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Does anyone recognize Armegeddon? Don't think "terror," think "tribulation." Don't think Jihad/Holy War, think Armeggedon. Don't think NWO (New World Order,) think "End Times."

It is continuously announced that the FULL psychological attack on this planet will begin with a ploy (an "extra-dimensional biological entity" coupled with) using scalar technology soon after the Japanese economy crashes very badly; this presumably in the next year, and possibly much sooner. The revelation is made by a former USA diplomat in a book and on radio shows. This move is to be made BEFORE the arrival of the true Christos approximately only 265 days from January 1, 2003. (You must consult a Rabbi or pious Jew, to determine Succoth, a holiday close to the "Jewish" New Year, and following "The Feast of the Tabernacles" The bibles seem opaque because they speak in terms of ":natural law": which is the same as scalar physics.) Succoth is September 20, 2003.

Caution: government scalar physicists use language like: ascending angels, descending angels, standing angels (enthalpy, entropy, steady-state.)

(How this is pertinent to physics is made clear in files clickable from the orion.htm link, the Crimram files, Omega files, and especially the Dulce Papers (The Dulce Book), also the Mojave files and orion.htm itself; especially by one's familiarity with the Grand Unification; the GUF is not universally a mystery on this planet. The social aspect of the Strategic Defense Initiative is often referred to as The New World Order; however, this is NOT a conspiracy but a domestic strategy with global prerogatives for concerting the public for efficiencies required for fighting a war, an intergalactic war (actually, between universes) other treacherous species communicating with major nations have deceived us into expecting in fall 2003 AD. NWO serves the functions of OPA during World War Two, The Office of Public Affairs. It is extremely important to you personally to find out about this. The galaxy is 167 trillion years old and (we are told by other creatures), is conscious, and absolutely hates humans generated (created) on this planet. The biblical name for The Milky Way is Lucifer. Bibles appear to be opaque because we are hideously stupid and prideful in reading them. The Bibles' logic is that of this physics! The galaxy is absolutely jealous of the birth of a new Eli, a new member of the "mysterious species" known collectively as The Elohim. Every Adam, human, in the "image of God" will become an Eli, NO MATTER WHAT. We call ours "The Christ"; there is only one for each instance of the creation of human beings. We are the last of about two dozen humans created in the galaxy. The last great battle of "the war in heaven" is about to be fought in earnest here in just a few months.

~1952 AD
the threat from "other species", i.e., The Elohim, Jehoveh is one and Jesus is maturing as one, is perceived to be so great that nothing else is more important to national security. The model for brutal callousness is Coventry, England, which was allowed to be bombed so that possession of the Nazi's ENIGMA codes would remain secret.

Seemingly natural disasters (quakes, hurricanes) and other destabilizing events (riots, bank failures, stock market crash, "terror") justifying Emergency Powers are underway AS WE CAN PLAINLY SEE and are being put into place (here and there using scalar technology) to justify a condition which, when achieved, will enable extraordinary brutality. The objective is to advance USA and Canada technologically by 2,000 years before the High Holy Days of the year 2003. . (On the Hebrew calandar which may be to be one month off.) At that time, many hundreds of millions (2.3 billions) will simply vanish, presumably reappearing in 2013, when this "time-line" TERMINATES. For reasons and in contexts available for study throughout certain links at this site, the black operations of USA are extremely brutal and ruthless, but they have lost control of their machinations (using zero point technology) and are in a desperate struggle that prevents them from telling the public about that which the public insists it, the government explain, namely visitations from other species. It is illegal for any federal employee to discuss the subject of such events as other species or the gargantuan craft that are reported and shown to millions on television as they pass over large cities; also, it is illegal to commercialize or to traffic in or to otherwise share the knowledge or the technology. Eighty to ninety percent of the peculiar craft reported belong to ultra secret US military forces.

1834 AD
the fuel cell was invented

The infantile use of time-machines by ourselves human on this planet has allowed this deception. However, it is not possible to perceive a divine event by means of such a device. (This does not pertain to the crucifixion of one Jesus of Nazareth, an event retroactively captured on film and hidden in secret government archives.) Therefore, a beautiful condition of spiritual evolution is misrepresented as a mass abduction. The military calls the event a "mass evacuation". Bible-thumpers call this: "The Rapture". We, our society, our technology and our children would be radically different were it not for the discoveries having happened in the context of World War II, which continues, having made a quantum leap in the technology applied. The "foo fighters" Germany used in WWII were saucers, for example.

It is all over but the whining. By the way, we are all "dead" Adam & Eve died, remember, the primal scene those who are reincarnating or those who were rematerializing after the use of the machinery on the Eldridge (phila. exp.) see is of Adam & Eve, ever copulating. Part of being "dead" is that we are "clocked" by celestial circumstances; this most notable in the female with her monthly/lunar cycle. Males cycle at about 45 days. Those who "resurrect" will seem to have vanished, to those remaining dead. We are living a lie, a deceit on many levels other than the geopolitical. The biblical injunction to "Come out of her," referring to Babylon - a sick tormented violent domineering murderous society, i.e., USA under the Bush Regime. **The beast with the little horns in Revelations is Manasses, USA, the elder son of Joseph. The description of its changing times and customs is the same as the intention, in the full blown New World Order, to force those still present to worship on Sunday! This would be a violation of the Fourth Commandment. The other beast which suffered a terrible wound to the head which survived, and subsumed within a completely transformed USA is the Catholic Church which has insisted Sunday worship for about fifteen hundred years.**


"Fly High, Fly Low, You Cannot Escape"

We see a mythology given birth, at the expense of vain (shattered, castrated) USA pride. We must be careful, "conventional" warfare is one mob of people charging another, period.

At the time of Christ, Vietnamese women promoted their two still most revered women, the Trung Sisters, to Goddess status for instigating and generaling the defeat of the Chinese, who had been there for 800 years. This poster in Vietnam shows the elevation of the men to demi-god status, or to "Titans". Vietnam is virtually a perfect society, matrilinear and pervasively female! The women control the society by withholding sex. The commie rat bastards controlling the country now are trying to reverse their elimination of prostitution, since the women, who copulated wildly with Gis, by grabbing them and dragging them off - something GIs don't brag about, otherwise have their legs shut outside of marriage. Vietnamese women tote quarter ton yokes, not 50 or 60 pounds as has been guessed by some. I KNOW THIS ONLY BECAUSE I TOOK THEIR BURDENS AND TRIED TO CARRY THEM. (I was also "sexed" twice, living as I was in the streets to avoid the horrible collection of jerks which was a USA military base where I occasionally ran a dispensary.) (Shunning of mixed breed children is only because it indicates the woman/mother had sex with a weakling, which is forbidden in their culture.) The only current enemy to Vietnam is the government! However, Vietnam has no written laws. The only law is "LOVE". The law is enforced with the death penalty (summoning someone by wagging the index finger is death. Pentagon told this to GIs going there.). The gates of hell cannot prevail against them. The Vietnamese have demonstrated extreme graciousness to the defeated and offered this to USA. They, about 500 years ago, gave food, fresh horses, and blankets, etc., to a defeated Chinese army and lovingly sent them home. THE DESIRE TO HAVE PEACE WITH HONOR ON THE PART OF USA WAS PROVIDED BY THE WEBMASTER IN THE FALL OF 1966. THE SOUTH VIETNAMESE MIDDLE CLASS, CHALLENGED BY BRIAN J. BURDICK AND SYLVESTER H. CHRISTIE, ORDERED USA OUT OF THE COUNTRY. THIS WAS SUPPRESSED, i.e., THE NEWSPAPERS WERE PLAIN WHITE PAPER FOR SEVERAL PAGES, UNTIL IT "BLEW OVER"

USA is in a state of Belligerent Psychosis. USA is crazy with anxiety and undefinable fear (not terrorism) as well as a keen insult to pride (wound of horrible spanking from Vietnam, the world's only super power, really, it is The Ultra Super-Duper Power, is still festering. Be extremely careful. TERROR is used instead of TRIBULATION to avoid awakening USA society to what is actually being done to it. Vietnamese kill each other over tiny acts of rudeness or selfishness and are horrified at how perverse and cruel our society is, since jerks (George W. Bush types) in Vietnamese society are all already dead. The United States of America treats other nations the way we treat each other also various groups, like the Negroid, Mongoloid especially aboriginals, and unwitting females.) USA is paranoid. USA does horrible things to other vulnerable and especially non-Caucasoid peoples regularly, the Navy Seals doing over 150 incursions a year - and never detected so far! USA always insures that there are "clean" women to service its troops, therefore Korean women have to carry cards showing they are "inspected" for venereal diseases. So, therefore, in the perfect execution of divine justice, USA women will be "whores" for the UN troops to be sent to "pacify" USA society as well as to quiet us in our wild violences, particularly in Arabia. God Almighty expressly forbade USA and England from going east of the Tigris-Euphrates, i.e., Iran and Afghanistan. You are living in "bible times."

"I shall break the pride of your power" -God.

"The Mother of All Wars"

which of course is Armageddon, is what we are really trying to manage by charging into Arabia, but this is a deception of ourselves. The military will be murdered there, more effectively than with the poisons injected into their bodies before they were sent there in the 1990's. The scope, boldness, detail of the smashing of USA is so great that it can be done "in our face" and we will fail to see it; this owing to the incredibly vicious and sick nature of our society where unprincipled ridicule is the primary tool of negociating society. There are only months remaining. You will see this to your horror.

USA is undergoing dismantlement. Cash in your chips, gather your family, move to France

Russia in 2002 released all mothers from all prisons and jails NO MATTER WHAT THEIR CRIME. In the St. Petersberg area, no woman can get a traffic or parking ticket. USA will have to do things like that to win this "war in heaven." USA/Earth is the last battle. If we mess up, all humans around this galaxy will have to wait for another Christ to come and gather freshly created humans into His body. Other humans are rooting for us. "Good men are dying at the edge of the solar system."


