Rethinking the Death Penalty
by Bruce Shapiro. From The Nation, July 22, 2002.

The End of Innocence
by Philip Brasfield. From our Nov-Dec 2000 issue.

Soaked in Grace
An interview with death row lawyer Bryan Stevenson by Doug Davidson. From our Jan-Feb 2000 issue.

Uprooting the Seeds of Violence
by Bernice King. From our Sep-Dec 97 issue.

Killing Time
our September/December 1997 issue focuses on the Death Penalty

An Unrelenting Terror
an article by Philip Brasfield

Walking Through the Fire
by Helen Prejean

Practical Actions Against Capital Punishment
by Mark William Olson

The God Who Dared
by Mark William Olson

Biblical Traditions and the Death Penalty
an article by Britt Johnson

Bible Passages for Discussion

Dead Man Walking Study Guide

Relevant Web Links

Dismantling the Death Penalty
From Roots and Branches

Dismantling the Death Penalty

Linocut by Cathleen Benberg As followers of Jesus Christ, the one who incarnated God's own love, compassion, and forgiveness, we at The Other Side abhor capital punishment. As people of faith, we feel called to stand against the death penalty.

While the ethical problems with capital punishment are many, our opposition to the death penalty is rooted most fundamentally in the teachings and life of Jesus. Jesus came preaching good news to the poor and proclaiming release for prisoners. He spent his life with those society considered irredeemable, inviting all people into full fellowship and new life.

Jesus called his disciples to avoid judgment, reminding us that as we have been forgiven, we are to forgive. He challenged the one without sin to throw the first stone.

We offer the following resources in the hopes that

as you consider the death penalty from a Christian perspective, your commitment to the ways of Jesus will be nourished.

as you study capital punishment in our society, your opposition to the death penalty will grow stronger.

by using the material in small group settings, you will also help others to grow in their commitment to Jesus and opposition to the death penalty.

as you learn more about others working to end capital punishment, you will find support and be empowered to join in the struggle against this violence.

Please contact us with suggestions for additional resources or web links which should be included to make this resource cluster more complete. Or just let us know how this material has impacted your life and work!

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