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♣ Hi everybody!
First we'd like to appologise for the phones and e-mails that have not been answered back yet: Things got a little hectic for us lately, since we've been working real hard on a huge project, which will start in December. We've been working no this for more than a year now and we are thrilled to finally announce it!

So we are very proud to announce to you, dear friends, that we are opening our first records store in Montréal, on December 3rd, under the name PROFUSION! Obviously, we'll be specialized in Metal but also in Rock, Punk, Alternatif, Hardcore, etc. We'll have lots of improtations, T-shirts, videos, etc. This store at 1843 Ontario East, between Cartier and Papineau. We will be right in the middle of a bunch of tattoo shops! And right under a funeral home! ;-)) We'll be close to the following metros: Frontenac, Papineau, Beaudry and Sherbrooke… You also be able to get there by bus on the 45 (Papineau / De Champlain) and the 125 (Ontario). Our business hours will be; Wednesday to Friday from 12PM to 9PM and on Saturday and Sunday from 9AM to 5PM. Our new phone & fax numbers will be announced shortly and we have also changed our e-mails addresses (to try and eliminate the thousands of SPAMS that plagued us everyday!): The new address is … Please make the necessary changes. Finally, for the orders from our webstore, the e-mail remains

Notice to bands: We'll do consignments! Join us fast about this if you are interested 'cause we'll extremely busy in the coming weeks! CD-TS/LS-Videos, etc. We take 'em all!

The new head-quarters for GREAT WHITE NORTH will also be there, in the store and we'll be avialable to everybody during business hours to answer all your questions about G.W.N.. And of course, we'll definitely be available to everybody who have supported us since the beginning!

Divina Enema's much anticipated new album, Under Phoenix Phenomenon, is now available on G.W.N.! Featuring one of the world's most original singer and songwriters, this album will definitely break new and unusual grounds for a Metal band, carefully mixing many elements of the genre such as Black, Power and Prog Metal… All this mixed with some more Eastern European sounds and influences, making this a very original and melodic piece of musical extravaganza!

Nick Bickoff
Merlin's drummer extraordinaire Nick Byckoff died tragically in a car accident on July 13. The band will soon issue a proper statement in the coming days/weeks. Merlin is currently recording their third album for Great White North entitled Brutal Constructor. The studio sessions should resume within the next few days/weeks. Nick's drums tracks had been recorded a few weeks ago, showcasing his enormous talent. The Great White North staff wishes to express their condolences to Nick's family, band mates, friends and acquaintances. May your soul rest in peace brother!

JULY 6 2003:
♣ We have just added CDs from Ancalagon & Total Devastation in our exclusive distribution section!

JUNE 25 2003:
♣ We have just added CDs from Downthroat, In Solitude, Morbid Death, Spin & Sword Of Darkness in our exclusive distribution section!

JUNE 18 2003:
♣ Finally, here is an up-date! Since we've been so busy these last few weeks, and with the several problems that we had to resolve (which seemed to accumulate lately!), we couldn't find the time necessary to finalize a few things and take some time to do these news… But here we are! Don't worry, GREAT WHITE NORTH is stronger and more dedicated than ever!

♣ A few problems have delayed the release of the album, which was scheduled for June 1st. Hard to believe, but our first batch was… lost! The manufacturer then had to remake them but then oups… 500 copies were massacred during the shipping! Could do a "reality show" worthy of The Osbournes! Since the band already started their tour, we put a lot of pressure and we finally got our first shipment last week! The band got their batch just in time for their record launching gig of June the 5th, in Kingston (Ont.)… Backstabber Etiquette will be available in store in the coming days. We should get the T-shirts in a few weeks (a delay of about 2 weeks), aiming for July if they don't get lost too! Also, Fuck The Facts are preparing a split CD with Silvester Stalline and Blackhole recently re-edited Discoing The Dead on CD (which we'll distribute in July). We've secured a space on the up-coming compilation from the label Chop2death, which will come out in October under the name The 7 Gates Of Hell… Here are the June tour dates:

