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Raw database dumps

Last dump made: 2003-12-12 (yesterday)
Total size 3709MB (268MB for just current revisions)

These are SQL dumps of the current and old article revision databases for each wiki. They can be read into a local database and directly used with the MediaWiki software (MySQL, PHP, Apache required).

These dumps are not suitable for viewing in a web browser or text editor unless you do a little preprocessing on them first.

Dumps are compressed with bzip2. (windows, mac help notes needed)


For mass backup purposes, it may be more convenient to download all dumps in a single lump. Currently all but English are available in a single tarball; get this and the larger English dump below for a complete set of articles in three files.

(Wikipedia in all languages except English and all other projects)
otherlanguages.tar - 1048MB - md5 91ef772b499149b7043c5a53ed96fa8e

cur - 28KB- md5 81f2fb8a770bf2b9f6ac676ad4356cbe
old - 10KB- md5 bfb4b8f48d7212315178dda6031dc6ee
cur - 53KB- md5 b9778ed95818ea4f33064745cc64582e
old - 62KB- md5 7fd84334f54a6b29c21539db9cc5344e
cur - 49KB- md5 83a652df9ae7cbb3d6843c4c93963c87
old - 72KB- md5 b2cd75d01f71f2c27eb49df94b8f754a
cur - 78KB- md5 b87c84bf5ba887486ba4d0796ec31c9d
old - 129KB- md5 de9514c55d388c807ed1bbda5c9853a3
cur - 517KB- md5 781913fc63716114184c3a3f3249967d
old - 595KB- md5 0e1a8c6b5f21a4d7a02c31e35b01ae3f
cur - 155KB- md5 0ac86beae9c1be09293d636baccf1d91
old - 265KB- md5 89f9042ddc07ce2025d887a8103f5922
cur - 3MB- md5 5b20712abe6ef1bfadc778c31e81c429
old - 16MB- md5 dca6ba53180ae19f9e2738c7815f9324
cur - 29MB- md5 16284377e780971cd8d87e15d2cfd2b9
old - 355MB- md5 f8f969856bd64150a8e466965bebdcae
cur - 97KB- md5 298c5d6278f18684c54ae4f05bacdf1b
old - 356KB- md5 197e781696034b534796f5c92268ed87
cur - 145MB- md5 676e2f4311d6b9462d5e09946b7d3a81
old - 2515MB- md5 25747380b85c7de683b23e997dc56963
cur - 4MB- md5 5145a80309f9be6e82ed8a851825d579
old - 15MB- md5 9c8f70c74590c256a9d4708b3abf5aee
cur - 7MB- md5 6d7506cc279882ee6f77f535ff6a7268
old - 41MB- md5 574fc85dae6b3ddb9f765e16b9bea678
cur - 754KB- md5 a1185147a064b5471b2a30fe79ea04bd
old - 1MB- md5 54e6b9f32f6e7e6b27ccc0c37a78fb45
cur - 15MB- md5 90493a82ceea21d8002f0b0d0b18b664
old - 173MB- md5 7f182a29f49eb03a924f462ae78e4347
cur - 303KB- md5 8158b4e1460a6761368f7b8a5f4661de
old - 806KB- md5 0469c1df3c7f882d460240d88cd6bc1b
cur - 23KB- md5 98c058efdddac9a650a8ee1aefc87dcb
old - 587 bytes- md5 21c79e956bf8db2e1914a0c9ebb1cdcc
cur - 23KB- md5 ed84a638704c62d7e97f9018bc242155
old - 590 bytes- md5 c4705ad716d23348efd75dbe4d2f722d
cur - 1MB- md5 f2ba9f6ae56087c06ba1809d0b866a01
old - 6MB- md5 4fa41204d261b6559eecd72ee8abf0fa
cur - 221KB- md5 bf02c5f2d0643e90562327a198507ada
old - 188KB- md5 3c2d3874df0871a706b3773cb661a746
cur - 265KB- md5 6292e5d137afb0f6d11ae6500db5038d
old - 444KB- md5 4fed81cedc2841bb6d55117587f5b8d6
cur - 435KB- md5 36157d9197b322941163f026e98a0ff9
old - 1MB- md5 8935e61a804140bd238e2af9b7b49231
cur - 2MB- md5 c8f7950c8e99dc2a05ce27cbd03ddca8
old - 4MB- md5 d6da609d150239fc53b83dc4acb8a2f1
