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Title(Korean):  Sibdaeeui Banhang

Also Known In English as :  Resistance of Teenagers, A Defiance of  Teenager





Year Of Production



 10 reels

Production Company

  Beoma Film Company


 I Bong-yeong


 Kim Ki-young


 O Yeong-jin



Director Of Photography

 Gim Deok-jin

Production Design

 Bak Seok-jin


 Go Hae-jin


 Han Sang-gi


 O Yeong-geun


 Choi Chil-bok



Main Cast

  Hwang Hae-nam, Eom Aeng-ran, Jo Mi-ryeong, An Seong-gi


   Families were broken up by the Korean War.  In its aftermath, refugees returned to Seoul and rebuilt the city.  But the war made many orphans, and they joined gangs.  Gilnam runs a gang that picks pockets by day and snatch handbags in the evening.  Gilnam is arrested.  His friend Eogsoi begs the boss of a bigger gang, Gwon, to save him.  Gwon forces Eogsoi to join his gang instead.  Gilnam gets taken to a camp for the homeless.  There he meets Pilnyo and Geunseon.  Pilnyo is a seventeen-year-old girl disguised as a man, and Geunseon is a little boy.  Together, they all escape from the camp.  Pilnyo becomes Gilnam¡¯s follower, but he ignores her love for him.  Disappointed, she finds Gwon, who is more interested in her.  Geunson learns crime from Gilnam.  One day, when he snatches a woman¡¯s handbag, she follows him because he resembles the son she lost in the war.  Because he works together with Gilnam, Gwon seizes Eogsoi to punish him, and he is killed in a fall when he tries to escape.  Gi

lnam attacks Gwon¡¯s house and they fight.  Gwon is killed by Pilnyo.  She gives up all hope and lets Gilnam leave.  Bongseon, a girl from a restaurant, has had her eye on Gilnam.  She persuades him to give up the criminal life.  He brings Geunseon to the young woman, who still has not forgotten her lost son, and she adopts him even though she knows he is not her real son.  He watches them enjoying Christmas and then walks off, with Geunson¡¯s voice calling after him.

(written by Lee Kyung-Eun and based on Gim Jong-won, ¡°The Postwar Syndrome Generated by Realism, and its Healing,¡± in Journal of Film and Culture, No.8 (1998).  No print survives of this film.)


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