The explanations of the cosmos that accommodate the type of phenomenon we see below are to be more readily found at this site, over time. The grasp of the nature of Grand Unified Field allows one to conceive applications out of an entirely fresh arena of physical laws (the Grand Unified Field) [700k zipped word 6.0 document of 3 megs - pix embedded, only 69 pages] hitherto relegated to being dissociated mathematical formulae or "hunches" and "feelings". Our grasp is increasingly resolved in detail and teachability. This page was purely technical at its inception, however the full scope of applications and social effects are attended to, as you shall see below. The explanation of charge separation, nuclear rotation, toroid formation (electricity/current/space/time/matter), also the 45-degree tilting of the rotational axis of atomic and celestial bodies with respect to the magnetic axis, the subatomic particles (the items of the substructure which are relationships or events or functions, not actual "particles"), the quantum substructure of matter itself, as well as the relationships among, magnetism, gravity, mind, and consciousness, also time and space or electricity [matter], and especially the FIVE (not four) basic forces of nature, are to be found at: this (in-house) site (Magnetism and electricity are condensed as "electromagnetism" and this is unfortunate. Lost is the ability to see that the Event Horizon and the zone of "decoupling" are a "membrane" between them, with electricity being a function of a "daughter space" about and generated by a hyperspatial environment which is itself contexted within a "parent space." The "Weak Force" is the arrival of "information" from the daughter space in the parent space. The other three forces are strong - towards the pointal, gravitational - towards the linear, and magnetic - towards the planar; this being toward the parent space (Father) and being the crossing of the Event Horizon. The eighths of space are "quarks", the "neutral charge gradient" within each of the fractionally charged eighths are neutrinos, these being shaped as the original letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. - these are imaged and are available by direct request of the webmaster.).

Frenchmen since the Newt Gingrich sponsored takeover in the 90's insult each other for hardheartedness or selfishness by saying, "you are acting like an American."

"Learning blocks", i.e., assumptions, prejudices, and reflexive attitudes or mindsets in particular comprise 110% of the obstacles to comprehension and effective engineering. The nature of reality cannot be taught nor can it be learned; but it must be REALIZED. The operating paradigm actively displaces the truth (it is time-bound, which reality is not - The greatest obstacle is the premising of space as the quality of vacuum, but space is itself created and is NOT what it meant by "vacuum", absolute vacuum in the context of vacuum energy physics, it is absolute but potentiated nothingness that has to be the starting point for mentation in this field. This refers to "The Prime Mover" or to God Almighty if you will.) The schizoid break stifles realization. Be of one mind, not unnecessarily anxious and perennially shifting one's mental focus. The way one thinks out problems in scalar physics is identical to the manner in which one parses a dream to determine who is who or what in a dream one is having or has just had; it is the same mental process, one having no purchase in every day dealings which are generally materialistic.

Fourth Millennium would help to endow the would-be overunity inventor with a rounded database for correct and effective thought in terms of reality, so as to enable the inventor, theorist, or the military which is sorely in need of a full-fledged paradigm to understand the consequences of the use of technologies of this unique type already in its possession. The phenomenon of "prime motion" numbs the unprepared brain to be understood, but this is solvable to individual mentation. Scalar Physics does not contradict anything we already "know,", when the knowledge is authentic; but blending the two to any extent at all "blows out the candle." of effective intelect. The body of knowledge of all sciences is coordinated and vivified by the grasp of the Master Paradigm, the correct and fully fleshed Grand Unified Field (Theory), not contradicted. No deep understanding of mathematics is required for good orientation. The knowledge itself is of "the life function" which is the same for generating "the super string" as for the operation of a levitating vehicle or multiplying fishes and loaves, etc.

New and undeniable discoveries (and rediscoveries or public realizations) in the past five years indicate the use of oil, coal, wind, hydroelectric and (somewhat) nuclear power to have been obsolescent for some time already. Factories and assembly lines (Japanese) are being built. These practical and present developments affect all aspects of science, including medical and other applications. The method of understanding the functioning of the genome and the ability to cure all diseases is practically within our grasp (BUT IS CRIMINAL).

An intelligent wholesome society would [have] move[d] against the military secrecy that thwarts the proper service of national security. The "up front" visible government of USA is ignorant of the deception. In fact, the stupid government for which we rarely bother to actually vote is in a frenzy trying to find out what "abductees" have been trained as Manchurian Candidates to do in changing the status quo; and they seek to identify and to locate the culprits in a typically crude and brutal manner.

Since the seventies, it is illegal to commercialize any technology that would undercut the fossil fuel industry or the utilities. This is so because Saudi Arabia threatened that OPEC would dump US dollars for Yen and Marks if we used special technologies to get around the oil embargo. Avoiding to use the words "scalar," "zeropoint," etc., The Department of Defense has assumed control of "superconductivity" and methodically stifles public awareness of the state of inventiveness by many thousands of backyard/garage/workshop inventors, one of whom built a saucer and went to me moon in 1957, when DOD took over the physics. It is illegal to make the "super" magnets required without the foundry registering one with the FBI. It is illegal to have anything to do with the tech or any species that has such knowledge. It is illegal for any federal employee to discuss any of this stuff. It is illegal to patent the tech. We are all hemmed in.

the steam engine was invented. It was secretly used to open Greek temple doors. "magic"

All the major car companies are now working on levitating vehicles, but they don't know the physics. Fourth Millennium, a partnership, is in possession of the "simple" insight or the mentation required to exploit this particular science of "inertia-free" transportation owing to our grasp of the unifying principle, NESTED (Katyushka-doll-like) groups of dynamics, the interchangeable topographies of space, matter and energy. The cosmos repeats a single dynamic in attenuating circumstances from the relativistic to the quantum mechanical. The [stupid] U.S. Department of Defense, however, has exclusive control over all "superconductivity" related devices and principles by law; and their enforcement is cruel and deadly. Pointers to links detailing D.O.D. treachery are throughout the homepage below; but many are terminated or redirected.

PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE MASSIVE FIRES IN IDAHO AND MONTANA DURING THE SUMMER OF 2000 SHOULD FIND OUT ABOUT H A A R P (an official link,) use your search engines to find other links on HAARP (...ask Jeeves...). This system is able to create conditions visualized at: astronomy/storm.htm at this site. The places burned with up to 20,000 lightening strikes a day were largely sites of militiamen's stores and ammunition dumps and fortifications. Some of these locations had been in forests which the government acquired legally or by use of EMINENT DOMAIN. Foreign troops brought in to fight the fires at these sites did NOT fight fires, the occupied the anti NWO bases of the not always laudable patriots who had their installations in the fire zones.... Be aware that 92 percent of those troops sent to Iraq are no longer in the military. The injections given to those military going there contained the diseases from which so many of those personnel suffer., <== GOOD, SEARCH INDEX This tech is used to search for underground bases of aliens as well as other typical geopolitical adversaries. The technology is also capable of wrecking incoming ICBMs. Further, the technology is capable of exercising tremendous mind/mood control over a targeted geography or population or selected individuals in a geographical region. Russia had it first (and used it to assault our Moscow embassy, causing much harm to those within), Japan also has it. We now have the largest and are seeking to broaden its effectiveness by having a certain Scandinavian country build one. THE USE OF THIS DEVICE WITH TRIPLE CONCENTRATION OF THE FOCUS OF THE EMANATIONS, particularly FOR MIND CONTROL, makes this a SCALAR device, i.e., a hyperspatial condition; the energy transmitted as signals does not travel through time and space. These are SUB SPACE energies. There are subspace species too, i.e., the hierarchy of consciousnesses of the Milky Way referred to in the Bible as Beelzebub and collectively known as Lucifer, they cannot assume corporeal form since their copulation with the daughters of Adam and Eve. We ourselves are "Eve-Adamic" and are the only humans in this magical and fabulously potent stage of evolution that have not yet been overthrown by Lucifer and the reptiloid (serpent) species serving that hive. (Gene Roddenberry is aware of this business and was trying to be helpful. Some movies, their manuscripts originating among conflicted black operations units, are designed to make us feel good about other species and some are designed to make us wary of them. Thousands of US military officers are actually dead from talking and very many are replaced by shape-shifting reptiloid critters; which situation makes it hard to fight back since the Draconian attempt to take over in 1976, an effort which was gunned down in the secret bases described in great detail in the Dulce Book.)

1837AD Chechnya was conquered by a disobedient Russian General to the Czar. He immediately complained that those people were terrible thieves, bandits, murderers. The Czar's usual and expected response was, "wereever the Russian flag is raised, it will never be lowered." Ike, Dwight D. Eisenhower, liked to say, "whatever it takes," when giving orders or approval to underlings, in particular the ultra secret "cut-outs" of CIA and NSA ("no such agency") The National Security Agency. There are many more extremely secret agencies with dozens of levels of secrecy beyond "top secret."

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO READ COLEMAN'S BOOK "The Committee of 300" and HOROWITZ'S BOOK "Death in the Air". The latter will help you to understand EXACTLY what is happening with the appearance of AIDS (which does not need to be associated with a virus) and other diseases which were manufactured, and the sprays to control pests which are directed at ignorant populations, generally the old and the poor and "non white" or persons on land containing natural resources important to military defense against a phantom enemy.

  • VETERANS You are not forgotten

    The world is NOT overpopulated. The density of people per unit of land in China and India are the same as the population density of Pennsylvania or England. The lie serves to make the believers callous to human life, therefore vulnerable to the loss of their own. The genetically modified seeds/crops are designed to allow the stopping of crop production at the prerogative of the manipulators.

    It is the LOGIC of that process which is reality that escapes virtually all but those who have found their way to this site, or our private tutoring group. One might want to know what was done with the trillions that were filched and spent while Ronald Reagan "nodded off", dreaming about Star Wars, and now has brain damage? Do see the orion.htm link. Further statements on this subject are made in the grayplot.htm link below and toward the end of this page.

    YOU MUST VISIT: THIS SITE. You will see the extent of plans [PICTURES TOO] for the western region of the entity to replace USA and Canada. SDI (Star Wars, the technology for which would institute the New World Order... so as to render Humanity on this planet more potent to make war on arriving "spirits" and others in 2003 and 2013!), global dominion by the UN, suppression of overunity devices, secrecy of intelligence budgets (since 1947) a slew of Executive Orders, are all interrelated. The scenario is complex and organized by powers transcending Human Being. The budgets are supplemented by transmuting gold, by trafficking in drugs and guns, but mainly by the theft of $800,000,000,000/yr from taxes for "black projects" or "special projects."

    Henry Kissinger heads a gold mining company owning mines with no gold in them. One hundred billion dollars a year is also earned through drug trafficking (George Bush) or by robbing and not arresting traffickers. There is a reason by Noriega is locked in the 8th sub-basement of the Federal Building in Florida. Furthermore, this siphoning of wealth is the solution to the question of how the USA economy functions as it does, low inflation and the resentment of those who are seen as leeches when the USA should be evolving toward an absolutely wealthy and cashless society without any "New World Order."

