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Theatrical Release Date: February 2nd, 2001 (862 theaters)

Video Release Date: October 31st, 2000

MPAA Rating: PG-13 (for violence)

Video Release Notes:

7/18/00 - That's right. This is going to video before its theatrical release. There will also be a Making of Left Behind video released on August 1st, 2000. I should note that both videos may be sold as "direct market" from the distributor, or Christian-only vendors (ie, they might not be found in secular stores,, etc). (10/12/00) Yes, you can buy the DVD/VHS at and elsewhere. You can buy the Making Of video from the official site.

Distributor: Cloud Ten Pictures

Cast: Kirk Cameron (Buck), Clarence Gilyard (Bruce Barnes), Brad Johnson (Rayford Steele), Christine MacFadyen (Irene), Jay Manchester (Raymie), Chelsea Noble (Hattie Durham), Janaya Stephens (Chloe)

Who's Kirk Cameron?: Kirk Cameron is probably best-known as the star of the 1980's TV series, Growing Pains.

Director: Victor Sarin (Cold Comfort, several TV projects)

Screenwriter: John Bishop (The Package; cowriter of Drop Zone)

Based Upon: This movie is based upon the first in a series of Christian novels by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. The books are based upon the concept of The Rapture, an event where millions of people would disappear from Earth in preparation for Judgment Day. The producers are planning on this being the first in a series of films based upon the books.

Sequel Note: (10/21/02) The preview page for the next film in the series, Left Behind II: Tribulation Force, is up.

Premise: Pilot Rayford Steele (Johnson) discovers that dozens of his passengers disappear during a flight, and it's only worse when he lands, and it's revealed to be a worldwide phemenon, with millions of people disappearing, including his wife and son. Steele and several others who were "left behind" team up to uncover the mystery...

Filming: Production began on this movie on May 2nd, 2000 in Toronto. (7/18/00) Filming has since wrapped.

Genre: Action, Thriller

Official Book Series Site:

Official Site:

Message Board: Share your thoughts on our "Left Behind: The Movie" Message Board

Input about Greg's Previews of upcoming Movies, or any movie covered here, is encouraged. Just e-mail Greg Dean Schmitz using our feedback form. Please note that all release dates are subject to change.

Recent Updates to This Page:
10/21/02 - Sequel Note
7/18/00 - Greg's Preview Thoughts, Video Release Notes

Greg's Preview Thoughts:
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7/18/00 - The official site has been completely redesigned, and now has information on the unusual release strategy. The film will go direct-to-video this fall, 2000; and then in February of 2001, will be released to theaters, propelled by a "grassroots" campaign similar to the one used for The Omega Code in 1999. Why they're deciding to switch the order isn't known, but my guess is that they're trading on the power of the Christian video market to help build an audience that will then volunteer to get people to see it in theaters (and to inspire them to see it on the big screen as well).

- Though it never had a wide release, The Omega Code was still able to make the box office top 10 in late 1999 through a concentrated grassroots campaign by Christian volunteers supporting the effort of a growing film community, sort of following in the footsteps of the Christian music community which went from obscurity to success in the 1990's. This movie is the next step in that process, I suspect, as it aims to be the first in a large action saga, about a future where "The Rapture" has really happened. Though the distributor hasn't been announced yet, the producers have announced their intention for the release (in either late 2000 or early 2001) to be wide. With filming starting on May 1st, casting news should be announced soon. (5/16/00) Filming is underway, and the official site now has several photo's from the set.

Page Created: 4/25/00

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