The First English Settlers of Georgia

The list below includes all 114 of the first English settlers who embarked on the ship Anne for Oglethorpe's new colony of Georgia.  Families are grouped together, with indented entries for wives, children, and servants after the head of household.  It should be remembered that not all these people survived long in the new colony, and some relocated or returned.  The list was extracted from a 1947 article by E. Merton Coulter in the Georgia Historical Quarterly.

"A list of the persons sent to Georgia on the [Anne] by the trustees for establishing the colony there, 16 November 1732, by Captain Thomas"

Paul Amatis, understands the nature & production of raw silk, aged ___

Timothy Bowling, potashmaker, aged 38

William Calvert, trader of goods, aged 44

    Mary, his wife, aged 42

    William Greenfield, his nephew, aged 19

    Charles Greenfield, his nephew, aged 16

    Sarah Greenfield, his neice, aged 16

    Elizabeth Wallis, his servant, aged 19

Richard Cannon, calendar & carpenter, aged 36

    Mary, his wife, aged 33

    Marmaduke, his son, aged 9

   James, his son, aged 7 months

    Clementine, his daughter, aged 2 1/2

    Mary Hicks, his servant, aged ___

James Carwell, peruke maker, aged 35

    Margaret, his wife, aged 32

Thomas Causton, callicoe printer, aged 40

Thomas Christie, merchant, aged 32

    Robert Johnston, his servant, aged 17

Robert Clarke Taylor, aged 37

    Judith, his wife, aged 29

    Charles, his son, aged 11

    John, his son, aged 4

    Peter, his son, aged 3

    James, his son, aged 9 months

Henry Close, clothworker, aged 42

    Hannah, his wife, aged 32

    Ann, his daughter, aged under 2

Joseph Coles, miller & baker, aged 28

    Anna, his wife, aged 32

    Anna, his daughter, aged 13

    Elias Ann Wellen, his servant, aged 18

Joseph Cooper, writer, aged 37

William Cox, surgeon, aged 41

    Frances, his wife, aged 35

    William, his son, aged above 12

    Eunice, his daughter, aged 2 3/4

    Henry Loyd, his servant, aged 21

Joseph Fitzwalter, gardener, aged 31

Walter Fox, turner, aged 35

John Gready, understands farming, aged 22

James Goddard, carpenter & joyner, aged 38

    Elizabeth, his wife, aged 42

    John, his son, aged under 9

    Elizabeth, his daughter, aged 5

Peter Gordon, upholstereer, aged 34

    Katherine, his wife, aged 28

Richard Hodges, basketmaker, aged 50

    Mary, his wife, aged 42

    Mary, his daughter, aged 18

    Elizabeth, his daughter, aged 16

    Sarah, his daughter, aged 5

Joseph Hughes, in the cyder trade & understands writing and accompts, aged 28

    Elizabeth, his wife, aged 22

Noble Jones, carpenter, aged 32

    Sarah, his wife, aged 32

    Noble, his son, aged 10 months

    Mary, his daughter, aged 3

    Thomas Ellis, his servant, aged 17

    Mary Cormock, his servant, aged 11

William Littel, understands flax & hemp, aged 31

    Elizabeth, his wife, aged 31

    William, his son, aged under 2

    Mary, his daughter, aged 5

Thomas Millidge, carpenter & joyner, aged 42

    Elizabeth, his wife, aged 40

    John, his son, aged 11

    Richard, his son, aged 8

    James, his son, aged 1 1/2

    Sarah, his daughter, aged under 9

    Frances, his daughter, aged 5

Francis Mugridge, sawyer, aged 39

James Muir, peruke maker, aged 38

    Ellen, his wife, aged 38

    John, his son, aged 18 months

    Elizabeth Satchfield, his servant, aged 25

Joshua Overend, aged 40

Samuel Parker, a heelmaker & understands carpenter's work, aged 33

    Jane, his wife, aged 36

    Samuel, his son, aged 16

    Thomas, his son, aged under 9

John Penrose, husbandman, aged 35

    Elizabeth, hiswife, aged 46

Thomas Pratt, aged 21

John Samms, cordwainer, aged 42

Francis Scott, a reduced military officer, aged 40

    John Richard Cameron, his servant, aged 35

Joseph Stanley, stockingmaker & can draw & reel silk, aged 45

    Elizabeth, his wife, aged 35

    John Mackay, his servant, aged 25

George Symes, apothecary, aged 55

    Sarah, his wife, aged 52

    Anne, his daughter, aged 21

Daniel Thibaut, understands vines, aged 50

    Mary, his wife, aged 40

    James, his son, aged under 12

    Dianna, his daughter, aged under 7

John Warrrin, flax & hemp dresser, aged 34

    Elizabeth, his wife, aged 27

    William, his son, aged 6

    Richard, his son, aged 4

    John, his son, aged 1  1/2

    one son to be baptized aged 3 weeks

    Elizabeth, his daughter, aged 3

William Waterland, late a mercer, aged 44

John West, smith, aged 33

    Elizabeth, his wife, aged 33

    Richard, his son, aged 5

James Wilson, sawyer, aged 21

John Wrighht, vintner, aged 33

    Penelope, his wife, aged 33

    John, his son, aged 13

    Elizabeth, his daughter, aged 11

Thomas Young, wheelwright, aged 45

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