    THE CITIES, STATES, AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ARE HOARDING SIXTY TRILLION DOLLARS $US60,000,000,000,000.00 IN TAX MONIES THAT HAVE BEEN ROLLED OVER IN THE STOCK MARKET FOR DECADES. (this information has recently disappeared from several internet search engines, i.e., CSFR) THIS WEALTH BELIES THE NECESSITY FOR TAXES AND ANY DOUBTS ABOUT THE EFFECTS OF INTRODUCING EVEN ONE OF THE SUPPRESSED TECHNOLOGIES BASED ON THE ALSO SUPPRESSED PHYSICS PERMITTING SUCH TECHNOLOGY, since the release of the money and the technology would without economic distress enable extreme modernization. Taxes cause one segment of the population to resent another; divisiveness that allows conquering. The events on and following September 11, 2001 are engineered by secret societies through the National Security Agency, its "cut-out, " assisted by a particular set of absolutely wicked beings. (There are 172 various "top species" living on and under this planet, not including the grays, which are not a species but cloned robotic slaves of about 20 types and sizes.) Any mimicking of Bush's actions in Afghanistan by Israel with respect to the Palestinians will result in Armageddon in more hurried eventuality. If you can't see how degenerate USA is and how delicate the "time" is, you are a damned fool. The European sees clearly that something was done in Florida to make the ding-bats in power "win" the last (LAST) election, so that they could do what is happening in Arabia. That election was a demonstration of applied mind-control techniques, using the 1876 presidential electoral fiasco in Florida as a template.

    It is painful to have repeatedly to link the daily with the eternal, i.e., current events with the nature of mind, scalar/natural/zero point physics. However, one should see that Ayatollah Khomeini set the course for events with his statements, especially his training of 1/2 of Iran's population to march to Jerusalem, killing Saddam and the Kuwaiti and Saudi families en route. Arabs including Osama Bin Ladin are trying to facilitate Khomeini's declarations, which are described in the New Testament. The suppressed physics of mind/matter is what will make all happen as predicted and will make it easy to affect billions including the entire population of USA, mentally, so that it can be broken with absolutely no trouble at all; in spite of what one might imagine about "this day and age."

    The application of the science of zero point physics is far more highly advanced than had originally been appreciated by zeropoint, the webmaster and principal "physicist." This knowledge and applications based upon it are brutally guarded international secrets. Some number of generally Anglo Saxon nations, led by Prince Philip ... the leading candidate to be the voice behind the Antichrist, are in cahoots in manipulating this entire ignorant species. (The "antichrist" THING has been around since 1976 and visits the White House two or three times a week!) The cabal are ancient human societies which infiltrate US institutions, especially the military, and have agendas validated by command of or familiarity with or access to scalar technology. USA controls the black operations of ALL other nations, but USA is controlled by a few dozen individuals, including Mayan priests and the priesthood of Babylon as well as the Bilderbergers and the Illuminati, etc. These have long been in contact with other subversive and jealous species (reptilians/Draconians). Human Being perfectly images the nature of the mind of God. This is resented by the consciousness of this galaxy, called "Lucifer," (The Milky Way or the "firmament") also various reptiloid species, collectively called "the serpent".; In order to manifest in human or material form, [the galaxy has been unable to do so since copulating with the daughters of Eve,] the galaxy, Lucifer, has used the potentials of the bodies of Draconians. Draconians [devils] appear to have been created on biospheres which have no Jupiter in their solar system and or binary star systems. Understanding the Master Paradigm will clarify this since such a solar system does not invite the third curvature of the ninth dimension; thusly, its critters are "unfinished" and are other than the image of God. The third curvature is magnetism.


    The perpetrators of the "war against heaven" are NOT in it for the money. These are persons who would dominate SPECIES, or exert global dominion; and there are alliances of species involved. But like the sick cop who still suffers browbeatings when he is sergeant, police commissioner, Mayor, Senator, governor, or the President, the total temporal ruler of the planet has already found himself trembling, even before his takeover, at the might of extradimensional confederations among a few of innumerable species of myriad biospheres in many universes. Nonetheless, when these hordes appear, they will be under the command of that once damned Jew, Jesus; and He the loyal slave of The Almighty!!!

    USA has begun testing a "forbidden" weapon.

    The weapon was developed at Los Alamos National Labs. The weapon is a nuclear weapon that focuses the energy in a laser-like beam. This rapid fire weapon has been the center of much strife between the military cabals of this species and others, since the weapon, a "Scalar Weapon," is perceived throughout the cosmos and achronically, that is to say it is perceived when fired without time lapse in all the creation of God Almighty. The weapon is being test-fired or has been test-fired from orbit recently. The massive amounts of x-rays generated have been recorded serendipitously by university scientists. Many years earlier, scientists at Los Alamos National Labs, including Dr. Hamrick, an indirect source for this material, who was working on the directed energy weapon, had been intellectually mutilated in unusual circumstances, and by parties interested in preserving peace in the cosmos.

    Only humans kill the way humans kill. Only human governments among all governments kill. Elsewhere, this is strange. The often stated question: "If they have such technology, why don't they invade (violently) and take over?" is only a confession of our corrupted human nature. We are feared by more civilized though less intelligent "top species." The human being [the mind of an individual human being] happens to be the best of all creations, being most like "The Creator," in Whose image we are "mystically" or "mythically" informed to have been fashioned. Discussion of such dynamics constitutes the core of the ZEROPOINTER tutoring group (reopened contact the webmaster to join), since this is important to understanding the nature of creation for energy or prime motion for inertia-free craft, and other applications or considerations....

    The USA and other involved nations are deluded into thinking that there is merit is a unified human government on this planet to fight a massive alien invasion that will delete many hundreds of millions on September 20, 2003 AD. [This date is determined by US military time machines. eo.htm describes the circumstances by which USA acquired videos of Jesus dying on the cross!]

    This link has some materials on a lawsuit by a person entangled with NSA, The National Security Agency, the origins and nature of which are described in Omega.doc, which you MUST read. It is urgent and most important. Specifically, the suit complains about technologies of mind/control and two-way communications permitting psychic interventions and sabotage of individual lives. THE VIBRATORY RATE OF HUMANS GENERATED ON THIS PLANET (after the blending of our vibration with that of the lizard species in the "Garden of Eden" IS 6.66gigahertz. This link also guides you to many other weapons. This link has been rearranged, so the clicker does not point directly to information giving the frequencies for the ear, eye, and the parts of the nervous system/brain which can be caused to hear or see, etc., depending on the frequency of the transmission, which need not be scalar, a microwave transmitter can be used to cause a person to hear a message or to feel or to see something or another. The " vibratory rate" of humans on this planet will be a "standing wave" as the population approaches the number of cycles per second. The attempt by non human species, particularly the Galaxy itself, to take us over like the sheeple we insist to be, depends on their seducing us into worshipping them and WILLING them to be superordinate to ourselves who are still "Eve-Adamic" or invested with what is called among Judeo-Christians the "Breath of Life". Dozens of other worlds of humans have missed their moment. The nature of the configuration and spirit of USA government and people allows this planet's native humans to "take them with us" when the ascension occurs. This is no small part of the reason why the Constitution of USA is revered throughout the galaxy.

    Star Wars competition is superficially to compete against other political forms so that the nature of American governance will characterize the treatment of Americans in this new and brutal government, one which uses mind control technology and applies triage to individual humans. 15,000,000 places in cattle cars, shackles, are already in place; so too are millions of places in detention centers empty and waiting. However, the error of this supposition is not obvious to the perpetrators or collaborators with what are actually alien species who are far more subtle in their invasion than we would imagine. The victory of these aliens is the NWO we secretly are poised to perpetrate upon ourselves. The only concern of NSA is that the NWO not be "communist"; some constitutionality would be preserved.

    More on this will be added to this page soon, including the designated ten regions replacing the geopolitical status quo in North America. You may contact the webmaster for emailed details on this plot and the physics used to execute it. Scalar physics in application has devastating side-effects. Ignorance on the part of the general public is key to the feasibility of plans that will advance the technology on this planet several thousands of years in only a few. The present rate of the development of this technology is forty four years per year.

    The implanting of "volunteers" in the military with chips [] is well underway. There have been complaints about "emissions" in the post office for years. Material on the subject has disappeared from libraries. The Post office is the means of distribution of the universal identification of this species under the one world government. ["E.O. 11002"... designates the postmaster general to operate a national REGISTRATION of all persons." [Under this order, you would report to your local post office to be separated and assigned to a new area. Here is where families would be separated]. E.O. = Executive Order. A sincere, interesting page with information on chips and their sick application. Note that the page links gun control to the facilitation of the implementation of the New World Order. NWO is a condition that is fostered by the Milky Way, which is conscious and otherwise called "lucifer."

    The properties of the several various scales of actuality can be rendered in mockups manufactured in the human scale of size between either end of scale, micro and macro, where there is perceived the "pulsing" of the propulsive devices. (This pulsing is not absolutely unlike the pulsing one sees with wagon wheel spokes on film, but it is related to the functioning of the "vacuum lattice structure". Fourth Millennium has indeed determined the nature of the quantum substructure of matter; also the qualities of intra-inter-dimensional transitions.) Dr. Greer, the MD who has the list of persons who are seeking amnesty, has been reduced to creating wooden mockups of saucers, etc; such being the case since no one with actual devices will dare relate to someone so dedicated to being arrogantly public about this. Neither Greer nor his team have a clue about the nature of reality, how such technology works nor what the laws or physics are.

    Man-made entities that emulate sub-atomic emissions or photons or magnetism or gravity waves or the strong force, can be and are used for transportation. Hugely scaled-up masses of "ersatz" or pseudo atoms can be made and used as extraordinarily powerful and long-lasting (permanent) batteries. Exotic or expensive materials are not necessarily required. Cold fission, cold fusion, and pure "energy" from nothing, several types of it, can be manipulated out of reality by clever but remarkably simple contrivance. You can come to understand this and more. (Motion (prime movement) itself is the basic form of "free energy.") You will find it declared at this site and its numerous links that magnetism travels at least 12 times the speed of light, a feature important not only for intergalactic travel but visiting other universes. However, the technology to fold space involves no time at all in the transportation effected between acceleration and deceleration.

    We intend to share our light through this developing page and its links. (Click here for a non-html directory of recent discussions among ZEROPOINTERs, a private group (reopened), which directory is unindexed for the time being. See the bottom of this page for information on joining the now quite advanced group.)

