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Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire


Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire
for GameBoy Advance




E (Everyone)

August 25, 2003


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Pokemon Pinball is much more than a typical pinball game. It combines fast flipper action with a unique way to catch your favorite Pokemon. As you search for Pokemon on both Ruby and Sapphire Fields you'll uncover lots of secrets, including innovative Bonus Fields that let you battle Pokemon -- even Legendary Pokemon like Groudon and Kyogre. Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire is crawling with new features. Visit the Pokemon Mart to purchase special bonus items with Coins you earn while you play, or complete certain tasks to hatch Pokemon from Eggs. Even though there are a lot of new tricks to learn, the addictive gameplay that made the first game so popular is still intact. One of the coolest things about Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire is that you and a friend can link up using a Game Boy Advance Game Link cable to exchange Hi-Scores and Pokedex information. Exchange Pokedex info with a friend and Pokemon that your friend has but you don't will be displayed in your Pokedex. You won't actually own these Pokémon, but they will appear at a higher rate in your own game, making them easier to catch. [Nintendo]



Like "Wario Ware," this is a perfect handheld game. Instantly playable. [Nov 2003, p.72]


Ultimately, if you're not a Pokéfan, this game won't change your mind…but if you don't mind the adorable monsters, there's lots of unusually satisfying gameplay here.

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Nintendo Power
More than just a GBA makeover, the new Pokemon Pinball is an evolution in game play, offering livelier Pokemon to catch and Pokemon ecosystems clevery built into table designs. Pokemaniacs will be mesmerized. [Nov 2003, p.150]


While its flashy new successor doesn’t innovate quite like the original did, it does in fact make leaps and bounds above its predecessor through improved gameplay mechanics, fantastic new features, and a new coat of polish in the audio and visual departments.

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It's a shame that one little button location in the Sapphire table makes that layout a little more annoying to play than the Ruby board, but both designs are still well done and some of the best pinball action you'll experience on the GBA system.

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Electronic Gaming Monthly
Every orifice oozes Pokemon quality - everything but the flippers themselves have some kind of link to the Pokeverse. [Nov 2003, p.202]


The game is a blast, possessing excellent pinball basics, surprising depth, and an addictive collection overgame.

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Game Informer
As ball physics and control go, it's dead on. [Oct 2003, p.145]


At its core, it’s fairly shallow, and you really need to come into this game liking Pokemon, or pinball, or preferably both in order to get your money’s worth.

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The two styles of play - high scoring or Pokemon catching - allow you to explore the tables twice over with different motives, while the immediate accessibility will suit players who are looking for some purely basic pinball fun. Only the most demanding of pinball wizards would be right to turn their nose up at Pokemon Pinball's charming slant on the genre.

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A game that combines the best of both worlds - Pokemon and pinball - while putting aside a lot of the elements that usually put people off. The pinball aspects win out over the extensive wandering, random battling and other RPG bits of the Pokemon series which, if you're not a fan, can only be a good thing. [Nov 2003, p.124]

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While the game is still charming and fun, it's practically identical to the first game, and on top of that, it's even easier than the original, making it more of a time-consumer than an actual challenge.

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Edge Magazine
This is not a conventional pinball game with well-designed skillshots and a challenging layout, but since when was Pokemon ever conventional? [Nov 2003, p.99]


GMR Magazine
When you marry the spot-on physics of pinball ballistics with the collection-mania of Nintendo's ageless Pokemon franchise, good times are all but guaranteed. [Nov 2003, p.90]


Cheat Code Central Platinum
There is no doubt that this game will take a lot of time to complete but the repetitious nature of the gameplay will ensure that all but the most ardent of Pokemon fans will take the time to collect all 200 monsters.


It isn't as addictive or diverse as the great pinball videogames, but it'll quench your "Pokemon" thirst.

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The average user rating for this game is
7.8 out of 10
(11 Votes).
Note: User votes are NOT included in the Metascore calculation.

Vincent H. gave it a 10:
I love pokemon and I like pin ball and I want it now.

Aaron C. gave it a 10:
Gotta catch em' all, in pinball.

Dustin M. gave it an 8:
This game is the best pkmn game i'v ever played.

Sarah V. gave it a 10:
It was great!!!

Bitch ass gave it a 10:
Brilliant and Superlative! Excellent!

Baldur B. gave it a 10:
That is one awsome game, It combines you're fav. pkmn and lots more.

Mark J. gave it a 9:
A solid addictive pinball title. It has less boards than Sonic pinball party but the boards have more lasting appeal.

Harald M. gave it a 9:
It´s a great pinballgame thats not getting boring after hours of playing. You can catch 200 Pokemon so its not one sided point hashing.


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