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A Service For Barrett Descendants Since 1980

If you have Barrett ancestors, you are invited to register them in the Barrett Registry at NO charge. Yes, for FREE. Maybe someone you do not know has already registered ancestors similar to yours.

The Barrett Registry is an ever growing collection of ancestral lines leading back to and including Barrett ancestors (any spelling) submitted by persons wishing to learn more about their Barrett lineage. At present, the registry contains over 1350 ancestral lines and over 1700 names of Barrett correspondents. The Registry is not to be published, but to be used as a research vehicle to assist as many Barrett descendants as possible.

When an ancestral line is received, it is indexed by place names and cross-referenced with those already on file to determine common ancestors from the same location with other correspondents. All ancestral lines will be cross-referenced with those received in the future. Even if you have only one known Barrett ancestor, you may register him/her in case there are other correspondents who might be related to you.


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