    Explicit statements from Fourth Millennium are now being placed on this site. Also, a link is provided with summaries and key details will flesh it out in the very near future.) UNDER CONSTRUCTION

    For very detailed reports on Roswell and USA government responses to what is since 1952 a state of TOTAL EMERGENCY in United States government, visit: This site on MAJESTIC 12. John F. Kennedy was on the Senate Intelligence Committee investigating this business. JFK was not expected to become President. Presidents are deliberately kept ignorant, for the sake of "credible deniability." In addition, it was feared that Robert Kennedy had been told by John and that he was about to become President. The other important fact about Roswell is that it revealed that humans are FOOD for grays who do not actually eat but osmose the nutrients through their skin, which is why they had been exsanquinating (taking the blood out of) large animals. The removal of parts of animals is for the sake of culture media for growing new grays or other entities. Los Alamos National Labs has invented a pseudo blood for the use of the grays, they being cloned by American military agencies as well as by Draconians

    It is the case that overunity physics embodies (engineers) the "Theory of Everything," or reality itself, resolving questions of philosophy, cosmology, psychology, and human nature and history, as well as each of the hard sciences and their particular specializations. These all meld in The Grand Union that Fourth Millennium claims to grasp. This understanding is the result of analyzing devices which do in fact demonstrate special properties but which are themselves often not understood fully by their inventors. The Holy Bible, in its original alphabet not only tells the nature of the creation of matter out of naught or vacuum, but it also shows the shapes of "wormholes" with its very letters. The Bible therefore facilitates the understanding of reality by the ordinary lay person with a high school education and an unfettered ability to think.
    The original letters of the Hebrew alphabet, the "three dimensional" version of that alphabet which were used by Elohim to inscribe the Ten Commandments are "graceways" which are neutrinos. The letters are exactly the same as the scalar charge gradient.

    The tetrahedral zone about the letters are QUARKS. The letters themselves are, in the quantum anatomy of subspace or the quantum singularity, NEUTRINOS. A neutrino is a process which is MASS itself. The neutrino is the process, in either direction toward or away from decoupling or the Event Horizon, of tracing Planck's Number to or from the second or [relative] zero, along the "scalar charge gradient", which is a logarithmic ingression/egression along that number/constant. The pathway concurs relative "zeroness" in any one of the fractionally charged quarks. As the various axes zero one into the other, i.e., as "z" zeroes into the planar environment of "x" and "y", the six fractionally charged quarks are symmetrically compressed into four and then two units of subspace which define the quality the word HADRON is presented to possibly describe. The HADRON is speculated to be a grouping of QUARKS. Most "particles" are artifacts of the investigative processes of high energy physics. The actual number of substituent parts to the quantum environment are far fewer and easily perceived and understood, with a little help such as is provided herewith.

    1829 AD

    laws were changed to permit police officers to carry arms when on duty. This is when we began to forget what a "well regulated militia" is. We were and continue to be clubbed down and broken by sick scum. THE POLICE, America: they are very very sick. In the NWO, there are no police as we know they should honestly and wholesomely exist. The police will be decommissioned, disarmed/debadged, dismissed, hunted down and liquidated, the fools. No armed Americans will be allowed to exist. No sense of group identity will be permitted among [former] Americans. Beware of cop shows, lawyer shows, judge shows. You are being programmed, subliminally, to be ashamed of the status quo, of the impression that you are rude, lawless, immoral and violent trash requiring special subjugation. Perhaps millions have been abducted and specially prepared to wreak havoc in society in the coming months. This will justify "UN peace keepers" even more. [A small but highly effective number of local and state police and jailors are specially prepared by aliens and the national Security Agency.] There is more to mind/mood control than certain technologies.

    There are two highly telling points of consternation among academicians fumbling with The Theory of Everything. One is that no situation or condition or process can violate "the laws of the conservation of energy"; that "the laws of physics break down after one has crossed the Event Horizon and approaches the zero point" ("singularity" or point of maximum density and perfect symmetry.) In this context of conflict, there is consternation over how to devise experiments which can demonstrate the guesses, speculations or theories evolved thus far. The fact is that any artifact that would certify a guess or theory would be a device violating the "law". Further, any device would immediately bring savage covert attention from the National Security Agency. The usual tendency of persons who have success with applying quantum or scalar physics is to seek fame and fortune, also a patent. Patents are not given to those who ask for them in the usual manner. One has to ask for a NATIONAL SECURITY PATENT, which requires difficult process and with which the government will help one. Any applications manifesting what is called "The Engineering of Reality" would have a devastating effect upon the economic, social and psychological status quo. One of the first things one is asked by US Patent Office is: "who else knows about this?". The answer is often "nobody". Then, one is asked to return in twenty four hours. During that time, one's shop and home are rifled and stripped. One person from here in Berkeley who persisted in complaining about being "cheated" was finally able to call back from a mental institution in Ohio to explain his disappearance. Since most people insist on seeing before believing, 99% of suppression is affected by the general population itself, a population which is quite other than saintly and which is unable to pursue a train of purely abstract and deadly subtle thought about this physics and its application, which is nonetheless absolutely simple.

    While the tone of this site may seem casual or relaxed, we are serious and do seek to engage all sectors of the American society, both lay and academician, U.S. military (in need of clear focus denied it by pathological secrecy and structural malignancy that has denied it the critical overview required for it to relax the murderous attitude held toward U. S. citizens and to the global population) and entrepreneurial. Over 3,000 military officers have been "terminated with extreme prejudice", murdered, for trying to get these activities and knowledge out to the public. It is a federal offense for any government employee to discuss other "top species", inertia-free craft, etc. We are also aware of the likely skepticism about some of the material regarding covert use of these technologies, however, a sufficient database as would be serviced here, and mature acceptance of the violent nature of man, perhaps coupled with combat experience, by the visitor to this link, will allow patience in seeing out what is predicted; and dates are given by which to clock the viability of the assertions made with the material collected here. There is no need to disable one's ability to process new thinking by mewling over pointless deference to this subject or to a few big names. The main problem is that the highly educated look down on the unlettered inventors who therefore have no way of codifying data and phenomena one simply cannot deny, but which the inventors themselves are helpless to explain adequately. Therefore, Fourth Millennium serves as consultant to such persons. Fourth Millennium has also been contacted by disaffected persons deep in "Black Ops." These parties would have an absolute overview. Fourth Millennium is competent to help one to realize the nature of reality out of the lap of The Prime Mover, this is to say from Vacuum Genesis, the birth of the macrocosmos, out of which myriad universes are born simultaneously. (This does not refer to "alternate" universes or "parallel" universes talked about in discussions of possibilities of reality by persons who do not have a fist-like grasp of the nature of reality or of the Mind of God... YOU knew it when you were a baby.)

    "Cosmologist Steven Hawking, who closes his book A Brief History of Time on this theory, has written, '...if we do discover a complete theory, it should in time be understandable in broad principle by everyone, not just a few scientists. Then we shall all, philosophers, scientists, and just ordinary people, be able to take part in the discussion of the question of why it is that we and the universe exist. If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason - for then we would know the mind of God.'"

    Such a paradigm is sketched in essayone.txt, it has proven stunningly correct and pertinent and absolutely flexible and encompassing. The group, ZEROPOINTERs (reopened) has been enjoying the exercise of the paradigm to perceive and to parse physics and society for over three years now. We are not surprised by some of the recent understandings presented newly on the site. Unfortunately for those seeking to put new wine in old skins, one's mind must be clear inorder that it grasp the truth, the authentic paradigm; and this removes "the observer" and the attendant conundrum.

    The ordinary smartypants-type guy says endlessly the twittery: "There is no such thing as a perpetual motion machine," which is neither the claim nor the interest of those investigating this discipline which is yearning to be birthed. (The angular momentum of various celestial and atomic bodies is "self perpetuating!") This is one of the several great questions of astrophysics and quantum mechanics. Visit this site (KeelyNet) for more information on the perpetual motion device in the previous link. It is a federal crime to develop any perpetual motion device or any technology which threatens the fossil fuel industries or the utilities, period. It is also a crime for any employee of the federal government to discuss interactions with other "top species." Smartypants is brainwashed into stupidity.

    This site has been awarded the Majon Web Select Seal of Excellence Award.


    Click here to read an introductory spiel and to get your bearings.

    Gravitics: Saucer Technology...

    Don't be surprised to find the USA has long had thousands of such craft. These will be used to frighten us into agreeing to a "One World" government with a single currency and universal individual identification to fend a phony threat from "extradimensional" beings.

    They are already here and are about to engage their plans to assert dominion. They have control over millions already.

    [Einstein's formulations of gravity and antigravity]

  • Japan has recently discovered yet another approach to levitation, from reading the Old Testament book Ezekiel. {non westerners do not immediately tie themselves up in mental and emotional knots when studying bibles, they don't have that mental/learning block} The principal aspect of engineering an inertia-free device involves its creation of a singularity, a conformation of energies which are self sustaining or which the device sustains, and which has a boson capable of windowing vacuum. All working scalar devices effect or imply a zero point. "Vacuum" does NOT mean space with nothing in it. Vacuum is a "POTENTIATED NOTHINGNESS" out of which space itself is created! The presumption of space itself is an error disabling human physicists' thinking when attempting to grasp the nature of reality and to become effectual with zero point physics.
    This site presents graphics explaining the instructions given on clay tablets found recently in Israel. These are instructions for the construction of the power system and propulsion system of a levitating body. The graphics are also located at this site. This is what the "flying carpet" is... a levitating disk. Abra-Cadabra (the "abc's" or "alpha and omega" of reality, it is an Arabic expression) actually refers to quark function in effecting matter or a singularity. The expression abracadabra is synonymous with "The Word" of God Almighty, which will be explained at [under construction] where there is a secondary location of the images of the letters themselves. The neutrino appears to be the scalar charge gradient itself, which is shaped like a given letter of certain ancient alphabets, depending on the particular quark/lepton/hadron. Images are not yet available from any source other than that of the MERU people who scummed out and refuse general distribution of this data. There is another link to that site somewhere on this page still.)

  • Americans have had rinky-dink stuff since the 1930's. See orion.htm link for evidence justifying a less disparaging attitude. Below is a link to sources for videos. You can purchase videos of the equipment used in the first Earthling time machine, worked out by analysis of the "accident" of the Philadelphia Experiment... the Eldridge appeared at Montauk Point in 1983. The three counter-fluxed north poles aimed at that ship actually generated a time machine! See Eldridge below.

  • MANY ancient cultures had INERTIA FREE craft and vacuum energy technology.
    This link the main source for which, should be visited, will inform one in simplest terms of the techniques for propulsion of inertia-free craft using a fuel aptly named Unobtainium 115, ununpentium 115. You might enjoy to read this KLAS-TV interview given by Bob Lazar, the source for the links in this paragraph. The talk deals with observations and reported observations at the Groom Lake facility, Area 51. Bob Lazar is a person who worked in secret projects to reverse engineer "recovered" saucers [one of which seems to have a cannon shell's hole in it.]
  • sketch of overall shape of a saucer, the motors and metallurgy for which have been developed by George Orlowski. sketch of cross-section of skin of Orlowski's saucer showing some of the wiring. (These will soon be presented in conjunction with an htm discussing the details of navigating this uniquely shaped craft. The craft seats seven in each of its two halves.)
    An interesting source for DETAILED discussion and graphics of various systems for intergalactic travel. The in-house link has not been investigated by the webmaster.

