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New Alice! Questions
Sexual Health
Emotional Health
Fitness and Nutrition
Alcohol, Nicotine, and Other Drugs
General Health
Alcohol, Nicotine, and Other Drugs
AlcoholNicotineMarijuanaClub DrugsHard Drugs
When drinking the same amount of alcohol, are you more intoxicated in the air than on the ground?
Face turns red after drinking
Do drinking and weight loss mix?
How should I help my drunk friend?
Craving alcohol after blackout?
Alcohol poisoning
Can I drink alcohol after vaccination?
Can alcohol decrease the pill's effectiveness?
Daughter's in AA — What are our responsibilities as her family?
Blackouts from heavy drinking every once in a while [Classic Alice!]
Hypoglycemia and alcohol
Help for friends who drink too much
How can I help my alcoholic granddaddy?
Drunk driving prevention tips [Classic Alice!]
Can I ask my girlfriend not to drink at college?
Gets drunk, climbs buildings
Hangover-helping product?
Drinking alcohol and exercising don't mix
Is it okay to drink alcohol while on Zoloft?
Hangover myths and realities [Classic Alice!]
Strategies for preventing drunk driving
Child of an alcoholic
Alcohol vs. marijuana: Which is safer?
Hangover helper
Alcohol use and memory loss
Alcohol liver damage
How much alcohol a day?
Alcohol related deaths
More on alcohol tolerance
Lightweight drinker
Percentage of drinking college students?
Trouble controlling my drinking
Liver problems from alcohol
Alcohol habit forming?
Triglycerides and drinking?
Friend of an alcohol abuser
Avoid hangover?
Cocaine versus tequila
Adult children of alcoholics group at Columbia
Drinking addiction—psychological or physical?
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Hookah pipes — More or less harmful than cigarettes?
Dorm mate's smoking is making me sick!?!
Are clove cigarettes as bad as regular cigarettes?
Smoking's effects on sex
Secondhand smoke, mainstream smoke, and side stream smoke: Dangers and differences
Cigar and pipe smoking: Safer than cigarettes?
Friends say, "Smoke!"
Smokin' runner
Does smoking reduce sperm count?
Quitting smoking = depression?
Convincing someone to give up smoking
Weight gain and quitting smoking
Chewing tobacco risks
Quitting smokeless tobacco?
Low tar and nicotine cigarette?
Effects of chewing tobacco
Nauseous from smoking
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Marijuana and driving
Wants to stop smoking pot
Friends are double dosing: Marijuana and Prozac
Marijuana and chemotherapy
Marijuana and cancer [Classic Alice!]
Second-hand marijuana smoke and drug tests
What are blunts?
Alcohol vs. marijuana: Which is safer?
Marijuana made my heart pound
Marijuana: How long does it hang out in the body?
Marijuana and sex
Marijuana-minded and other repeat questioners
Marijuana and health
Difference between pot and hash
Effects of marijuana on libido and fertility
Marijuana: Does it cause cancer?
Marijuana addiction?
Sister smokes dope
Coffee-nauseous? and marijuana facts
Marijuana or just paranoid?
Marijuana effects?
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club drugs
We take ecstasy, and then pass out on purpose — What's going on here?
What are "rolls"?
Water when on ecstasy?
GHB/“Liquid Ecstasy”
Ecstasy effects
Rohypnol “Roofie” and rape
Special K and X
Zoloft and MDMA?
Ecstasy drains spinal fluid?
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“hard” drugs
How does methamphetamine use cause painful mouth sores to form?
Peyote (Mescaline)
Foxy methoxy
Methamphetamines and their side effects
Feeling "dope sick" from cocaine use
Psilocybin ("Magic") mushrooms
Dealing with a brother addicted to heroin
411 on Speed [Classic Alice!]
LSD effects and information resources [Classic Alice!]
I found white powder in my friend’s car
Heroin Hell
Hungry for heroin information
Where’s the freaking info about speed?
Heroin or what?
LSD: Nirvana or burnt out?
Trying psychedelics
LSD and birth control pills
Little sister doing coke?
Snorting heroin—dosage?
Bad trips with LSD, ‘Shrooms, and Hash
Interested in trying LSD?
Shared needles for cocaine?
Cocaine versus tequila
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Sucking nitrous oxide -- Safer from balloons or canisters?
Inhalants [Classic Alice!]
Sniffing lighter fluid
Nitrous oxide
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prescription & over-the-counter drugs
Generic versus brand-name drugs
Will a break from Prozac keep me awake when I drink?
Are anti-depressants ruining our sex life?
Burning the candle at both ends — Using stimulant drugs to study
Is there an anti-anxiety treatment that doesn't have sexual side effects?
Grapefruit juice and drug interactions
Cold pill coma (DXM)
DES (Diethylstilbestrol)
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
Can Ritalin affect orgasm and ejaculation?
Can alcohol decrease the pill's effectiveness?
Trippin' on cough medicine
Anorexia, Dexatrim, and Prozac?
Friends are double dosing: Marijuana and Prozac
Aspirin benefits
Aspirin vs. Advil
Aspirin therapy
Zoloft and MDMA?
Asthma medication?
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caffeine & energy-boosting drugs
Does caffeine affect athletic performance?
Does caffeine raise blood pressure?
Caffeine's effects on health
Coffee withdrawal symptoms?
Caffeine content
Long-term effects of caffeine-based drugs
Coffee-nauseous? and marijuana facts
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Sativah and Salvia Divinorum
Reaching out for help with a drug addiction
Thanks for not being politically correct with drug info [Reader's Response]
Progesterex [Classic Alice!]
Trippin' on cough medicine
Mysterious meds arrive in the mail
"Progesterex": Horse and human sterilizer, date rape drug, or urban legend?
Natural highs
Bothered by boyfriend’s steroid use
Supporting a loved one after drug rehab
Cramming for a drug test [Classic Alice!]
Tested positive for cocaine, but never touched the stuff
Fun without drugs?
How many recover from alcohol and drug abuse annually?
Risky sex and non-IV drugs
Spontaneous tripping
Twelve-step meetings at Health Sciences campus?
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