Blue URU Frozen Designs Collection
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In 1992, GAINAX began work on"Aoki Uru", a project conceived as a feature-length animated film. The staff included such top-notch people as Yamaga Hiroyuki, Anno Hideaki, Sadamoto Yoshiyuki, and Tsuruta Kenji, whose intent was to create a flight action film of higher quality than anything that had gone before.
Owing to various vicissitudes, however, the project was suspended. Fans who had eagerly awaited the film's release expressed their wish that the project be resurrected.
Finally, this year, the decision was made to revive the project. It was also decided to remake the project so as to be something that fit with present-day animation.
As a consequence, it was also decided to make a CD-ROM which would show fans of the project what the original URU had looked like. This is that CD-ROM: The "Blue URU Frozen Designs Collection".

The feeling of fast machines flying through the air
The grief and suffering of life
An animated film for adults
Men who love combat
Middle-aged men who are addicted to games
And the women who deride such men
This movie has all of these elements in mind.

(From the Aoki URU 1992 Project Document)

The main part of this CD-ROM is the DESIGNS COLLECTION, with over 300 images in all. Mechanical, character, and background designs bring out a unique world in all its detail. Here you can see the desire of the staff to create a film the likes of which no one had ever seen before.
The fighter planes--the most important mecha in the film--were designed by Shirow Masamune and Miyatake Kazuki. With lines utterly unlike any real-world fighter plane, they nonetheless have their own unique sense of reality and beauty.
There's also 134 pages of storyboards, by Anno Hideaki and other staff members, as well as Yamaga Hiroyuki's screenplay. Combine this with the CONCEPT GALLERY AND COLORBOARDS, and you should be easily able to visualize the completed film.