    HAVE YOU HAD THIS DREAM?? (or download in WORD format pictures included )
    The Germans have had levitating disks since the twenties. Their craft design is rendered in detail at the .../~zap/coler.htm site also presented below. ..
    Also see: Dr. Wolf on his deathbed, he keeps getting better???? This scientist reveals bizarre military activities. *NEW* This link gives more on Dr. Wolf's statements/role as well as information on how to get everything Dr.Wolf has to say/

    FOLLOW-UP ON Dr. Wolf's account by another dying U.S. government defector. You MUST read these two files as well as the following file on the same material. Armageddon will not be what you had expected. Military secrecy MUST be circumvented and abolished. We must come clean, in the way the foolish had insisted of Bill Clinton. (What is the "Hollow Oak" scandal? *02/15/99*)

  • This link is a large but incomplete document describing events involving non humans and humans and hybrids in a way that is formidable, owing to its quotes and citations THE COMING WAR IN NEAR SPACE. It is already ongoing between humans and others and among others. The intense investigations of the physics underlying overunity principles has led to this information. Everything in this document is acceptable in terms of the understood technologies. If you are a skeptic, look upon it as entertainment, but DO read it.

    1934 AD
    the constitution was suspended AND NEVER RESTORED

  • EMERGENCY POWERS These are a snake in the grass.
    YOU MUST VISIT: THIS SITE. The Queen of England is buying up land around this future base - western region of the entity to replace USA. American Indians in the area are being infused with various diseases by use of scalar technologies capable of interacting individuals or specific gene pools or even those in a particular "frame of mind".

    SEE THIS INFORMATION ON THE EXTREMELY HIGH DEGREE OF PREPARATION OF THE CHIPS TO BE IMPLANTED IN ALL HUMANS IN NORTH AMERICA These are part of the cashless society and are the "Mark [MARC} of the Beast." It is hoped that this measure can be taken before 2003, but it will be inevitable after that year, after what the military calls a "mass evacuation" of hundreds of millions who will "vanish" or "ascend" or "rapture" or complete the next evolutionary leap for this species.

    It is altogether apparent that a plot (a military strategy of galactic scale) is afoot to usurp the status quo and; to effect the escalation of Earth's technology by several thousand years in only several years , using technology dependent on principles described in ../zap/howitzer.txt or htm. in circumstances described in "the plot." ...A HOT TIP. The "accidental" opening of a planet-spanning wormhole by the Philadelphia Experiment is the cause of the stress to be solved by a preemptive subjugation of ourselves by ourselves.

  • The German saucer, probably destroyed during the bombing of WWII, used a nifty vacuum energy device for power, devised by SS Captain Hans Coler. Diagrams are available of the power source. The warp drive is also shown.
  • Apparently, China has something going.
  • Ancient Israelite blueprints and instructions for an antigravity device (heatpipe.gif, craft.gif) and its powering have been found on clay tablets. These are available in the open directory, .../~zap/SAUCER/, it's under construction. The pictures are also now available with descriptions at the paradigm.htm link organizing that directory.
  • New English-designed saucer
  • Oops... AN INTRIGUING Source For Saucer Design Information. Crop circle makers are telling us how to build inertia-free spacecraft. Some circles have answers to the fundamental questions asked in academia about the structure of matter and the cosmos. That link will be developed as promised below.

    Zero Point ( Free ) Energy Devices

    Rory Johnson's Magnetic Motor, The MAGNETRON Motor This Is It! ATTRACT - ATTRACT...Information on this motor has been radically enhanced and refined at the site clickable. The motor no longer requires any fuel [USA forbids access to deuterium nowadays.] No electricity is involved. No electricity is ever involved in a quantum environment. [The electrical grids are the worst pollutant there is on the planet.] All electricity will cease in some few years, unleashing three of the horsemen of the Apocalypse. The motor itself if illegal and the inventor murdered. Any technology depending on scalar physics and therefore having "magical" properties is ILLEGAL and cannot be patented nor commercialized. If you could see why, you would be sickened and angry.

    This (apocalyptic) development was triggered by the Philadelphia Experiment, a boo-boo which is kept secret to allow the smashing of everything before the scummy culprits can be brought to account.] Fabrication of optimal magnets requires registration with federal government. This is enforced with axes and sledge hammers, torture and murder and social sabotage. The (smallest possible) version of the motor yields 480 horsepower. The motor had operated a Buick for years. Disassembled copies sell for $1,000,000.00 apiece by someone unable to exercise the expertise required and available for their enhancement and assembly. These motors are in hiding. This motor, like the 100 mpg Honda, is stifled by the Department of Defense. Otherwise, the oil companies have lobbied into place laws forbidding any threat to their industry or to the utility companies. This is a fact. THAT is why there are no terrific devices available for you to buy and to use. The discoveries have been made, and suppressed, by many hundreds of inventors already. This is due to FEDERAL LAW, in addition to the perversity of the automobile industry. Electricity for autos and homes, etc, requiring no batteries or other source of energy other than that available directly from the planet and accessible through an antenna (Schumann's Resonance) were suppressed by Ford and J.P. Morgan, for the sake of money.

    Anyone wanting information on the plans for the motor should email zeropoint. Also, a video is available. The blueprints (three large pages with hundreds of notations giving precise details on function, metallurgy, etc) and the video enable understanding somewhat; but they allow one to assemble the motor, which is illegal in USA.
    We are flooded with requests for blueprints. The site where they could be downloaded in their millions of bytes is closed. Fourth Millennium no longer has digitized versions of these blueprints. We do provide a video and HARD COPIES of the blueprints, along with other written materials for a minimal fee of $95.00 for USA/Canada, and $150.00 for other nations. Send Cash, Check, Money Order made out to Sylvester H. Christie to the address below in CONTACT INFORMATION. Do not ask to talk with someone who has made the motor. I am stunned by the number of people who, reading this, ask for information on PERSONAL knowledge of the motor. If you are too god-damned stupid to be "slick" about this, drop dead.

    A new motor, the "QUANTUM MOTOR" is presented at: this site.

    ORGONE ENERGY POWERED AUTOMOBILES The inventor of this motor is harassed and his shop has been stripped. This motor is far more accessible than is the Rory Johnson Magnetron Motor. Plans are available. The site provides detailed explanations and instructions and access to videos. I am informed since the very recent inclusion of this link on this page that NO KITS ARE AVAILABLE. Suppression of this device is intense and very successful.

  • THE MINI ROMAG MOTOR This motor produces free electricity. Explanations, graphics, parts lists are provided at the link by Professor Naudin

  • The Coler Converter
    Another Overunity Motor using ATTRACT-ATTRACT
    (Involves conversions between magnetic and gravitic fields! Gravity is compressed magnetism and the strong force is compressed gravity, the more compression, the closer to the heart of the singularity or toward the zero point, referred to as the singularity itself in particular circumstances. ) This device is a MAGNETIC WARP DRIVE for saucers. It has been in existence since the twenties. LEVITATION IS EXTREMELY SIMPLE AND STRAIGHTFORWARD. This Coler site also includes a discussion of the energy source, which uses no exotic metals either and will produce current without consuming itself. Diagrams are provided. (A private American built a saucer in the fifties and went to the moon in it. See .../~zap/SAUCER/ufodiagr.gif) for a diagram of a vessel similar to it.)

  • FREE ENERGY MOTOR You will like what is said here in pertinent tangental statements.

    This link is a compendium of many submissions of Newman who has had the devil of a time getting the word out on his electricity magnifying motor. DO CLICK !!

  • The Benzel Device

    A meaty link with dozens of graphics walking one through the relationships of forces and various devices. See this link also.

  • A link to a site with a very simple to construct overunity (free energy) device.
  • Information about a DESKTOP COLD FUSION DEVICE. [MILEY]

    The RIFE frequency generator. A health tool of superb promise, when the "how" is understood. A GOOD NUMBER OF VISITORS TO THIS SITE HAVE SUCCESSFULLY CONSTRUCTED A Rife Frequency generator from the information at this site!!! Also, visit this site. and HEALING WAND a very simple device, diagram included

  • The Radiant Energy Capture Device of T.H. Moray & Bruce A. Perreault. This device is commercially available and can be purchased through the site.

  • VISIT THIS SITE!There is a safe, clean, cheap, alternative source of energy
  • Go here to see mpeg film on Black Holes and neutron stars.

  • THE TAPES AND THEIR CONTENTS, describing time machines, etc at Montauk site. MONTAUK IS WHERE THE ELDRIDGE WENT WHEN IT VANISHED and could not easily be brought back.

    The Eldridge

    The Three Counterfluxed North Poles similar to those set up by Dr. Nicolai Tesla around The Eldridge. These make a vortex or "Tesla Coil" This configuration of "shaped" energy is itself a time funnel/tunnel we have long since learned to generate far more efficiently. City-sized areas can be assaulted in this fashion for temporal or spatial displacement or "influencing"! SUPPRESSION of this knowledge allows the ignorant to be duped.

    Dr. Nicolai Tesla was murdered for trying to stop the "Philadelphia Experiment's" last phase of experimentation, which was to use 123 humans on the ship, The Eldridge.

  • AN IMPORTANT SITE for information on all kinds of secret government programs, technical, social... actual time machines, Philadelphia Experiment, cultural manipulations - extraordinary and archly counterproductive brutality of USA government in [Orion technology] research, etc. It will knock your socks off! The material overlaps precisely our own laboriously developed understanding, but deals with the applications to which certain knowledge has been put and the resulting disaster resulting from a disabling fear on the part of our mewling and malignantly secretive American military. &Quot;Need to know" "Whatever it takes" (as by the permissions of President Eisenhower who then warned us to "Beware the Military-Industrial-Scientific establishment," and who made it okay to keep future presidents in a position of "deniability"... this resulting in the murders of J.F. Kennedy, the only Senator to know about Roswell - he was on the Senate Intelligence Committee and not expected to be come president, Bobby Kennedy was feared to have been told by John) and the churlish cynicism of the American people, have dug for ourselves our own graves as a geopolitical entity. Jimmy Carter got wind of the project using ten time machines and ordered it stopped. The name of the project was changed several times. Each time-machine used 25,000 "missing"children in its experimentations.

