hues made possible through Synthedit.

the stylehues is based on a classic. there is another vsti that looks more like the original, but I added more to give it a little something extra.
the name taken from the horrific climax of Plan 9 From Outer Space - I bring you Solarmanite. it's not a Theremin emulator, but if you want to wave your arms while playing it, be my guest.

the hues
the ringer
the hues2600 thorium
the hues is my first synth. one may be simple, but it will help you out when you're looking for "that one sound".
this is like the hues, but it has two waveforms.
this synth uses ring modulation to make some interesting sounds.
the hues2600. Just turn the "sample" and "hold" dials to change the noises. the red buttons on the left (next to those tan rectangles) control the various wave shapes. I just gave The Thorium a brand new look. It does not match this thumb. It's still a tough one to use, and still makes weird noises once you get it to work.

Here's a little tune I made with two Thoriums and some reverb. My music usually does not sound like this, but it gives an idea what this thing can do. LISTEN TO THE WEIRD SONG.

i've improved the dub box with a stereo pan, dry/wet volume control, and some other stuff for some great vintage effects.



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