Picture of a Mini Moog

In 1975 I bought a used Mini Moog. It was my first synthesizer; I sold it only recently.

I have scanned-in and reformatted two of the original Mini Moog manuals. They are here to help those fans of the Mini who picked one up at a pawn shop or garage sale and got it without any manuals.

Obviously, Moog Music has been out of business for a long time. These re-created documents have the original addresses. Please do not use these postal addresses -- you will only bother the current residents!

Some caveats:

  1. The online manual is one large HTML file, for ease in downloading a copy of your own.
  2. The operation manual does not contain the patch sheets.
    I'm considering how to re-represent the information.
  3. The service manual does not contain the schematics or parts locations.
    However, see below for some scans.

MiniMoog Operation Manual (19 pages)

MiniMoog Service Manual (24 pages)

Schematics and Board Layouts

Here are some scans of the schematics and board layouts. The schematics seem to be the same between the two sets, although the drawings are different. The set from the Operation Manual has one functional unit per sheet, while the Service Manual has one board per sheet. The Service Manual set also has board layouts and a (dark) front-panel wiring diagram.

Schematics and block diagram from the user's Operation Manual (390KB): uman_gif.tgz
Schematics and board layouts from the Service Manual (530KB): sman_gif.tgz

They are packaged in a 'gzip'ed 'tar' archive. I think WinZip can unpack it; UNIX users know what to do; Mac folks must have something that can deal with it.

Here is a special treat: Thanks!


The S-trigger jack on the Mini Moog accepts a Cinch-Jones plug, part number P-302-CCT. Many electronics distributors carry this line; DigiKey is one (1-800-344-4539, and 1-218-681-6674). Their part-number for it is CJ102P-ND, and it costs about $2.60 USD. Some Radio Shack's also carry the part.

The power connectors on the back of the Mini Moog accept a six-pin Cinch-Jones connector, P-306-CCT. DigiKey carries it as their part number CJ106-ND, and it costs about $3.50 USD.


These manuals are here to help folks who have a MiniMoog, but for some reason do not have an instruction or service manual. It is also meant to help those who are just starting out learning electronic music synthesis, since the concepts and connections are standard.


Please direct comments and complaints to me.