    "The Grays," mistakenly accepted as a "species," have been allowed to consume a certain amount of American children by "contract." The Grays however are not a species and are an artificial life form with no soul, created by a SUPREMELY WICKED life form that if seen would be instantly recognized as individual devils by their physical appearance. Please read the Dulce Papers downloadable from a clicker at orion.htm. For reasons not stateable on the front page of this site, the Grays have no long term memory. When detected by a Navy Seals black operations unit to be taking far more (American) children than had been allotted, that unit went to war with the Grays and other military black operations continuing to collaborate with them. It must be understood by yourself that this is all part of World War II, which became a quantum war and continues, below the threshold of our perception. Movies, the scripts for which are submitted by various black operations units, are used to "suggest" to the public that aliens are either benign or malignant. The culprits among extraterrestrials are generally the non humanoid, principally the reptiloid and some insect-like species arrayed in the Orion Confederation. There are two other confederations of planets, the Pleiadian and the Sirian, which are trying to help ourselves. An extremely old war between good and evil is going on with the final battle to be realized as ongoing on this planet. The battle is not quite for human souls, it is for possession of the human body, the most perfect creation in reality except for the process of creation itself [Lucifer.] The understanding of this is rooted in a command of the Grand Unification, the so-called Theory of Everything. One humanoid species was overthrown after being desensitized by movies presenting the Grays as sweet and smart little guys. The Grays come in several varieties, some seven feet tall. There is a planetoid with 2,000 "mother" Grays from which are cloned others. There is another navigable planetoid with 30,000,000 Grays within it that is dawdling en route to arrive at the appropriate time for wreaking havoc on this planet, probably after about 2007, when the first of two comings of the Christos is terminated. Systems and technology is to be built and put in place between now and 2003 to be ready for ABSOLUTE control over USA/Canada and the globe between 2007 and 2013. About two dozen humanoid worlds have been spoiled by the Orion Confederation. You must find out about this before all personal computers are seized, something that will occur when the deliberate building of frenzy over gun violence allows us to be stampeded into Emergency Status, along with other engineered conditions. Under emergency law, hoarded food is also illegal.

    1976 AD
    "There are so many laws that everybody is committing a crime all the time." deputy US Attorney General

    The details of this situation are extensive and complex. You MUST become aware of them and prepared for stupendous and grievous changes in the status quo.

    Einstein backed away from participation in this project, saying it was "crazy"

    H U M O R

    There will never be another presidential election.

    If you see Christ come with angels and the resurrected, YOU WERE LEFT BEHIND. The time to watch for is the first star on the evening of the previous day. But you must be ready to be nobody and everybody at the same time. The book, THE CLOCK PARADIGM: The Functional Anatomy of the Cosmos. was written years ago for those who are to have been left behind.

  • Information on a Russian Cold Fusion machine.

  • Animation of new hydrogen energy source by a Harvard MD. [550k]
    Dr. Miller declares he has the Unified Field in hand!!

  • Swedish homepage on Overunity development
    You can find pictures and information on the latest commercial developments in American and on other electric vehicles at this site.
  • Visit this site for more overunity devices and good graphics.
  • Visit this site too for even more overunity devices and good graphics. (French)

  • If you have wondered why announcements of certain "great" inventions are never followed up by mass production and general utilization, READ THIS FILE, cold003.doc (MS Word 6.0 format).
  • THE B-2 BOMBER IS A SPACE TRAVEL CAPABLE OVERUNITY DEVICE. Materials on this are forbidden to be placed at this homepage.
  • The universe is a hologram
  • SUPERSTRING THEORY cleanly, simply presented by a California Institute of Technology Professor, John H. Schwartz.. The various theories are presented and described in very terse statements. Generally for somewhat advanced physicists.
      John Sefton HAS A WONDERFUL PAGE on physics principles linking the subatomic and the celestial. Excellent presentation, fabulous graphics, clear thought, GREAT!!
  • Another EXTREMELY GOOD link to Free Energy time travel and other hyperspatial phenomena. INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED for many overunity projects!!

  • TELEPORTATION "Transporters." This is an IBM site.

  • Austrians succeed in an attempt with teleportation.
    Albert De Vree's (Ph.D.E.E.) synopsis of creation and the fractal nature of the cosmos. GOOD! It is five pages with embedded graphics, 99k.

  • Professor of Theoretical Physics Michio Kaku, Articles, Super String Theory (M. Kaku originated it!)... Great! Also: See the root page for a list of Michio Kaku's books.


  • MATHEMATICS ROGER BAGULA ( has been thinking. Take a look at this, if you have basic familiarity with math and are interested in fractal gravity, antigravity and the quantum substructure of matter. this site will soon be very much enlarged and refined, do visit it soon, its reconstruction will not take long. Visit Roger's upgraded site.

  • Matter of GR [gravity research]This is an electronic journal for the GR community, maintained by Jorge Pullin and available on his server. All files are in gzip compressed postscript form (you'll need a modern browser, i.e. Mosaic 2.1 or above, to support this). This link presents chat services also. ...........

  • Paranormal Observations of ORMEs Atomic Structure Matti Pitkanen's Exotic Elements

    This link will take you to the most fascinating discussion of ORMES and information and principles that are eons ahead of ordinary academic postures and understandings. It is one of the most important links on this site.

  • Exotic atoms and a mechanism for superconductivity in biosystems
    This site discusses ORMES / ORMUS from seawater and their properties in a broad context of significance. The site has many excellent links on it and allows for a comprehensive investigation of ORMES
  • Negentropy Maximization Principle and TGD Inspired Theory of Consciousness
  • TGD:eish model for the EEG and generation of nerve pulse
  • Time, Quantum Mechanics & Mind-body Problem.

    Read these conversations among scientists discussing the scope of mass mental manipulation using highly developed technologies of scalar physics by various secret societies. These devices, centered in Europe and Russia and directed across national boundaries and into USA in particular have already been turned on and will be amplified in their application as dates critical to an unseemly scheme approach.


    "arkel ufo - Take a shift sideways into parareality . . . "...........GOOD SITE

  • Time and the Mind/Body Problem: A Quantum Perspective.
  • Bioelectromagnetics Society Home Page.
  • The Hippocampus Institute's Home Page. Mind/body electromagnetics.
  • SUPERB, TRULY SUPERB Swedish site. Both languages. Excellent.

  • ASTROPHYSICS This site will lead you to examples suggesting the correlations of biology, astrophysics, energy devices, gravitics, and examples of the fundamental role of the disk in reality. Also, you will find a graphic of the celestial template for the device which is the time machine discussed in the orion.htm site, it is the vortical formation of a celestial body from gas.

  • Required Reading! Required Reading!
    Superconductivity & Alchemy
    A Lecture On Zero Point Physics

    This lecture, by David Hudson, a self-described "dumb farmer," brings together in a friendly talk the various factors involved in VACUUM whatnots. Throughout the lecture are very fat clues as to what is going on behind the undeniable and quantifiable effects of OVERUNITY applications already in existence. The file is a prerequisite to following the substance of the Unified Field.

    Lecture by David Hudson to Eclectic Viewpoint, Feb. 10-11, 1995

    The following are highlights of a discovery of a new form of matter: Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements (ORMES). (In other words, "What you always wanted to know about superconductivity, alchemy, overunity, cold fusion, and fission, but were afraid to ask, or maybe didn't know whom to ask.")

      Read text on-line
      Download ASCII text as a .ZIP file

  • David Hudson's Patent, Part I
  • David Hudson's Patent, Part II
  • ORMUS (edible ORMES)
  • Superconductivity and Modern Alchemy: Has the Philosopher's Stone Been Found? by David Hudson [Table of Contents]
  • Superconductivity and Modern Alchemy: Has the Philosopher's Stone Been Found? by David Hudson [Discovery]
  • Superconductivity and Modern Alchemy: Has the Philosopher's Stone Been Found? by David Hudson [White Powder Gold]
  • Superconductivity and Modern Alchemy: Has the Philosopher's Stone Been Found? by David Hudson [Q & A]
  • Superconductivity and Modern Alchemy: Has the Philosopher's Stone Been Found? by David Hudson [Workshop, Part I]

    There is a rumor afoot that Hudson's organization has been paid to be......QUIET...More likely, Hudson was issued a "Silence Order," something that contributes in large part, along with seizures to the absence of overunity technology in human society apart from secret military organizations, to the absence of overunity devices in everyday life. Our lives would be unimaginably different. See Cold003.doc/txt and the tail-end of rory.htm for more information on legal suppression, allegedly in the interests of national security.


  • Arctic Region SuperComputing Center This link will allow you to search out information on the wobbling of the planet's poles, which are "migrating". It appears that there is a good chance that the axis or rotation is due for a shift, which will "disasterize" the environment to an extent we can't contemplate comfortably. The stability of the magnetic poles is discussed at the bottom of the beebee.htm link to this page. Other discussions of the cores (2) will be put up later.

  • Most Important information about Fractals.
  • FRACTAL IMAGE ENCODING marvelous site.
  • SEARCHING THE HEAVENS FOR MAN MADE OBJECTS. This involves a study of fractal formations amid deranged surfaces indicating intelligent activity. SETI. Crisp mathematical analyses of Cydonia formations on Mars - the face and the pyramids, etc.

  • See how gravity works. Great page; good graphics. Take a peek!

