GOD'S GLORY Manifested

Christ Chapel Assembly of God
Woodbridge, VA.

Rev. Thomas Muthee
It is Sunday morning.

The first meeting began at 9:00 and the expectation on the faces of the people can be seen as Rev. Thomas Muthee comes to the pulpit. People have heard about the great things the Lord is doing in East Africa, but now they are going to be able to hear first hand from the man who has seen it all happen.

After all, Pastor Muthee is the man who obeyed the Lord to plant a new church in the town called "The Preacher's Graveyard."

He saw how the Lord changed Kiambu from the Murder Capitol of Kenya to the Revival Capitol!

He saw how the Lord multiplied the Church in Kenya and affectionately named it "The Prayer Cave."

Pastor Muthee saw The Prayer Cave grow from just a few people that gathered in a cold and dark basement (hence the name) to the more than 5,000 member church with 63 satelite churches in 4 countries; all in just nine years!

This is the man who has 23 documented cases of people who were healed by the power of God from AIDS!

Believe me when I say.....There was a great expectancy!

Set ablaze by the Fire of God
Christ Chapel, Woodbridge, VA (October 1998)

The anointing of the Lord breaking the yokes!
Christ Chapel, Woodbridge, VA (October 1998)

The theme of the first message was: The power of Sacrifice. Reverend Thomas said: "Sacrifice releases spiritual power." As he took us on a journey through the Word, this principle in the Kingdom of God came alive. He told us how the Church in Kenya applied it in their prayer-life,

If you can use anything Lord, use us!
Christ Chapel, Woodbridge, VA (October 1998)

The joy of the Lord is our strength
Rev. Muthee ministers to Sharon
Christ Chapel, Woodbridge, VA (October 1998)
their commitment, their time, their giving, their church. Pastor Muthee shared testimonies of how the Lord worked with them with the signs and wonders that followed the believers of The Prayer Cave.

Many will consider what the Lord is doing in Kiambu to be revival, but not Thomas. He says: "We are merely flowing in the grace of the commitment of the people. I do not know what we will do in the days ahead when we will flow in the grace of refreshing."

We read in the Word that: "Where evil abound Grace abounds much more." This is the testimony of The Prayer Cave. (Word of Faith Church.)

Just when the world gave up on Kiambu and despised the people living there, God stepped in and changed everything around. Today the economy is flourishing. The crime-rate is way down from what it used to be. Bars have closed down.

NOW the Powerhouses (Prayer rooms) are open 24 hours a day and there is not a minute of any given day that there are not people praying in those powerhouses.

Taste and see that the Lord is Good!
Christ Chapel, Woodbridge, VA (October 1998)

Needless to say, the altars were packed after both the 9 o'clock and 10:30 services. People came to the Lord with fresh commitments and sacrifice. Many walked out of the church speaking words like: "I will never be the same again" or "There is something stirring in my heart." These few pictures speak of the mighty touch of the Master's Hand.

Rev. Muthee ministering to every individual.
Christ Chapel, Woodbridge, VA (October 1998)

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