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Am I?

Yes. Well... probably.  Are you?

Who Am I?

Michael Stuart Follin - I know of some other Mike Follins in the world. I'm too old to mention my age.

Why does this page exist?

I thought I'd make a contribution to the world wide web.  I must have too much time on my hands.

Still Here?  Then I'll continue...

I have been married to a wonderful woman, Lynn, since 1994.  Lynn's email: same as mine but lynn@ instead of msf@

I have 2 musical brothers, Geoff and Tim. Tim has his own (somewhat bizarre) web site!!

I currently reside in Aughton, nr. Ormskirk, England - but for many years I lived somewhere called St. Helens, England.

England is green and pleasant*

Somewhere in Yorkshire, England



      My interests include:

God (including why) ---- Computer Games (including retro-gaming) --- Everything else (including all of the above)



Video games

Everything else





WARNING: If you scroll down any further, you'll get a picture of me. Quit while you're ahead.


My freeware page

My photo album Photos

Here's a nice graphic featuring an animating "ICTHUS".  

As you might discover from my GOD page, Lynn and I are Christians.

A picture of  me looking unduly scruffy.

All my T-shirts are purple

 A picture of Lynn.

Lynn Follin

Lynn recently worked as administrator for Christ Church, Chilwell, Nottingham. Lynn worked for Thorn UK for many years; her last position there was as a district manager. I met her through church (St Peter's, Parr) when she became a Christian. After a few years we decided to get married.  She is particularly interested in intercessory prayer and the healing ministry.

Geoff the middle brother is currently teaching in a primary school.  His previous employment has been mostly in the computer games industry, writing music either on his own or with Tim. Geoff plays numerous musical instruments, can use MIDI software, and even understands the squiggly things you get on "proper" music manuscripts. He's writing a musical based on the life of King David. Some primary school somewhere is going to perform it some day.
Geoff Follin's email address is Geoff!Follin at btinternet!com (replace the at with a @, remove the spaces and change the !s to .s)

Tim is the youngest, and probably best known of the three of us. He started doing computer game music back in about 1985 (for my first Spectrum game). Have a look at my
Computer Games page for more details. Tim is working on the music for the forthcoming "Starsky and Hutch" PS2 videogame. He's also recently done some Gameboy music,  and has recently scored "Ecco the Dolphin" for Sega Dreamcast. If you want him to do music for you then (just what you've been waiting for), Follow this link to Tim's page

Even Mum has email now:

marjorie at derbyshirehill!freeserve!co!uk (replace the at with a @, remove the spaces and change the !s to .s)

Here's a nice picture of a car I don't own.  I once had a slightly flashy car but got rid of it because I couldn't park it without worrying about it.  Settle for a nice cheap one instead.

Ferrari F50

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