      BECOME ABLE to teach nuclear/particle/quantum physicists and cosmologists the answers to their questions. This link, by a former Director of IBM's European Patent Operations, a Cambridge University Ph.D. who retired early expressly to engage in university research on the free energy topic, is of inestimable value to those with some mathematical background who wish to develop their understanding of the nature of matter. This link provides a series of tutorials and a very important series of lectures which will do the trick. Dr. Aspden's search for the "vacuum lattice structure", grasped and understood by myself, zeropoint, and which structure, the quantum substructure of matter or the fundamental organization of the four (actually and correctly five) fundamental forces of nature, is handily elaborated by materials presented in the attachment to the statement by zeropoint presented in email format at .../~zap/SAUCER/paradigm.htm - fairly accomplishes the explanation of the three basic questions of all theoretical/particle/nuclear/quantum physicists. The math is not troubling. The fifth fundamental force is electricity, which does not belong in a contraction with magnetism - "electromagnetism." The fifth force of electricity is actually that of genesis is the reverse of that force called the weak force. The weak force is the folding of material in one dimension to a dimension closer to that of cosmos vacuum genesis . ENTER


    CROP CIRCLES There is a tight scientific basis of investigation and understanding of the generation of Crop Circles which overlaps zero point physics, particularly with respect to the operation of the magnetic motor, but to all devices, since overunity devices string adjoining dimensions to bring to the device the amplified (about 432 times) energy or product desired. Also, the pronouncements of Nostre Damus!! - astrology!! The Theory of everything is gelling more and more and more. Antichrist (Prince Philip using scalar devices to satisfy certain expectations for the arrival of the Christ) will strike after "softening us up", in Early August, between two eclipses, in 1999. This latter is to be presented in another area, soon.ALSO TO COME SOON, RECIPES ON MAKING GOLD. There are three available and a fourth is clickable now. One with an assay office's report and another which resulted in a two year prison term for "setting up shop". You are warned. Japan used massive amounts of gold to buy oil from Saudi Arabia until they were discovered doing so. The Japanese were discovered to be buying Saudi oil with gold made from such recipes when their known reserves were far exceeded by their payments in this manner. Whatever your hopes are for any technological advances to change the world for the better, forget them. In USA, ALL such technology is fully and harshly suppressed. The status quo is stamped in hot lead. It is forbidden, period. When it does show up, it will not be altruistically applied, and it will not be in the hands of consumers, rather it will be applied against in the way cattle-prods are applied against herds and flocks. Believe this, please


  • Princeton Engineering Anomalies
    Princeton University has long been seeking a unifying theory to explain phenomena in the following areas. Einsteinian or relativistic physics must be taken further. [**OOPS, it was... BY ALBERT TOO... it is "SECRET.") For more information on the following subjects or to submit your paper, contact:

    Brenda J. Dunne and Robert G. Jahn
    Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research
    School of Engineering & Applied Science
    Princeton University
    Princeton, NJ 08544-5263


    1. "Precognitive Remote Perception"
    2. "Consciousness, Randomness, and Information"
    3. "Experiments in Random Human/Machine Interactions"

    Remember the Overunity Theory must explain or allow for everything. The anatomy of the cosmos is the anatomy of mind and will be definable in terms of the principles of physics applied to energy and motion devices, also the formation of matter (understood by zeropoint - a thing requiring high school geometry)... the respective anatomies the obverse and reverse sides of the same coin.

    References and In-House Library

  • Our text and graphics library: Some of the history of informal research... diagrams, pictures, essays, blueprints, etc. (Continually growing.)

    Most interesting, this "glyph",. "The caption stated this glyph(carved in stone) was hidden underneath another glyph composed of a clay mortar mix. Don't remember which pyramid or web page," says the donor.   <<<<<  "It turns out that the picture of the glyph sent from @jcomeaux is indeed a fake, although just slightly. The cigar-shape craft in the upper right is really supposed to be a submarine! There is a REAL glyph, found in the Temple of Abydos, also known as the Temple of Ramses II, found on the ceiling support structure. The real glyph is almost identical to the fake one. The fake one may have just been someone's attempt to get around the copyright notice found on the photos of the real glyph." >>>>>>  Visit this site: Credible old funny business. For a bit more on the "inhouse discussion" glyph.htm....

  • The life of Albert Einstein [**Einstein and Neuman and Tesla did figure this all out; scalar physics, the theory of everything; it is secret... We are in big trouble... You do yourself the greatest favor to read the Orion tech file. Wilhelm Reich was most highly effectual, but uncooperative... and now a cadaver. ------- Available in GIFs are six pages, einst(01-06).gif, in German entitled, "Zur einheitlichen Feldtheorie", Von A. Einstein, "On The Unified Field Theory" direction to or donation of the translation would be appreciated.]
  • This is a link to work by a doctoral student showing Einstein was right in his relativity theory, with respect to quantum mechanics.

  • Unindexed copies of discussions on details of physics permitting overunity phenomena.
    Click to e-mail file manager at:


  • The button below will bring up a page ( which allows one to click on an element in the periodic chart and view dozens of its properties. Fabuloso! The site has much else to offer....
    Start WebElements  Web Elements

  • If you would like to see a chart listing nearly all of the known elements and a number of "alien elements," click on Chart001.gif. There is a separate legend for the chart: Charttxt.doc or Charttxt.txt
  • Cold Fusion
    Two experiments you can do are:

      cold001.doc and cold002.doc (MS Word 6.0 format)
      cold001.txt and cold002.txt (ASCII format) Cold003.doc/txt describes the laws and brutalities controlling possession of superconductive devices by individuals. Be aware that the state of "national emergency" effected in 1933 is still in effect. The constitution is a "prop", and we have not been the quality of society that deserves other than what is in store for ourselves American and which fate is about to BEGIN to befall us summer, 1999. (The flame under the frying pan with the American frog in it is/was then turned on... low. Now we see the frog has been terrorized into not snoring, but it has not even turned over. Meanwhile, the government is trying to culture fear while stifling belligerence in USA.)




    Links to Other Sites

  • Click Here for more related links.
  • The International Tesla Society homepage. [Persons attending their meetings are photographed by USA agents. One fellow refused and was seized and his face held up for the camera.]

  • The Institute for New EnergyAn excellent, excellent link for exploring OverUnity subjects, advanced theories and applications.

  • THE CELESTIAL FIRE WEB. This homepage has a sampling of nearly everything to be found on this homepage and is quite good.

  • The Gravity Society
  • Gravity: Well,'s all up in the air.... GOOD
  • Many Links to Time Travel and to a "Time Travel Message Board."
  • Another link to Free Energy TIME TRAVEL and other hyperspatial phenomena.
  • THE DAMANHUR Time Travel Organization.
  • There Are NO BLACK HOLES This site is very much worth inspecting.
  • Aether Theories - Collation of Scientific Theories of The Aether. IMPORTANT !!

    Professor John Searl's homepage
    "The first human being to build and fly a flying saucer." (British) Searl's site is subject to continual electronic assault. This is a new address with a new look. CLICK HERE
    to see Prof. Searl with his students standing atop one of their inertia-free craft.

  • GYROSCOPIC INERTIAL THRUSTERS! You have to visit this site. Plenty of pictures and explanations. Kits are available.

  • A link to Atmospheric Ion Drive powered saucers.
  • The Mining Company A peculiar but MOST interesting site to visit.
  • Click here to get an overview on the Philadelphia Experiment and the technology it explored. This site concentrates on the understanding of Time Travel, which is part of what was inadvertently discovered in an experiment intended only to "see what would happen...."

  • The Home of Primordial Energy, DEPALMA Depalma recently died. God bless him.
  • [Japanese] RCNP 'Nuclear Physics' Home Page, Osaka University, Nuclear Science Division. This is the source of the graphical representations of quarks on their "coat of arms" which are indistinguishable from some crop circles indicating how to build a "WARP DRIVE"

  • Visit this guest site for a wealth of detailed information. This contributed site cites many sources for information and some very good links for more papers and articles. The posture at this guest site you would benefit to enter is: "DISSIDENT PHYSICS."


    Take a look at the broadened perspectives of NASA. The practicability of ultra high speed travel as presented in science fiction is no longer disregarded. The link presents links found at the NASA site and a number of discussions.


  • a clickable listing of foods for health, information.
  • a library of herbs, about two hundred herbs, information on them each.

    Purposes & Services of Fourth Millennium

    The Principal goal at Fourth Millennium/Z.A.P. is to clarify the simplicity of an authentic understanding of the cosmos in meaningful terms and useful situations so as to endow any given individual with the ability to exercise his/her creativity independently. The devices created so far generally accidentally intersect in some degree those functions of the cosmos producing the desired effects. The shortfall has been in having an overview allowing deliberate discovery and development with a mind to both efficiency and safety. At this time, this is Fourth Millennium's sole activity, consulting.

  • Consultations with those eager to build an automobile or other vehicle which will run until the tires are bald and not require fuel of any kind or to develop advanced energy devices are available. Others seriously interested in "knowing" the shell of Overunity Theory are invited to consult as well. Fourth Millennium is capable of endowing one with the mentation required to grasp and to wield the full body of physics. A publication, a book of our own on the "functional anatomy of the cosmos", is now available through this page: THE CLOCK PARADIGM: The Functional Anatomy of the Cosmos. This is a "soft" and verbose treatment of cosmological unity.

  • download this interview of Czech witnesses of "balls of light" associated with crop formation in England over the summer, August 8, 1997.

    You can reach Fourth Millennium, or Z.A.P. by e-mail at to consult for examples of technology engineered to your specifications.

    Contact Information

    Fourth Millennium

    (509) 738-4649
    toes show picture is fake, they have "sock feet" or they are cloven ONCE or TWICE.

    Find here articles on some of the new and key inventions increasingly changing the face of theoretical and applied science. We will accept and disseminate papers narrowly focused on specific aspects of the principle ON TOPIC.

    Starting Point


    Type a word or phrase to find:

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    "Truth lies within ourselves: it takes no rise from outward things, whate'er you may believe. There is an inmost center in us all, where truth abides in fullness and to Know rather consists in opening out a way whence the imprisoned splendor may escape than in effecting entry for light supposed to be without."
                                -Robert Browning

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    Please understand that the world is over.

  • for information and instructions on how to survive. Or: use this clicker. **********

    What has been done to the obviously broken, groveling, dispirited negroid American is about to be perpetrated on the American population in general and upon the global population at large, by the "sore losers" of Vietnam. A covert world government is almost in charge. Materials linked to the page describe the "cabals", though not all data (technical in nature, extremely subtle, most of it) is on hand is at the site. Two Major evacuations of the planet will be effected with the help of God, whom other "top species" have the character to obey, and which they will effect in the same manner employed to end the ministry of the Prophet Elijah, i.e., inertia-free craft. These evacuations ["rapturing"] will occur, definitely, in 2003 and 2013. There is likely (stale academic footing makes me cautious) that there is a 3 1/2 year period between August, 2003 (the Jewish Holiday Succoth... it is a different hour/day/season depending on where one is on the planet, so it is impossible to be firm on the date)and Winter 2006 when the Christos will be afferent in human affairs, which is to say "rapturings" or teleportations or "abductions" will occur in large proportions. Particularly advanced souls will depart after the manner of the Christos (Jesus), without technological assistance.

    The New World Order (NWO) is to be put in place fully, after the vanishing of hundreds of millions, to compensate the total disruption such an event entails. The SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative -Star Wars) is to develop the weaponry to gun down the "heavenly host" that is misrepresented by certain REPTILIAN species whose actual interest is to acquire the superlative body of Human Being, our bodies and minds. The contest among ourselves human is for which sort of political system will characterize this NWO. We would that it be more like the present USA government, not like that of the Soviets nor like that of the Nazis, who are alive and well in Antarctica. Nazis have promised 75% of Earth's land surface to those species, reptiloid, who help them; and they will liquidate all non Aryans in USA.

