Alternate Beginnings

An honourable Genma realises what Ranma's curse means he needs to do. Even as he commits seppuku on the grounds of Jusenkyo, he makes a final wish...
A Father's Wish (7k)

This story covers his arrival at the Tendo's. Sure, I could have gone on and done an entire series, but I felt there were enough of them out there. This just struck me as an idea that I had not seen covered.
ac/dc (29k)

Ranma arrives and has a new technique. Unfortunately, it's uncontrollable, and he has already caused some horrible injuries with it purely by accident. Oh, the technique is also much stronger when he's male, so he's trying to stay a girl as much as possible until he can learn to control it.
Deft Touch
The First Bit (19k)
The Second Part (28k)
The Third Section (42k)
The Forth Chunk (Coming Soon)

Ranma arrives after completing an honorable obligation with his father's family. If you understand the title, the fic will make sense. If you do not... Sorry, but I have been told that the series I am crossing Ranma with this time is not very popular outside Australia.

For The Ghost Who Walks
Chapter One(23k)