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Title(Korean): Sarinnabireul Tchotneun Yeoja

Also Known In English as : A Woman Chasing Horrible Butterfly    





Year Of Production



 110 min.

Production Company

 Ujin Films


 Jeong Jin-u


  Kim Ki-young


  I Mun-ung



Director Of Photography

 I Seong-chun

Production Design

  I Bong-seon


  Seo Byeong-su


 Han Sang-gi


 Gim Heui-su


 Yu Chang-guk



Main Cast

 Gim Ja-ok, Gim Je ong-cheol, Gim Man, Namgung Won


     Gim Yeong-geol and his friend go butterfly hunting.  A woman with a butterfly pendant spikes his drink to make him die with her.  He survives but loses the will to live, and now he wears the pendant.  When he tries to hang himself, an old bookseller breaks in and tries to sell him Triumph of the Will.  He tells Gim that the will to live can make one immortal and is stimulated by the desire to kill someone else.  Only after stabbing, burying alive and then burning is Gim finally able to kill the bookseller.  He tries to turn himself into the police, but they say the ashes are not human.  Gim is convinced the bookseller is still working his spell.  He and his friend go on an archaeological trip and retrieve a skeleton from a cave.  Rain drops bring it to life as a young woman from the Shilla dynasty over 2,000 years ago.  She is looking for a man, but she also needs to eat human liver or she will die again within ten days.  He returns without a human liver but with a rice cake machine to mak

e some money for himself.  As the rice cakes pop out of the machine, they have sex.  Having tasted love, she cannot bring herself to kill him and eat his liver, so she dies.  Gim takes the skeleton to Professor I and becomes his assistant.  The professor’s daughter, Gyeong-heui, wears a matching butterfly pendant.  The woman who died was her friend.  The next day, the maid tells him Gyeong-heui is the queen bee in the house.  Gyeong-heui tells him her friend returned in a dream and demanded she poison him so she can have him on the other side.  A parcel containing a skull for Professor I to measure arrives, and the mystery of the source of the skulls is raised.  Gim investigates.  A whole head arrives.  When Gim suggests they call the police, I says that would jeopardize his research.  Gyeong-heui sickens.  Gim takes her on a student camping trip, but resists her desire that they die together to fulfill her dead friend’s wish.  Back home, the doctors run out of treatments.  She tells Gim h

e is her last hope but he runs away from her.  Out drinking, his friend from the cave and the butterfly trip spikes his drink.  A parcel arrives with Gim’s head and a letter telling Gyeong-heui he will guide her to her death.  Happy, she collapses.  Then the head speaks out the will to live.  Professor I struggles with it, but in the end, I is killed.  He turns into an enormous butterfly and ascends, his daughter clinging to his tail.  Gim and his friend awake from their drunken stupor and go out onto the Seoul streets.

(written by Chris Berry, based on viewing the film.)



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