    (The wormhole is opening in increments: 1943, 1983, 2003, 2013.) This planet has no discernible history past 2013. [The final date comes from myriad sources.] The Philadelphia Experiment opened a wormhole which was known to "MIND", God and His intervening but ignored angels as soon as man, Adam, was influenced by elements of the "Orion Group", a reptilian species of another dimension. The reptilians are allied in the Orion Confederation, which is at war with "good" species allied in the Pleiadian and Sirian Confederations.

    The period described above is a "prophetic week" of seventy years.

    By visiting, you can learn how to use your video camera to capture the huge number of special craft that are massing to launch an assault (actually, they come to rescue the remains of humanity - the "rapture!") on this species before the final closing of the wormhole accidentally opened by the Philadelphia Experiment. [When the wormhole is completely open, it will be SIMULTANEOUSLY CLOSED.] Events accompanying the preparations for the belligerent engagement with "extradimensionals" will include the termination of electromagnetic means of communication - no radio nor television, massive earthquakes caused by scalar technology, the appearance of large numbers of saucers - that are U.S. owned and operated so as to scare the masses into going along with a One-World government scheme run by a cabal of silly scum who have funded their predations with crimes including trafficking in guns and drugs also theft ($20,000,000,000,000, absolute minimum) from the taxpayer... the cause for the massive debt which sprung from $900,000,000,000 to $4,000,000,000,000 under his idiotic and treacherous presidency. Reagan's picture and signatures are found in deep underground caverns were SDI is developed with the help of aliens who are fully possessed by Lucifer (the name of the consciousness of this galaxy, the Milky Way.) While the U.S. government is advancing its ultra secret technology at the rate of 44 years/year, it is stealing 1.3 trillions from the U.S. economy every two years. Gun-running and drugs appear to be other sources of significant income for vacuum energy devices various military establishments are fabricating. The decimation of the populations of Africa is oriented to facilitating access to certain metals found in abundance there, particularly in and near Angola. These machinations are actually controlled by the "extradimensionals" they are said to be defenses against!

    It is all over but the whining. In orion.htm (phlaexp.doc), one will note confusion about the alteration of the timeline and the possibility that the Nazi's may come out to have won W.W. II. The fact is that the program the Nazi's pursued is being executed by the species, it is a question over which group implements the plan instigated by the Orion Group. A series of deceptions will be implemented by USA and other governments to consolidate governmental control over humans before the anticipated onslaught by extradimensionals at the two future widenings of the ":accidentally": opened wormhole allowing them easy ingress to ourselves. This is not true. Humans collaborating with those aliens representing the "forces of darkness" are befuddled by the depth and quality of what they are participating in on a "need to know" basis only.

    Putting the data together is hard without an understanding of the underlying technology and principles involved. That is where zeropoint makes his contribution, linking the technology with the applications. Also, zeropoint happens to understand the very nature of the conversion of mind to matter. "Mentality" is most important. Our private and disciplined discussion group of "ZEROPOINTERs" [reopened to new participants] is fathoming the nature of the psychology prerequisite to grasping the [simple] science and subtle technology upon which all this borderline "nonsense" is based. Humans (this instance of humanity on planet Earth) have been given technology which [we] do not understand. This understanding is presented by the Hebrew text (original) of the Holy Bible. The original Arabic and, it is reported to me, the Assyrian alphabets also present the stuff of the vacuum fluctuations discussed by James Bearden in particular. The secret of the universe requires only high school geometry to be understood. The sinister observations made are a tangental result of having and developing a firm grasp of zero point physics and investigating the range of their applications. The consequences of stupid people having possession of such technology is absolutely disastrous. The exhortations of the various bibles had been intended to school us to deal with the quality of this present now unfolding toward our own deletion from this planet. YOU CAN'T FAIL TO VISIT: THIS SITE.

    It is not understood that the cessation of "EM" communications to occur, a cessation that is detected by special means referred to in the orion.htm link is a normal function of the fulfillment of the "time-space anomaly" which is actually the nature of reality itself that is incrementally coming to copenetrate this particular planet. At that time, there will be no time. There will be no "electro-magnetic" transmissions after 2003 and, after 2013, at the next (third) appearance of the Christos, there will be no tempero-spatial qualities as we "know" them (Each human of this instance of human creation on this planet is a "time packet" the quality of time as we know it depends on this fact. When there are 6,660,000,000 humans alive simultaneously, humanity will be in a "standing wave" status, at which time human will is to be superordinate to the next and contexting dimension, the 8th, in the paradigm proffered here, that dimension being the biosphere, the "Z" of the xyz curvatures coming out of the nameless context of the Prime Mover. Remember, the entire galaxy is one of the expressions of the nature of the universe, not of itself; and it is an error to think in terms of what are mere orders of magnitude, i.e., moon, planet, sun, galaxy. Galaxies articulate, locally, the curvatures of (the space around) a universe and are singularities in themselves, or a dimension entire when considered from within one). Hence, one cannot know the day nor the hour of the coming, " ... and every eye shall see Him", even on all points of the globe simultaneously. This is just fabulous! (Owing to the times at different places on the planet and the date changes, it is impossible to state the day and the hour.) Until the so-called Philadelphia Experiment, there was no fixed time as such for the reassertion of the collective identity of humans on this planet, i.e., the reappearance of Adam evolved through myriad stupidities and poised to resorb, Humpty Dumpty-like, the parts into which He is shattered, ourselves each, as Kabbala details with its nomenclature. Historical Humpty Dumpties have been: Commies, Nazis, Napoleon, Catholicism, Emperial Rome, Babylon, and now USA (the beast with little horns, meaning it is young. The violation of the fourth commandment is the worship on Sunday, which will be a feature of NWO and it will be enforced with death.)

    THIS IS NOT THEORY BUT THE FACTS, JUST THE FACTS.... The time for hesitation and bridling in the face of scorn is done with and over. We consider all this in terms of ENGINEERING.

    Do visit the location of the paradigm on this site. The directory for the site is not indexed and the contents may be downloaded directly. At that link/directory, one will be able to download files giving the only and best descriptions of the cosmos and how to interface its prerogatives available anywhere on this planet.

    "Death is just around the corner", Vietnamese proverb. Take a hint from those who beat us like a rug. The Vietnamese, an ultra superduperpower, by the way, have another proverb aptly describing the orientation of those who have used knowledge that could have relaxed the world's problems but who have done quite the opposite: "When you have had enough of the stew, urinate in the kettle." Remember, Hitler ordered the murder of Germany when defeat was imminent.


    Jerusalem Christian Review Worth the visit by those of you so inclined.

  • The Holy Bible...

    The self confidence of zeropoint in his [my] pronouncements derives from certitudes gained from an intensive apprenticeship of eight years in Tibetan Buddhism, the Kargyutpa School, the "Black Hat" School. zeropoint was tested in 1975 by Lama Khyungla Losang, who since came into some Renoir paintings from a grateful student who died. Khyungla was the top-ranking scholar of Tibet, but without a "chair", that being allotted by nepotism in the expatriate Tibetan community. That teacher moved out of New York City into a chalet in Switzerland, so zeropoint is told by a Tibetan friend, one of the expatriate Tibetan aristocracy. Zeropoint lives in Berkeley California. Subsequently, after that stage of development in that "kind" of education, while in a certain health professional school, zeropoint was commanded to "explain the Old Testament" by the [obviously] Jewish students and one of his professors. These had been impressed by zeropoint's proven ability to give precise dates for precise geopolitical events in future. Christians insisted that zeropoint explain "The Holy Bible." Since then, zeropoint has studied the Holy Bible through the correspondence courses of Ambassador College and has read the Bible many many times. Also, zeropoint has studied the Old Testament under the guidance of some Lubovichers, Chasidim, the ultra-orthodox Jews in the black clothing. Such studies as these were conduced by physical disability related to a spinal injury and enforcing a contemplative regimen made fruitful by an eclectic academic and otherwise experiences.

    The physics which zeropoint presents in this page and the seemingly tangental subjects of mind/body effects and machinery affecting the body, as well those new additions to the page which deal with conspiracies, in line with the subject: a "One World Government" about to be perpetrated against the species, and the suppression of contacts with other species, are derivative realizations of the scope of the applications of the technology developed independently in purely intellectual investigation by zeropoint. The motive was the anticipation of the rendering obsolescent of technological innovations that Z.A.P., A Partnership, would earlier have brought to the development of electric vehicles. Fourth Millennium is a sister company, no longer a partnership, which is required by federal law if U.S. government funds were to have been sought; Fourth Millennium had been a fund-raising and public relations aspect of a no longer shared endeavor. ZAP's name, logo, and patents have been stolen. Furthermore, the original orientation is a dead horse, a dog that won't hunt, obsolete, without having gotten off the ground. The role of zeropoint had been as assistant to a partner who had requested assistance in going into business and who had had the original ideas since spoilt. (electric cars and wheelchairs)

    All of these considerations are moot however. The understanding of the physics behind the ability to elicit "free" energy from the heart of reality, to generate the circumstances of "prime motion", had at first proposed the likelihood of great riches. Gradually, it became clear that the U.S. government, which has possession of a wide variety of scalar devices if not a pervasive understanding of the nature of their workings, has taken the ball and run with it; this while forbidding under penalty of death that any private citizen should possess such instruments or share any knowledge of such technology when forbidden to do so, if detected.

    The Grand Unified Field Theory is not a theory. Such is the fact of the nature of reality, the Grand Unified Field, the cosmos. The communication of the understanding of reality is now of primary importance to zeropoint, the webmaster and chief cook and bottle-washer. The human race is undergoing a rapidly accelerating progress into the culmination of its evolution as a life form. And we are in deep deep trouble. We humans have done everything wrong at every turn. The process we are to undergo is a "cosmic dynamic" which is tantamount to a birthing process. This process would optimally enable each individual of this species to be as the angels, but as the chief of the angels, as the Christos itself.

    The various understandings of zeropoint have begun to coalesce into a most complete understanding of the human story. A series of links will soon be generated which will answer browsers' interest in the meaning of the Holy Bible.

    At this time, only the difficult to read book cited and made available in this page and authored by Sylvester H. Christie => zeropoint, is prepared. But a directory of pictures on biblical topics has been created and pictures gathered from one of the publications of the One World Church of God, owner of Ambassador College, have been placed in that directory. The link on the Bible, Revelations, is now partially ready but still under construction

    Over and out, zeropoint