on a bet

hell test



2002-11-09 - 1:55 z.m.

> religionz <
( longish but hellish )

speculation has it that
back in the day before
scientology, l. ron hubbard
was friends with heinlein.

one day hubbard's like
"bet you i can start a religion!"
and heinlein's like
"bet you can't!"

no doubt, hubbard could grok,
but the problem i've got with
all religions is that they
offer to save you only if you

join them and live by their
rules and regulations. this
to me is unacceptable and i
have therefore come up with

an encompassing religion that
i will call religionz because
it's at the end of the alphabet,
way down from religions and the

beauty is that you won't have
to wait for religiont, religionu,
religionv, you go straight to
religionz and you do nothing

in order to be saved, continue
on doing whatever it is you're
doing, only build a frame by
which your self-judgment will

lead you to where you want to go.
most people would agree that is
called salvation. live wisely and
then self-judge to your liking.


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