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At the audio-cassette release function of the songs of director Bharatiraja’s new film 'Kangalal Kaidhu Sei', the cynosure of all eyes was its debutante heroine Priyamani. Clad in a red and white two-piece ensemble she cut a bizarre picture.

Dark, skinny and very ordinary in appearance. But came the songs on the screen and one saw a completely different Priyamani on the screen, making everyone take a second look at the heroine sitting on the dais, smiling as Bharatiraja heaped praise on her.

The debutante has an amazing screen presence, is extremely photogenic, her smile lighting up the screen. If only she would develop a better dress sense!

Incidentally, the actress hails from Palakkadu and has modelled for sarees for Kancheepuram Silks, Lakshmi Silks and Erode New Silk companies.


Thalaivasal Vijai in English film

Thalaivasal Vijay seems to be going places. The talented character actor, despite proving his credentials in many films, is neglected by our film-makers and sidelined into playing inconsequential roles. But now the actor has been signed up by director Mahesh Dattani to play a crucial role in his English film ‘Morning Raga’. Vijay shares the frames with none other than Shabhana Azmi.

Incidentally, it was the film’s cinematographer, Rajeev Menon, who had recommended the talented actor to Dattani.


Uma pairs with Parthiban

Another talented artiste who’s been neglected by the industry but who seems to be steadily making her way up is Uma, daughter of yesteryear heroine Sumitra. Uma, a consummate actress, played the ‘sister’ to perfection in films with Satyaraj and Vijaykant.

So, she was relegated to playing the sister to other heroes too. But now her fortune seems to be changing for the better. She’s playing the lead in Thangar Bachan’s ‘Thendral’ with Partibhan as hero. There’s ‘Soory’ with Vignesh, to be released shortly. There’s another film, ‘Machayi’, where she plays the female lead with Jaivarma (of ‘Naam’ fame) as hero. And there are the Kannada and Malayalam films she’s doing too.


A case for Simran’s comeback

It’s final! The Simran-Deepak marriage took place at Mumbai December 2, with the ‘dholi’ leaving on December 3. This puts at rest all rumours that have been circulating about the actress.

Meanwhile, one disconcerted person is Pyramid Natarajan. The producer had reportedly filed a case against the actress regarding his production ‘Udaya’, which has Simran and Vijay.
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The film, on the floors for the past couple of years, has been revived. It needs just 12 more days of shooting and dates from Simran to complete it.

Simran had expressed helplessness because of her marriage. Now the case going in his favour, Simran reportedly has to give the necessary dates and also not act in any other film till ‘Udaya’ is completed.


Ajit Ji

One of the few actors who have kept themselves aloof from politics is Ajit. Neither in his films nor in his private life has the hero evinced any interest in politics. But now there comes a film where he dons the role of a politician. The film is titled ‘JI’. Hope he does a better job of a politician in ‘Ji’ than he did as a cop in ‘Anjaneya’!



Published on 10th Dec, 2003

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