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Title(Korean): Ieodo

Also Known In English as : I Eo Island, Ieodo    





Year Of Production



 110 min.

Production Company

 Dong A Export Company


 I U-seok


 Kim Ki-young


 Ha Yu-sang, based on the novel by I Cheong-jun



Director Of Photography

 Jeong Il-seong

Production Design

 I Myeong-su


 Seo Byeong-su


 Han Sang-gi


 Hyeon Dong-chun


 Han Yang



Main Cast

  I Hwa-si, Gim Jeong-chil, Choi Yun-seok, Gwon Mi-hye, Bak Jeong-ja


  Seonu Hyeon revisits Parangdo (“Blue Island) after three years absence.  He is surprised to find it deserted, and when he searches for the barmaid he met three years ago he cannot find her.  Three years ago, Seonu was publicity manager for a hotel due to built on Chejudo (Cheju Island).  He suggested a “Search for Iodo” press junket to create publicity for the hotel, but this putative destination was kept a mystery until after the ship had set sail.  When the destination became known, Cheju newspaper reporter Cheon Namseok demand the ship turn about and return to port.  Seonu started to drink with Cheon to calm him down, but Cheon suddenly went missing.  The junket failed and Seonu became a suspect in Cheon’s disappearance.  He was freed for lack of evidence, but the newspaper editor still doubted him.  Therefore, Seonu and the editor went to Parangdo together to investigate Cheon’s missing.  Parangdo is a small island near Chejudo populated by women divers and fishermen.  Seonu and the ed

itor visit the local shaman to ask about Cheon, and they also hear about him from other villagers.  In Cheon’s childhood, his father had seen Iodo while out fishing.  According to legend, if one sees Iodo, one will die.  Cheon’s father had disappeared mysteriously, and Cheon himself had run away to the mainland leaving his fiancee Minja behind.  After going to the city,  Cheon had become a shoeshine boy.  But on his return to Chejudo, he had become a newspaper reporter.  In the course of his inquiries, he had found out how serious pollution was all around.  He had set out to intervene radically, but had been in a car accident.  After he had come back to Parangdo, he had met the barren Widow Bak.  He had believed she was Minja, and they had married.  He had started to cultivate abalone to make Parangdo rich, but had failed due to sea pollution.  He had already borrowed a large sum of money from a mysterious woman, and after his failure, he had had no choice but to belong to her.  She had wa

rned him to leave Parangdo, and that is how he had come to take up being a reporter again and join the press junket.  The shaman carries out an exorcism to retrieve Cheon’s corpse from the sea.  During the exorcism, Seonu meets the barmaid and they have sex.  Eventually, the corpse is lured to shore and Widow Bak claims ownership.  The barmaid insists it is hers and reveals that in fact she is Minja.  She had followed Cheon from the island to the city, and returned later in disguise.  Because everyone believes the sperm inside a male corpse remain alive for three days, when she gets the corpse, Minja tries to have sex with it.  Three years later, Seonu visits Parangdo again.  He meets Minja, who has a little boy.   Seonu asks if he is his son, but she denies it and says he is Cheon’s son.  However, he and boy a mysterious force makes it hard for them to let go once they grip each other’s hands.  Nonetheless, Seonu has to leave Parangdo, and he anticipates that he will never return.

(written by Lee Kyung-Eun on the basis of viewing the film.)



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