cur - 11MB- md5 623e24b763ad9835e7ca5b478f9c0c5b
old - 73MB- md5 490e966f0bc844dac4363eca22db7385
cur - 24KB- md5 84dfb27b61d89402dffd7fb6a700466d
old - 1KB- md5 b4f2c0b2cd774c5fa9a9e34a400e8bbc
cur - 460KB- md5 270b03da17bcb0c21d88b197882649bf
old - 1MB- md5 c7cc40198ef8e2b4ce4e33960917430d
cur - 70KB- md5 2c80ced796aa1e5747100b84dd2653e8
old - 48KB- md5 4b97d4fd355ef8d0138fbae8ba51acf4
cur - 3MB- md5 9a9e7480af690e2de5da48fa379bb4be
old - 25MB- md5 ee1dc068f527bf4da0f21351f041d649
cur - 53KB- md5 d33e4e0db85d6e54b83eeee73ae27119
old - 41KB- md5 99b1dfcc586d269508bd79d02c097f60
cur - 271KB- md5 9331a524f850b189a66f9e2f9e0a4532
old - 464KB- md5 fb77feffe3946dcc5f6c8d1f7234f3cd
cur - 33KB- md5 144e5e9a827334ba93c6b7f3b03cd2e6
old - 13KB- md5 e4dce7d05ae001e63cf089b22a798e60
cur - 10MB- md5 1a7a7a92781755aef73c8ffa526a0661
old - 91MB- md5 485afa60d07344cefec12bbad897ba3c
cur - 112KB- md5 ad0f5599490d05cbd1aed495e7e6c962
old - 163KB- md5 d3a6341fea5ba71d713a47acce7d880f
cur - 9MB- md5 ea27f7b4d71ed69b3e5472ef7eb62e34
old - 43MB- md5 53ec4a19103c23b43cae55dfc42c1947
cur - 829KB- md5 5e3dbc4e297112b270e9efd668010dff
old - 4MB- md5 b91cbb379f4c06b6e6981ecedbe0f0ba
cur - 633KB- md5 8d75ec80588fb5434161599bbfef6cac
old - 2MB- md5 539d16a86fcee7ff4c4c43ca5d7f6dc1
cur - 743KB- md5 316c2eff14d3d81e108f35107036ec2c
old - 1MB- md5 84e8a95b72d8cab9bddfdc73ce6583bf
cur - 163KB- md5 9defc874add90bfab34f883b5e8cd579
old - 223KB- md5 d43a7b73ba61e9b65818922cc2e12c6e
cur - 25KB- md5 785510dad0ab6778eff09b6bc29eaa99
old - 5KB- md5 a9246d874a48262e9e091acab5fd1a82
cur - 28KB- md5 a012e1c3244567b5dc40f2e5d8d9eac6
old - 8KB- md5 7cea9dbce5e1a2006d3a7cdf9d09e906
cur - 935KB- md5 6f3506fdbb2de3eb78a3fac0377dd93d
old - 3MB- md5 e48f2b7db5b5bbf66fdc3d360dc79810
cur - 67KB- md5 15e67ee4f1955b7c1049d9965f943134
old - 57KB- md5 d03f1c5e1047b30cf5e982cb338a225d
cur - 216KB- md5 985245854878c4cdbad9787bd57abdc1
old - 255KB- md5 a0f56750beb273036c31c8454ff8a4cb
cur - 5MB- md5 cfae13188c2dca586b90778eadeb8664
old - 25MB- md5 58c40ec535ed940b1f6953057fd41090
cur - 90KB- md5 c1f7ccbb8a7502268e49234f964a0ae8
old - 186KB- md5 ed10a8b77cbd4117c7385c38f0653094
cur - 1MB- md5 ba239aea8ff223ce31d22668193c17a7
old - 6MB- md5 f3ce1fcf3d6dd37f51d33f5895513225
cur - 58KB- md5 7b32f19a4739162ab9fb82a91fd78bc6
old - 64KB- md5 6ece00186833e9a739c12f00606d7679
cur - 103KB- md5 5e3dddf9711b8c4a922bacb7066fa430
old - 333KB- md5 601449d67a7b437c23751088c8813b55
cur - 5MB- md5 67ccf0cbff6425fbf6ec03b8e5824d94
old - 10MB- md5 0b55d22922ba2a3547c54b145f3630d5
cur - 3MB- md5 b4b7678f8ec05d8b09baa673221e99d2
old - 18MB- md5 28390dc0ac10a14d2e79753362c5505c

Images and uploaded files

A collected archive of uploaded images is not yet available...

Wikis on old software

These tarballs are updated nightly. Inidivdual languages can be picked up at


TomeRaider archives

These more occasionally updated files may be read online in TomeRaider, available for PCs and handhelds. To reduce space, talk pages are not included.

See instructions on the wiki and more thorough instructions.