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Free Dawah Material!

Plan to visit the WhyIslam Dawah Arena at Liberty Bell Park on July 4th and 5th during ICNA-MAS  Convention


ICNA-MAS Convention: Philadelphia PA  July 4-5-6, 2003

Daily Rates For Onsite Registration

  Family Ind Student













moving together into the future...
It is that time of the year when ICNA & MAS workers invite Muslims living in North America to convene at a central location and ponder upon the critical issues facing the Muslims in particular and Humanity in general.

WhyIslam Dawah Arena
ICNA-MAS Convention will feature an open air WhyIslam Dawah Arena at Liberty Bell Park in Philadelphia on July 4th and 5th. A reading of "Bill of Rights" will be conducted. Plan to attend the convention and be part of the history.

You can volunteer for this activity. Email us at info@whyislam.org 

This is the meeting where Islamic workers get their ammunition for another year to face the challenges of Dawah work in North America.

This is the place where Young Muslims come together to share their experiences of one whole year and learn some more tools to face the challenges of the life in North America.

This is  the occasion when Muslim sisters join each others hands once again to strengthen their bond of Islamic sisterhood and make sure not to give in to the so called 'glamorous' and 'independent' life of North America.

This is the place where Muslim brothers/sisters bring their resources together to share the pains and sufferings of Muslim Ummah.

List of confirmed speakers (so far)
Sheikh Abdool Rahman
Ambassador Murad Hoffman
Lord Nazir Ahmad
Prof. Sulayman Nyang
Imam Khalid Griggs
Dr. Agha Saeed
Imam Shabbir Ally
Imam Siraj Wahhaj
Imam Zaid Shakir
Dr. Ihsan Bagby
Dr. Suheil Ghannouchi
Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed
Dr. Salah Sultan
Dr. Ahmed Turkistani
Dr. Zahid Bukhari
Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah
Sister Amma Shabaz
Brother Naeem Baig

Dr. Talat Sultan
Dr. Muhammed Yunus
Dr. Ibrahim Negem
Dr. Hassanuddin Ahmed
Sheikh Shakir El-Sayed
Mr. William Baker
Sheikh Mokhtar Maghroui
Suhaib Webb
Dr. Khalid Blankenship
Dr. Iqbal Masood An-Nadvi
Shaikh Ali Sulayman Ali
Imam Mohamed Magid
Mohamed Rida Bashir
Dr. Ekram Bashir
Dr. Zahida Saif
Mahdi Bray
Imam Saadullah Khan
Sh. Mohammad Joban
Imam Zaid Malik

This is the convention  which  brings the Muslims of all walks of life together regardless of their mother tongue, color, race, sect, or country of origin.

This is the place where every one will learn from the direct sources of guidance (Quran & Hadith) with the help of learned scholars of this era.

You are invited to join your fellow Muslims for three days in Philadelphia, PA and help understand each other the responsibilities of being ideal husband, wife, parents, son, daughter, brother or sister, inshaAllah.


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Delectable Delights...Al-Hamd Corporation is the Food Vendor.
ICNA-MAS Convention has selected Al-Hamd Corporation as the sole food vendor. The vendor will cater Middle-Eastern, South Asian and American Halal Food.

ICNA Convention Food Menu

Halal Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner available at the affordable prices.

Served between 8:00AM-10:00AM.

Special: Chola Batura and Halwa
(more choices will be available)

Served between 11:30AM-3:00PM

Option A
Mutter Pulao, Chicken Makhani and  steam roast  Served with Raita

Option B
Nan, Haleem and Reshmi Kabab  Served with Raita

Option C
Halal Pizza

Option D
Garden Salad

Served between 5:30PM-10:00PM.

Option A
Biryani and Reshmi Kabab Served with Raita   

Option B
Chicken Korma and Chicken Steam Roast with Roti

Option C
Halal Pizza

Option D
Garden Salad


America at a Crossroads
the struggle for Liberty and Justice 
July 4-5-6
Pennsylvania Convention center Philadelphia, PA
Driving Directions

Press Room
Convention Press Release
Convention's program (pdf)
Contact: Dawn A. Jones (215) 729-8718 or (215) 704-2615 Dawn@kdcomm.com 
Contact: Lailah Dunbar (215) 844-8053 Lailahdunbar@aol.com


The World Largest Qur'an at Convention
ICNA-MAS Convention this year will feature the exhibit of the World's Largest Quran. The size of this mushaf is approx. 4ft.x 6ft. and weighs about 1500 lbs.
Containing 606 pages, this hand written mushaf is a work of more than 24 artists in 7 years.

The Islamic art exhibit will also feature other fine artists of our time.


ICNA announces US Airways as Convention's
preferred airline. US airways will provide anyone coming to convention with 5% discount on lowest published fare. Please call (877) 874-7687; 8:00 AM - 9:30 PM ET & refer to Gold File Number 31142813. 

In co-operation with:
Majlis Ashura of Philadelphia & Delaware Valley
P.O. Box 42843
Philadelphia PA 19101



Download PDF version of Convention Flyer here

Special Programs for Non-Muslims, Multi-lingual Lectures, Workshops, Sisters Programs, Matrimonial Service, Youth Programs, Family Counseling, Baby Sitting and much more ...


Hampton Inn 
Philadelphia, PA, 19107 
Group Rate: $99  (215) 665-9100
Located 2 blocks away from Convention Center. Free breakfast. High Speed Internet.

Marriott Philadelphia 
ICNA Group Rate: $99 (215) 625-6139
Connected to Convention Center.

LOEWS Philadelphia Hotel
Group Rate: $99 (215) 627-1200
Located opposite to Convention Center

Register Today !!
Rooms are limited. Reserve yours as early as possible.


The convention Bazaar will offer various display booths giving you the opportunity to explore the different products and services being offered in North America. The booth reservations has been started. Download PDF version of forms here or call 718-658-1199 to get it faxed.




Parking Arrangements
ICNA announces Central Parking System as Convention's preferred parking vendor. Central Parking System will provide  convention attendees a discount parking rate of $7.00 per vehicle for upto 24 hours.  Details....

Onsite registration fees for all 3 days is 
Family $170.00; 
Individual $80.00 
Student $55.00

Registeration Information

Download PDF version of registration forms here


796 from Atlanta, GA
98 from Baltimore, MD
309 from Boston, MA
406 from Buffalo, NY
380 from Charleston, SC
557 from Charlotte, NC
756 from Chicago, IL
430 from Cleveland, OH
468 from Columbus, OH
1533 from Dallas, TX
1087 from Des Moines, IA
854 from Jacksonville, FL
583 from Detroit, MI
642 from Indianapolis, IN
1131 from Kansas City, MO
708 from Louisville, KY
1078 from Memphis, TN
1205 from Miami, FL
96 from New York, NY
996 from Orlando, FL
304 from Pittsburgh, PA
891 from St. Louis, MO
501 from Toronto, ONT.
529 from Toledo, OH
142 from Washington, DC
667 from Windsor, ONT.


Address of Pennsylvania Convention Center: 
1101 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

No flyers, booklets or any publicity material for sale or distribution will be allowed outside the Bazaar area.

Medical emergency care will be available. Please inform us in advance of any medical requirements you have.

ICNA will have an information desk located in registration area to assist during the convention.

Distribution of propaganda materials against any Muslim organization or any Muslim personality will not be allowed. Video & audio recording of the Convention programs will not be allowed. Press officials should contact the Chairman, Media Relations for information. 


Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA)
166-26, 89th Avenue
Jamaica, NY 11432
Ph: (718)-658-1199  Fax: (718)-658-1255
Email: info@icna.org

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