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This is the homepage of the "Nova Scotia" / Saint Martin O'Connor's: The sons and daughters of Jeremiah Conner and Rebecca Smith.


Jeremiah was born in 1807 (Saint Martin or Nova Scotia, unknown) and died on the 17th of august of the year 1855. His childeren were:

Joseph (b. 26-12-1826)
Charles Louis (b. 15-4-1829)
Bertha (b. 23-5-1831)
Mary Louisa (b. 9-9-1833)
Marhareth Britannia (?)

The story is that the first O'Connor came sailing as captain on a ship (schooner) to the beautifull island of Saint Martin ,one of the dutch Winward islands in the Carribean. Charles Louis is our great-great-grandfather who married Angelina Halley (16-2-1856?) and had the following childeren:

William Frederick (b. 28-1-1860)
James Charles (b. 10-8-1861)
Robert Adolphus (b. 22-9-1865)
Louisa Maria (b. 13-5-1868)
Robert Benjamin (1870)
Mathilda Armanda (1870)
George Frederick (1876)

On the 18th of August 1914, William Frederick Conner received permission to change his surname back to the original O'Connor.

We do not know from where in Ireland this O'Connor clan orriginated,
although we got some information that it could be Kerry or Kilkenny....? We stick to the old interpretation of O'Connaught :

'Childeren of Connaught'

We are the great (grand) childeren of William Frederick O'Connor
See next page on his childeren

Also do not forget to go to our Saint Martin page: Saint Martin

The slogan on the royal O'Connor crest reads:

' dhia gach aon cabhair'

which translates optionally into

'From god (comes) every help' or 'We need all the help god can give us!'

For more on the Faith of our Fathers see:
Cead Mile Failte romhat, a losa

Have a short look at
Nova Scotia

If you have any questions, or if you can help us further:
E-mail the Saint Martin O'Connor clan

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