A Review of the CD "Spark"
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by Carl Cacho
copyright 2002
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This review is written by Kevin McCarthy, 3/02

"Kevin's Celtic & Folk Music CD Reviews"

With all due respect, is Carl Cacho: 1) a cast member of "The Sopranos," 2) yet another greedy Enron executive or 3) your faithless louse of an ex-husband? Well, those in the know, which unfortunately did not include me until recently, possess the lucky truth.
Carl Cacho is actually a talented Massachusetts-based singer-songwriter. Yet another unrewarded solid professional who, in the wake of this week's Grammy gala, finds himself producing better material than many of Wednesday night's Grammy winners. But that's another story, another time.
His latest release encompasses matters of the heart, arcing between the comings-and-goings in relationships. And for excellent measure, demonstrating impeccable taste, he provides tributes to the late Al Grierson and the departed Bill Monroe with "November, 2000" and "Save Me A Seat," respectively.
Cacho's rounding up of various folk talents--Jimmy LaFave, Kris Delmhorst, Mark Erelli, Rob Laurens, Kevin So, Ellis Paul, Eric Schwartz and Christopher Williams--makes this collection of songs seem at times like being around a Kerrville Folk Festival camp fire. Nonetheless, it is Cacho's writing, vocals and production that are the ultimate attraction here.
He opens with "The Devil In Me," about the irresistable lure of temptation. He closes the song with:
"...I wear this band of gold
For everyone to see
But it don't mean much
To the Devil in me"
"Bordertown," with Jimmy Lafave's unique vocals adding ambience, depicts the vagabond life. Again, Cacho finshes with a couple of his best lines:
"...I love the sound of a train rolling down the track
The town that lies ahead, the never looking back."
Longing and loss are the theme of "That Belongs To You." He opens with:
"I left the town I was born in
I left my room above the mill
I left my clothes to the orphans
I left my shadow to the hills
I left the red moon burning
I left the black night turning blue
I left it all, with this heart,
That belongs to you..."
He continues in the same vein with "Looking For Your Heart." Backed by plaintive harmonica, Cacho sorrowfully sings of his dogged search for a lost lover:
"...I tried to follow the footsteps
Of those who had been there before
I want what they wanted
Only I want it more..."
Stepping into a diner, he adds:
"...The waitress asks what I'm wanting
I don't know where I should start
When I know that wherever I go
I'm just looking for your heart."
Recounting running away from home as a teenager and eventually returning after a few days, and the welcoming back of his dog after nightly canine escapades, he cleverly closes "Home Is Where They Have To Let You In" with:
"...When it finally comes for me to die
Just forgive my IOUs, and sing for me my unplayed blues
As my soul lifts into the sky
Where St. Peter will be waiting to slowly count up all my sins
He'll say these don't mean a thing and hand me my angel wings
Home is where they have to let you in"
This is an artist who deserves a higher profile. He'll achieve such altitude if he keeps releasing music as good as this batch of songs.
Cacho, on vocals, acoustic guitar and high-strung guitar, is assisted by John Anderson on upright bass and bowed bass; Danny Click on electric and slide guitar; Stephanie Corby on backing vocals; Kris Delmhorst on fiddle and duet vocal; Mark Erelli on high strung guitar and backing vocals; David Goldfinger on mandolin; Jimmy LaFave on duet vocals; Will Landin on bass; Mark LaPointe on drums; Rob Laurens on upright bass; Ellis Paul on harmony; Mieka Pauley on harmony; Steve Sadler on dobro, accordion and mandolin; Eric Schwartz on backing vocals; Kyle Shiver on acoustic and electric guitars; Kevin So on electric, acoustic, high strung and slide guitar, keyboards, harmonica, shaker and backing vocals; Oliver Steck on trumpet and Christopher Williams on percussion.
Track List:
· The Devil In Me (2:08)
· Bordertown (4:25)
· Slip It Into Drive (4:31)
· That Belongs To You (3:20)
· Home (Is Where They Have To Let You In) (3:55)
· The Bluest Of Things (3:12)
· One Step Too Far (3:23)
· Looking For Your Heart (3:52) Carl Cacho & Chris Eliot
· Too Hot To Touch (3:12)
· Stay With Me Tonight (4:01) Carol Cacho & Kevin So
· November, 2000 (2:25)
· Save Me A Seat (4:36)
All songs written by Carl Cacho, except as noted.

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