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2Cards.ca Campaign Needed To Insure Ratification Of Merger Package

As you are well aware both the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada and the Canadian Alliance are sending the Merger Package for full ratification please see the document here. The Tories and the Canadian Alliance are sending the proposal to their memberships and each party is different and this the real issue. 

Our polling numbers from The Strategy Group Inc show that 80 - 83.5% of Canadian Alliance members would support any effort for a united conservative movement. Also, since the Canadian Alliance only requires a simple majority to accept the Merger Package our efforts will not be focused on persuading Canadian Alliance members.

However, the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada is where the battleground is.  The Progressive Conservative Party of Canada's Constitution requires a 2/3 majority vote from participating members to ratify this Merger package and this is where the problem lies. 

David Orchard mustered a serious campaign and finished third in the recent Tory leadership race and he will fight to keep his socialism alive.  There is a war of great magnitude about to be waged and the enemies of conservatism are gathering and will not disappear in a quiet fashion. They are, but not limited to: Former Prime Minister Joe Clark, Left wing extremist Quebec MP André Bachand, Manitoba MP Rick Borotsik, David Orchard and all of his cult like followers. 

Marjaleena Repo a senior adviser on Mr. Orchard's leadership campaign, called the merger agreement a betrayal and predicted party members will defeat it.  "Now we have an attempted coup d'etat," Ms. Repo said. "It's a betrayal of the party."

Ms. Repo noted that the Tory rank and file has repeatedly voted against any deal with the Alliance, and said Mr. MacKay negotiated without any authority or mandate. She predicted Mr. Orchard's supporters will be 35 or 40 per cent of the party by the time the vote on the deal is cast.

How can we insure that the Tory membership will embrace the Merger Package?

Quite simply, by following the initial plan of the www.2cards.ca campaign and insure that those that have dual memberships such as the Jim Prentice supporters, many Scott Brison supporters, Peter McKay and Craig Chandler supporters become re-activated and campaign on the yes side of the merger package.

Please join the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada to insure victory

Dual Memberships are allowed because PGIB delegates at the 2002 Progressive Conservative Party of Canada Convention in Edmonton, Alberta defeated Resolution 9 which sought to ban dual memberships. See http://www.2cards.ca/pages/english/forums/newsletters/sep12002.htm#defeat 

Based on polling throughout the recent Progressive Conservative Party of Canada leadership race it is estimated that 26% of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada are 2 Card carriers.  Thus, with Peter McKay, Jim Prentice, Scott Brison and Craig Chandler all united and actively promoting a united party, victory is near!

We are extremely proud that PGIB's strategy for unity has brought the conservative movement this far, but the next step of ratification is the most important! 

The PGIB www.2cards.ca Project has never been more needed than now!

Thus, we are reformulating our objectives efforts and dedicating our efforts full time in lobbying Progressive Conservative and Canadian Alliance members throughout Canada.  We have the contacts, we have the workers and we have the know how. 

We will be victorious!

The PGIB www.2cards.ca  movement since its inception has been focused on educating and, unifying conservatives within the Canadian Alliance and the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.

At PGIB we have put our money where our mouth is and recently we even ran PGIB Executive Director Craig Chandler in the recent leadership race for the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada that was finalized in June 2003. Mr. Chandler finished 5th out of  7 candidates.

In fact, it was PGIB's www.2cards.ca leadership bid that revived "Unite The Right" talks.

Before Craig Chandler sought the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada with PGIB support even Stephen Harper was against uniting the two parties. Peter McKay was also very clear about his views on unity with the Canadian Alliance in a very negative way throughout the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada Leadership race. 

Here are some comments to ponder:

From The 2002 Canadian Alliance Leadership Race

Source: http://www.cbc.ca/storyview/CBC/2002/01/24/alliance_debate020124

Ablonczy is running on a unite-the-right platform, and during the debate appealed to those in the audience who don't support Harper's anti-unity stance.

"Ladies and gentlemen if we do not reach out and seek to unify the conservatives in this country, the vote splitting will never end and we might as well hand the keys to the Liberals forever."

But Harper had the audience on his side when he dismissed the idea of a merger with the Tories. "And ladies and gentlemen, that's not cooperation, that's surrender, and that's not taking us forward, that's backward. And that's not where we're going to go," said Harper.

Source: http://edmonton.cbc.ca/regional/servlet/View?filename=cafreshea011205

But some feel that Harper isn't the right choice, because he's against a merger with the Progressive Conservative Party.

Many of Day's old Alberta cabinet buddies aren't backing him but they're also leery of Harper. "I have the greatest respect for Harper," says Alberta's Infrastructure Minister Ty Lund.  "I was disappointed, though, to hear that he wasn't interested in working with the PCs."

From The 2003 Progressive Conservative Party Leadership Race

Source: http://www.cbc.ca/stories/2003/04/24/pc_leader030424

Calgary lawyer Jim Prentice accused him (Peter McKay) of flip-flopping on the issue of cooperation with the Canadian Alliance. "In Western Canada you have said that the Canadian Alliance is radioactive and then you've gone to St. Catharines, Ont., and said that we should run joint candidates, presumably joint radioactive candidates?"

Craig Chandler was attacked by all the PC Party leadership candidates, but Craig continued to be vigilant in pushing the Unite the Right agenda. In fact, until the last debate Mr. Chandler was the only leadership candidate who did promote conservative unity. After the message of the PGIB www.2cards.ca Project sunk in, the two party leaders and their emissaries clearly adopted PGIB's "Canada First" Platform of Conservative Unity. After all, Craig's speech was seen and / or heard by thousands upon thousands of Canadians.

PGIB has been at the forefront of this battle and like engineers in an army, the PGIB has been on the front-line, the first ones in to build the bridges and the last ones to leave the battlefield.  Just like engineers those of us in PGIB get very little thanks for doing the grunt work in the conservative movement.

The Facts Are:

  • The PGIB has been pushing for a united party for years see Movement History
  • It was the PGIB that first spoke of naming the new united party The Conservative Party of Canada, this was first mentioned in 1996.  Mr. Chandler was actually attacked during the leadership debates by all candidates for wanting to drop the word Progressive in the party name (documented by CPAC in their taping of the leadership debates.  Tapes are available at the PGIB National Office for viewing).
  • It was Craig Chandler at the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Convention in June 2003 that unveiled the "Canada First ". 
What PGIB campaigned for What the Merger Package includes
Call the Party the Conservative Party of Canada The new party is called the Conservative Party of Canada
Run a single slate of candidates There will be a single slate of candidates
Current Seats will be guaranteed The parties will be treated as equal partners
Second Place respect Nominations have been frozen to allow a united candidates
Agreement must be ratified by both parties membership PC & Alliance Members will ratify package on December 12, 2003-10-16
A joint leadership race to pick a new leader Leadership vote for new leader will occur March 19-24, 2003
A joint Policy convention before next federal election Founding Convention / Policy Convention TBA

It seems the investment of money and manpower made by the PGIB www.2cards.ca Committee, PGIB members and the Craig Chandler Campaign was well worth it.

PGIB has achieved a massive victory for Canada and for Canadian conservative unity.   See the 2003 Progressive Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Race section here for further information on the impact that Craig Chandler and the PGIB www.2cards.ca Committee had on the Tory Leadership Race.

However, now is the time for us to be active and vigilant in our final march to victory.

Vote for Craig!
Buy your PC membership To ENSURE a Merger vote Victory!

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