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8th December 2003
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Music live reviews
Inspiral Carpets Inspiral Carpets @ the Apollo, Sat 6 Dec
"'We've never played the Apollo,' grinned Tom Hingley, and if you believe what the band have said about this being their last shows, they never will again, but for one night only, they were the kings of all they surveyed."
Inspiral Carpets

MuseMuse @ the Arena, Sat 29 Nov
"It's not often one comes across a band that redefines the concept of the good old fashioned rock show. Refreshingly though, Muse are able to do just that and it's a true delight to watch them at it."

BlurBlur @ the Apollo, Fri 28 Nov
Few bands survive the departure of their guitarist and still produce the goods on record and on stage, but Blur are setting their stall out for doing just that. We sent Alyson Blanchard to the Apollo to capture them in action.

The FilamentsThe Filaments @ Star and Garter, Thurs 27 Nov
"The Filaments, The Mingers, Harijan, Geoffrey's Minions... the band names tell you this has to be ska or punk. For me, that should promise an evening of frivolity, bouncy beats, a smidgen of politics and a hard fast beat. Tonight doesn’t disappoint."

The CoralThe Coral @ the Apollo, Wed 26 Nov
"With marginally more stage presence than a hedgehog, The Coral's energy is all in the arms. . Despite this, they still manage to hold the record for the band with the most random people wandering around the stage like one big scouse army."

Busta RhymesBusta Rhymes @ the Arena, Wed 26 Nov
"You don't go to a Busta Rhymes gig if you like nice, this is the King of sooooo not p.c. and thank God for that! This was real hip hop, by a real hip hop artist and truly the best thing I've been to this year."

Mark LaneganMark Lanegan @ Academy 3, Wed 26 Nov
"He is a brethren of cheap and dirty misery with Nick Cave; he chews grits and glass with Chris Rea; he chokes out the blues with Eric Burdon."

tim BurgessTim Burgess @ Academy 2, Tues 25 Nov
"The show was even stopped at one point while he reached into the crowd to shake hands with as many admirers as possible, sign autographs and take a couple of love letters... it was that sort of night!"

Marilyn MansonMarilyn Manson @ the Arena, Tues 25 Nov
There are few things like the dark side of Marilyn Manson and trying to convey him in words sometimes makes no sense, so we sent Karen McBride along to capture the essence of his performance.

Ryan AdamsRyan Adams @ the Academy, Mon 24 Nov
"The thing with Ryan is that he's a bit difficult to get a handle on. Is he the man who pens stark and beautiful country songs for the Mojo-reading classes or is he a rock (as in "rawkkkk!!!") star? He doesn't seem to know himself."

RadioheadRadiohead @ the Arena, Sat 22 Nov
"Doubts as to whether the new material can cut it live prove entirely unfounded and the energy of the band is only matched by the versatility and fullness of their sound."

My Morning JacketMy Morning Jacket @ Academy 3, Sat 22 Nov
"My Morning Jacket are unbelievably hairy, so much so they seem to be the offspring of a love tryst between Han Solo and Chewbacca."

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