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10.12.03 - 22.00 GMT
Ok i have managed to upload all the mp3 disk i posted this week and a big thank you to all those of you that are now leaving the torrent open to help seed the files for the others that are also downloading. my system now back at full speed so i can do some of my own work again.I would like to know how the tracker is performing so if you wish to email me as to it perforance and any issus that seem to be causing problems drop me a email dave@cddvdheaven.co.uk please also have a look at the latest deals on pc hardware CANNON I560 PRINTERS £90 CANON I250 PRINTERS £35 CANON LID 30 SCANNERS £50 www.cddvdheaven.co.uk

09.12.03 - 15.13 GMT
Sorry if the speeds a bit slow you should try being on my system seeding these 5 mp3 disks takes 5 min just to get my email !!! some of you nearly got the files now so please please carry on seeding so that i can post the next lot of files.i will be posting 5 mp3 disks a week just like these so if you help me i will help you.next week i may get a few freinds to help with the seeding of these disk files as it's hard going on my own.i hope to be posting the full dvd-r files of some of the lastest films as and when i get them.These will not always be full rip's but very good re-encodes of the best xvid files we can find.Many thanks to simon for uploading and seeding freinds ep1 series10. And a big thank you to all vistors to this new site. DIDIDAVE

08.12.03 - 11.24 GMT
Just added this weeks Mp3 Music disk torrents. Disks 645-649 all full albums + covers + lables

18.10.03 - 11.31 GMT
My web shop www.cddvdheaven.co.uk tracker's announce url:http://www.cddvdheaven.co.uk/tracker/announce.php

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Music disk 649 Download .torrent View Details View NFO Add Comment 209 2 rating: 4.0 / 5 2003-12-08
679.84 MB 599 262 288 time(s) 19 51 cddvdheaven
Music disk 648 Download .torrent View Details View NFO Add Comment 173 1 --- 2003-12-08
545.78 MB 360 132 146 time(s) 5 26 cddvdheaven
Music disk 647 Download .torrent View Details View NFO Add Comment 208 1 rating: 4.0 / 5 2003-12-08
673.84 MB 316 109 168 time(s) 10 42 cddvdheaven
Music disk 646 Download .torrent View Details View NFO Add Comment 207 2 rating: 3.0 / 5 2003-12-08
644.64 MB 371 224 189 time(s) 7 26 cddvdheaven
Music disk 645 Download .torrent View Details View NFO Add Comment 228 1 --- 2003-12-08
692.38 MB 308 113 194 time(s) 6 40 cddvdheaven

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