  • June 18/wed - Québec City, QC @ Bar La Couronne with Wisdom Gone, Cripple Crew
  • June 19/thu - Trois-Rivières, QC @ Rock Café Le Stage with Wisdom Gone, Cripple Crew, Les Brigadiers Du Mal
  • June 20/fri - Rimouski, QC @ Pavillon Agricole with Disconcert, Fifth Hour Hero, Buried Inside
  • June 21/sat - Gaspé, QC @ T.B.A. with Disconcert, Buried Inside
  • June 22/sun - Sydney, NS @ Steelworker's Hall with Disfigured Thought, Evil Eyeball
  • June 23/mon - Halifax, NS @ Celidgh Connection with Thy Flesh Consumed
  • June 25/wed - Portland, ME @ Geno's with Kurixis, Leval Blessing

♣ Brand new signing on Grind It! Records: Fistfuck from Québec City is preparing their debut album which will be availble next Fall (yet to be confirmed!)… Fistfuck does an extreme mix of Hardcore, Grindcore and Metal… Totally sick! This new outing will be the most extreme release ever produced by the Great White North/Grind It! team, and the reason for this is pretty simple; the band includes active members of Mesrine, Thinkshit as well as Yvan and Sébastien from the defunct Dahmer! Welcome on board sickos! This is great news for all fans of Extreme Noise Terror/Terrorizer!

BK 49
♣ No problems have occured with the release of the sulphuric debut Join The Dead from our German friends of BK 49! The album is being distributed extremely well and we already started getting awesome reviews! The band is preparing a split EP 7" for Revenge Productions from Germany. The other band is yet to be confirmed but we'll keep you posted. You can also be assured that we'll distribute this item via our import catalog and our webstore! The band has officially released their album in Germany with a show in Emden on June 7. We had to resolve a few problems with the German customs but the band received their batch in time! Some T-shirts will soon be available. By the way, BK 49 is henceforth a Great White North band. The first pressing on Grind It! will be the last! The following pressings will be done under the Great White North banner with a new catalog number, etc. Possibly with one or two bonus tracks. For more information on this great devastating Thrash/Death band (à la The Haunted and Morbid Angel), please visit

♣ We will send their new album to the pressing plant this week! It will be available in July via our webstore; in Europe, Asia and the United-States via our usual distributors but only in September in Canadian store. The reason: Our distributor does not take any new releases in August. If everything goes according to plan, Canadian fans will be able to get their own copies from the sencond pressing!

♣ The band has almost finished their new album! We are anxiously waiting for the masters! According to Mary (vocal/bass), this new opus is "more extreme, faster and more technical than the previous ones"! Those who know about this Russian band's great potential already know that Brutal Constructor will be killer! The re-edition of They Must Die will soon be available, possibly at the same time as the new album… A double release? Why not!

♣ The band will be on stage on July with In Flames and Soilwork. The "Live" video of the album lauching gig is all but ready. The video clip for Telepathic Bug will be ready soon and may even be launched in August. The new album has already been almost completely composed.

♣ We are once again re-pressing The Studio Sessions - Discography this month. A new batch of T-shirts will soon be available for our European distributors (do not despair!). We are now close to 2000 copies of this clut album sold. Our distributors are are going nuts over it! We are very proud to now be part of the Dahmer phenomenon!

♣ Every year, and this since the last few years, we see all kinds of labels releasing old classic albums from more or less established cult bands… As for us, we have always been fans of the Canadian cult band Aggression, who has released an album entitled The Full Treatment in 1987. But that album wasn't the "real" first album from the band, who had already recorded a first album in 1986, entitled Forgotten Skeleton… But due to various contractual problems, that album was never released… Until now! The "skeleton" is "forgotten" no more, since we will release that cult Thrash Death album ourselves! Finally the entire world will hear and witness what old timer Quebecers have known for a long time; Aggression was way ahead of its time with their brand of ultra blasting Thrash Death, at a time where most bands were starting to realize that it might be a good idea to play a little faster… This album will be available in early 2004 under the name Aggression A.D.!

♣ We already announced the creation of a new label Productions Nouvelle France Enr. in our last up-date. You can already visit the website at, which should be completely ready shortly. We already are dealing with a band from Montréal for a possible release date of June 1st 2004! The band should be confirmed soon with a few surprises.

Our webstore is doing great! offers more and more merchandises of all kind (we have more and more T-shirts, magazines, vynils, etc.) and we are up-dating new stocks of merchandise every Friday. We are almost done with our first paper catalog, which will be available within a few weeks (finally!).

We will soon have some GREAT WHITE NORTH T-shirts and caps. Limited for all the intimates and for our most loyal supporters!

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