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8 December 2003
the global portal on international debt

Africa's Debt - Africa Action Position Paper
Debt cancellation, simple as it sounds, holds the key to Africa's future. All efforts to find out why stabilization or adjustment has not worked, why investment has not resumed, and why the state capacity has been further eroded will fail unless this single but dominant issue -- debt overhang -- is addressed.
From: 6 November 2003

Reality of aid
Aid has become a much contested issue. Orthodox approaches treat foreign Aid as a critical factor for redressing capital deficiencies in poor nations, boosting local demand and supply and through positive multiplier effects, establishing conditions for sustainable long-term growth. Donors expect Aid to Government to adopt policies and programmes that will create a conducive environment for improved economic performance. The reality however, indicates that Aid is driven by other motivations.
From: African Forum and Network on Debt and Development. 19 September 2003

This is a series of bulletins containing news from the WTO Cancun Ministerial
From: 19 September 2003

More manipulations ahead on road to, and at Cancun?
Geneva, 16 July (Chakravarthi Raghavan) - A two-day meeting of the Trade Negotiations Committee (TNC), the last before the Cancun Ministerial meeting and which ended Tuesday evening, suggests that the WTO head, Dr. Supachai Panitchpakdi and the Chair of the General Council, Amb. Carlos Perez del Castillo of Uruguay, are planning to adopt a process that will make the preparatory process worse than under Mike Moore in the run-up to Doha, and for an even more manipulated ministerial meeting at Cancun, to secure an outcome sought by majors.
From: 4 August 2003

South Africa could face economic collapse within a few generations unless it adopts a more urgent response to its HIV/AIDS epidemic, a new World Bank research report warned on Wednesday. According to the report "The Long-run Economic Costs of AIDS: Theory and an Application to South Africa", most studies on the macroeconomic costs of AIDS had overlooked the long-term damage of the disease.
From: 4 August 2003

The African Development Bank (ADB) Group has funded activities of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to the tune of $10.8 billion as at the end of last year. The facts were made known last Thursday when ADB and the African Development Fund signed an agreement with ECOWAS, which provides a framework for cooperation between the bank and the sub-regional economic grouping.
From: 4 August 2003

Round table discussion on debt sovereignty
The Bretton Woods Committee issued a report on strategies to reduce sovereign debt, which has been disseminated to officials at the IMF and World Bank, as well as central bankers and finance ministers worldwide. The report summarizes the findings of an impressive group of financial leaders from both the public and private sector brought together in April by the Bretton Woods Committee to review the emerging market crises of the past 20 years and draw lessons for future policies.
From: Bretton Woods Project. 7 May 2003
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Africa's debt: fueling the fire of HIV/AIDS
Africa pays $15 billion a year in debt repayments making debt the greatest economic challenge to fight HIV/AIDS which is devasting the continent. Africa Action outlines the human cost of debt.
From: Africa Action. 5 May 2003
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A showcase for privatization?
American armed forces in Iraq are providing locals at the port of Umm Qasr with free water from tankers, which the locals are then allowed to resell at a reasonable fee. This is supposed to provide them with an incentive to hustle and work, says an Army commander. This is the Americans solution to the chaos surrounding water distribution in Umm Qasr.
From: Alternatives: Action and Communication Network for International Development. 11 April 2003
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Left behind to starve
There is surely no more obvious symptom of the corruption of Western politics than the disproportion between the money available for sustaining life and the money available for terminating it.
From: Daily Mail & Guardian. 24 March 2003
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Tony Blair responds to campaigners
After receiving a mountain of correspondence from Christian Aid campaigners calling for trade justice for the world's poor, No. 10 has issued an official response directly to you.
From: Christian Aid. 24 March 2003

Comercio justo - Fair trade ©Solidaridad Internacional Fair Trade links
Visit these links for more information on Fair Trade...
Image: Comercio justo - Fair trade ©Solidaridad Internacional
From: Oxfam International. 20 March 2003

Boost your buy this Fairtrade Fortnight
Buying fairtrade products is a vital way to ensure thousands of the most marginalised farmers benefit from international trade.
From: Christian Aid. 10 March 2003


Editor : DebtChannel Editor

Africa against negotiating Singapore issues
by Martin Khor

Representatives from several African countries have stated that the WTO Ministerial Conference in Cancun should decide that negotiations should not begin on the four "Singapore issues" but instead the process of clarification of each of the issues should continue in the respective working groups.

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Jubilee Research @ NEF
Jubilee Research is building on the work of the hugely successful Jubilee 2000 debt cancellation campaign, and in particular its reputation for providing up-to-date, accurate research, analyses, news and data on international debt and finance.
From: Jubilee Research @ NEF. 3 July 2002
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