kim Carnes : "Invitation To Dance," single from the film That's Dancing.

    Jeff Beck : Flash LP.

    Duran Duran : Notorious LP, including title track single which went to #2 on pop chart.

    Philip Bailey : Inside Out LP.

    Al Jarreau : L Is For Lover LP and "Moonlighting" single for hit television show.

    Grace Jones : Inside Story LP.

    Arcadia : "The Flame" remix.

    Bryan Ferry : "Help Me" from the film The Fly.

    Laurie Anderson : "Smoke Rings" and "Language Is A Virus" from the film Home Of The Brave.

    Terry Gonzalez : Is There Rockin' In This House LP.

    Nile Rodgers : Formed group Outloud , made Outloud LP.

    Coming To America: underscore for Eddie Murphy film.

    Eddie Murphy : "I Got It" single from Coming To America film.

    The System : "Coming To America," title track single from Coming To America film.

    Christopher Max : More Than Physical LP.

    K-9 Posse : "Somebody's Brother" single.

    Hall & Oates : "Love Train" from the film Earth Girls Are Easy.

    B-52's : "Cosmic Thing" from the film Earth Girls Are Easy.

    Sister Sledge : "Livin' The Good Life" from Coming To America film .

    Earth Girls Are Easy: underscore for film of the same name.

    Diana Ross: Workin' Overtime LP.

    B-52's : Co-produced Cosmic Thing LP, which included hits "Roam" and "Deadbeat Club."

    Rockmelons : "Stronger Together" single.

    Carole Davis : Heart of Gold LP.

    TM Network : "Come On Everybody," "Come On Let's Dance," remixes.

    Dan Reed Network: Slam LP.

    Cathy Dennis: Co-produced debut LP.

    Paul Young: "A Little Bit Of Love" single.

    Vaughan Brothers : Family Style LP.

    Stray Cats : Let's Go Faster LP.

    Ole Ole: "Soldados del Amor, " "Puerta," "Te Dare Todo" singles.

    Chic reunites and begins recording a new album.

    Ric Ocasek : Fireball Zone LP.

    Charlie Sexton : "Badlands," "Tennessee Plates," from the film Thelma & Louise.

    Chic completes new album Chic Mystique.

    B-52's : Co-produced Good Stuff LP.

    Patty Griffin : Patty Griffin LP.

    David Bowie : Black Tie White Noise LP.

    David Lee Roth : Your Filthy Little Mouth LP.

    Jimmy Vaughan : Strange Pleasure LP.

    B-52's : "Bedrock Twitch," single from the Flintstones film.

    Eric Clapton : "StoneFree," single fromStone Free - A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix LP.

    Wet Wet Wet: "Shed A Tear," "Cold Cold Heart," from End of Part One - Their Greatest Hits LP.

    Eric Clapton : "You Must Believe Me," single from A Tribute to Curtis Mayfield LP.

    Blue Chips: underscore for film of same name.

    Beverlv Hills Cop III: underscore for Eddie Murphy film.

    Beavis and Butthead : "Come To Butthead," single from The Beavis And Butthead Experience LP.

    Nile Rodgers : "Chic Freak and More Treats" , album for release in Japan and the Pacific Rim on VideoArts Music.

    Ashford and Simpson/Maya Angelou : "Where We Come From" , single for their album.

    Bob Dylan : "Ring Of Fire" , single from the soundtrack and for the film Feeling Minnesota.

    Chic : Nile Rodgers honored as JT Super Producer '96 - Live performances in Japan with special guests: Sister Sledge, Slash, Simon LeBon and Steve Winwood . Event also included television and radio documentaries based on Nile Rodgers' career. The Crowell Sisters : The Crowell Sisters LP for Pony Canyon Records

    Slash : "Obsession" , single from the Atlantic Records soundtrack and for the Miramax film Curdled.

    Martha Byrne : "It's A Woman Thing" EP for Phillip Morris/Virginia Slims.

    Ryo : Single for both Ryo's single for WEA Japan and simultaneous use as a Shiseido commercial in Japan.

    Ricardo da Force - Nile Rodgers adds his famous guitar sound to Ricardo's newest single which was coincidentally written by Nile and Bernard Edwards for Carly Simon who had a hit with the song in 1982.

    Fifth Avenue - Nile Rodgers writes the new theme song for Elizabeth Arden 's new perfume which is used in both radio and television advertising nationwide.

    Paula Abdul - work in progress for Virgin Records

    Marta Sanchez - Azabache LP on Mercury Records.

    Seal - Nile Rodgers adds his famous guitar sound to Seal's remake of "Fly Like An Eagle" for the film Space Jam .

    JTSP Super Producer DVD - Editing and compilation of video footage from show recorded in Japan and released in Japan and Southeast Asia in a launch of the new DVD format as the very first software and hardware release in the world.

    Samantha Cole - Samantha Cole LP for Universal/MCA Records

    Samantha Cole Without You Producer

    Ultimate New Wave Party Producer

    Best Girl Pop Album Ever!Producer

    Steve Winwood - NIle adds his guitar sound to the song "It's A Family Affair" which is dedicated to Bernard Edwards on the forthcoming Steve Winwood LP.

    K-Broadway - Scoring for Japan's #1 jazz dance company and the May 1997 debut of their new theater in Tokyo.

    Jimmy Vaughan - New LP for Epic Records.

    SMAP - New LP for JVC Victor Japan Records All 4 One Two new singles for new LP for Blitzz/Atlantic Record.

    Featured guest artist for the VH-I Honors with Steve Winwood

    Featured guest artist for the Rainforest Benefit with Sting at Carnegie Hall

    Headliner tour of Japan as "Nile Rodgers and Chic"

    Paula Abdul - new recording for Mercury Records

    David Bowie Little Wonder (Limited Edition) Producer

    Stray CatsRunaway Boys: A Retrospective Producer

    Great year for Chic samples being used in hit songs by Puff Daddy featuring Faith Evans, Notorious B.I.G. ("Mo Money Mo Problems" from Diana Ross' "I'm Comin' Out".

    Will Smith ("Get Jiggy With It" from Sister Sledge's "He's The Greatest Dancer") , etc.....

    Nile Rodgers solo LP - work in progress Underscore for Paramount Pictures film - as yet untitled.

    Featured guest artist for the Rainforest Benefit with Sting at Camegie Hall Headliner performance at Tramps in New York City "Nile Rodgers and Chic"

    Headliner performance at Trump Marina in Atlantic City "Nile Rodgers and Chic"

    B-52's Time Capsule: Greatest Hits Producer

    Jimmie VaughnOut There Producer

    Jumpin 2Arranger/Producer

    Everybody DanceTriple Compact Disc Producer

    Disco Fever20 Smash Dance Floor Hits Arranger/Conductor/Producer

    Disco NightsProducer

    All Four OneOn & On Producer

    Basketball's Greatest Hoop Hits Producer

    Motown 40 ForeverProducer

    Ultimate 70's R&B; SmashesProducer

    Atlantic Records 50 Years Producer

    Maximum Club Classics Vol.2Producer


    Disco BoxProducer

    ChicLive at the Budokan Guitar/Vocals/Songwriter/Producer

    Ultimate Dance BeatDiscotastic Producer

    Summer of SamOriginal Motion Picture Soundtrack Arranger/Producer

    Public EnemyOriginal Motion Picture Soundtrack Executive Producer

    StrangefolkStrangefolk Producer